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SunJun 29

International Mud Day – June 29, 2025

International Mud Day is an exciting date not only to play and have fun with mud but to raise awareness about cleanliness and access to sanitation in different parts of the world! International Mud Day strives to bring children from all over the world together through the ground by allowing them to play in the mud. Children and early childhood professionals all over the world celebrate International Mud Day by getting really muddy and observing nature, the outdoors, and mess.

History of International Mud Day

At the “World Forum for Early Childhood Care and Education,” members of the “Nature Action Collaborative for Children” — Gillian McAuliffe, and Bishnu Bhatta — got together to talk about the differences in playing with mud between their countries Australia and Nepal, respectively. The issue with Gillian’s region in Australia was the lack of mud since it’s a very sandy place, however, Bishnu’s problem wasn’t the amount of mud, but the lack of clothes and even soap to wash them. When Gillian mentioned this issue to children from her community, they all got together and started a campaign to raise money and send it to the kids in Nepal, so they could afford the clothes and soap.

Soon enough, the Australian kids were able to raise a thousand dollars and Bishnu was able to organize an event for the Nepali children of the Panchkhal orphanage. Not only did they get to play in the mud, but they also were able to have their first meat meal in five months! Ever since then, every year both groups get together in their own countries to play in the mud. In 2013, six families from Australia even traveled to Nepal to participate in the celebration. These families have also helped fund the renovations of the orphanage.

From Holland to Nepal to the U.S., the resulting partnership has motivated educators, children, and families to commemorate International Mud Day every year on June 29. We all look the same on this muddy day, regardless of age, color, or religion! Throughout the years, new resources have been published to help educators from all around the world celebrate International Mud Day and help their students connect with nature and understand the differences between their relationship with mud and other people’s.

International Mud Day timeline

The Idea Emerges

Gillian McAuliffe and Bishnu Bhatta discuss playing with mud in different contexts at the “World Forum for Early Childhood Care and Education.”

The First Special Celebration

Bishnu plans a special celebration in September for the children of the “Panchkhal” orphanage in Nepal.

The Families Travel to Nepal

Six families travel to Nepal to enjoy the activities of International Mud Day with the children.

The is Book Published

The “Who Likes Mud?” book gets published.

International Mud Day FAQs

What is a mud activity?

Mud play is similar to playing in the sandbox or on the beach, only it involves mud, which is simply wet or moist dirt. Mud can be squished, dug, piled, or pushed around by children.

Why is mud play important?

Mud Play is important for children to develop and practice their fine and gross motor skills. It also helps them increase awareness of their senses, particularly touch, improve hand and eye coordination and develop their social and emotional skills.

Why is my backyard so muddy?

Poor drainage is frequently the root cause of a muddy lawn. Examine the water leaving your downspouts the next time it rains.

International Mud Day Activities

  1. Take a mud bath

    You can collect a large amount of mud from your garden, mix it with water, and use it to fill a giant inflatable pool. It is a wonderful way to reconnect with nature, and it is also beneficial to your skin!

  2. Make a mud city

    You do not have to go to the beach to make castles. You can do that with mud and even create an entire city in your backyard!

  3. Host a mud-cake decorating party

    Set out a bucket of mud and some spoons, as well as styrofoam produce trays and muffin tins for your guests. Making and decorating wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cupcakes, and muffins will be a blast for them.

5 Surprising Facts About Mud

  1. It’s ancient

    Mud has been a part of humanity for over 30,000 years!

  2. It helps lowers body temperature

    If you’ve ever seen pigs, elephants, and rhinos lounging in mud, it’s probably because it helps lower their body temperature!

  3. It makes you happier

    It’s a scientific fact that playing in mud makes you happier.

  4. It’s home for some animals

    One species of wasps and even snakes make their homes out of the mud!

  5. It’s a building material

    Mud was used by ancient Egyptians and is still used in some regions of Asia and Africa to build the walls of houses and other constructions!

Why We Love International Mud Day

  1. It’s an excuse to play with some mud

    What better excuse to go play in or with the mud than an International Day just to do so? Adults and children alike can use this day as an opportunity to get muddy.

  2. It raises awareness

    International Mud Day is a great day to reflect on the sanitary conditions of different communities around the globe. So have fun and also pass on this important message.

  3. Helps us build immunity

    Numerous studies have proven that coming into contact with a certain quantity of bacteria from mud is beneficial to human health. This is because it helps in the development of immunity, as opposed to living in a nearly sterile environment, which leaves our bodies vulnerable.

International Mud Day dates

2025June 29Sunday
2026June 29Monday
2027June 29Tuesday
2028June 29Thursday
2029June 29Friday

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