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Central Province Day – June 29, 2024

Central Province Day, also known as the Second Appointed Day in the Central Province, is observed on June 29 every year. The Central Province is one of the nine provinces that make up the Solomon Islands. It spans the Russell Islands, Florida Islands, and Savo Islands, covering 237 square miles. According to the 2010 census, this area has a population of more than 26,000 people. People in this area celebrate Central Province Day, which is a day off for the general public. Most businesses, schools, and government offices are closed during this holiday. Let’s learn more about the significance of this special day in the Solomon Islands.

History of Central Province Day

The British Solomon Islands Protectorate’s initial 12 administrative districts were Choiseul, Eastern Solomons, Gizo, Guadalcanal, Nggela and Savo, Rennell and Bellona Islands, Santa Cruz, and Shortlands, among others. Tulagi served as the administrative center. Following World War II, the protectorate was divided into four districts: Central, Western, Eastern, and Malaita, which were then subdivided into councils. Tulagi’s administrative center was relocated to Honiara.

The protectorate became the independent state of the Solomon Islands when it gained independence in 1978. Honiara remained the capital of the sovereign nation, with the inherited districts and councils in place until 1981, when the country was divided into seven provinces by dividing the districts into provinces.

Before 1981, the newly separated provinces belonged to the district councils. In 1983, Honiara was separated from Guadalcanal Province and established as a self-governing capital territory. Guadalcanal Province’s capital remains in the city. In 1995, Choiseul Province was separated from Western Province, while Rennell and Bellona Provinces were separated from the Central Province, resulting in the current nine provinces.

The Central Province Day was established in 1981 as the provincial Second Appointed Day and celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2021. The festivities during that year included a booze restriction for bottle shops on June 29. The island’s superintendent also urged everyone to follow the law, noting that previous celebrations had not always been peaceful.

Central Province Day timeline

Independent State Of Solomon Islands

The protectorate gains independence and becomes the independent state of the Solomon Islands.

Sovereign Nations Capital

Honiara remains the capital of the sovereign nation, with inherited districts and councils in place.

Holiday Establishment

The Central Province Day is established.

Separation Of Honiara

Honiara is separated from Guadalcanal Province and becomes a self-governing capital territory.

Central Province Day FAQs

Which airlines fly to the Solomon Islands?

Solomon Airlines, Virgin Australia, Fiji Airways, Air Niugini, and Air Vanuatu are among the airlines that fly to the Solomon Islands.

How do Solomon islanders say ‘hello?’

When greeting one person, you say ‘Halo,’ and when welcoming more than two persons, you say ‘Halo Olketa.’

What's the official language of Solomon Island?

English is the official language of the Solomon Islands.

How to Observe Central Province Day

  1. Enjoy the celebratory processions

    Today is not only a day off for the general public, but it is also marked by festivities, particularly in Tulagi, the provincial capital. Enjoy the processions, speeches from government officials, and athletic events. Make sure to include family and friends in your holiday celebrations.

  2. Share this holiday’s significance

    Participate in the event by using your social media channels. Spread the word about the holiday by using the hashtag #CentralProvinceDaySolomonIslands.

  3. Visit the Solomon Islands

    On the spur of the moment, take a trip to the Solomon Islands. Prepare a budget for your spending and take advantage of this opportunity.

5 Facts About The Solomon Islands

  1. It was named after King Solomon

    The Islands of Solomon were named in the misguided anticipation of finding mineral riches comparable to those of the mythical King Solomon.

  2. The world's largest elevated coral

    East Rennell in the Solomon Islands is the world's largest elevated coral atoll.

  3. The Solomon Island dollar

    The country’s currency is the Solomon Islands dollar.

  4. Christianity is the popular religion

    Christians account for 92% of the population of Solomon Island.

  5. Japanese occupation of Tulagi

    In 1942, the Japanese occupied Tulagi on Solomon Island.

Why Central Province Day is Important

  1. It has a long and illustrious history

    WWII had left its mark on the Solomon Islands. The museums store WWII artifacts and reenact events, as well as the 10,000-year history of the Solomon culture.

  2. It is diverse

    It is a place where the past and present are intertwined. The Solomon Islands are a rich and multicultural destination, it's a fusion of Mela, Poly, Micro, Asian, and Euro influences.

  3. It has a beautiful setting

    Everyone enjoys a conventional beach vacation. You can enjoy the natural bounty of the Solomon Islands. From picture-perfect sunsets to awe-inspiring oceans, there's something for everyone.

Central Province Day dates

2024June 29Saturday
2025June 29Sunday
2026June 29Monday
2027June 29Tuesday
2028June 29Thursday

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