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Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti – June 22, 2024

Sant Kabir Jayanti is celebrated in India at the full moon in the Hindu month of Jyeshtha, between May and June, on the Gregorian Calendar. This year, it falls on June 22. Jayanti means birth anniversary, and Sant Kabir Das was an Indian mystic poet and religious figure who lived in the 15th century. Sant Kabir Jayanti is a special day dedicated to honoring him, his works, and his enduring legacy.

History of Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti

Kabir Saheb was born in 1398 in the city of Varanasi in Uttar Prades on the day of the full moon in the Hindu month Jyeshthah. Raised by a family of weavers, he lived on to become a great mystic poet, persecuted for his work by Muslims and Hindus, who tried to claim him as their own upon his death. Unlike other Gurus and Saints of the time, Kabir lived simply as a weaver. He got married and had children.

Kabir’s poems are mainly recorded in Hindi. They reveal different aspects of life and call for devotion to God. Kabir was often critical of certain religious practices, causing controversy during his lifetime. In 1495, Sant Kabir was forced into exile when Emperor Sikandar Lodi charged him with the possession of divine powers. He died in Maghar near Gorakhpur in 1518.

Sant Kabir’s legacy has done more than survive, it has thrived. Following in his footsteps is the Path of Kabir, a religious community that acclaims him its founder and one of its sages. Known as Panthis, membership of the group burgeoned to about 9.6 million people over the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

His work was included in a spiritual book entitled “Kabir Bijak” in the 17th century, written down for the first time after being verbally composed. Some of Kabir’s verses and teachings were incorporated into religious scriptures. In 1915, Kabir’s poetry was translated into English by the famous Bengali polymath, Rabindranath Tagore, reaching a wider audience. Currently, there are two temples dedicated to Kabir located in Benares. One of them is preserved by Hindus, while the other by Muslims.

Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti timeline

Kabir’s Life Begins

Kabir is born in Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

17th Century
Kabir’s Poems Are Published

The “Kabir Bijak” spiritual book is released.

17th — 18th Century
The Path of Kabir grows

The religious community, Path of Kabir expands and gains new members all over India.

Kabir’s poetry is translated

Bengali polymath translates Kabir's poetry into English.

Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti FAQs

When was Sant Kabir born?

Sant Kabir was born in 1398, in the Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh.

What did Kabir believe about God?

He believed that God is omnipresent and mentioned this in his poems.

How many Jayanti are there?

There are only three national festivals in India.

How to Observe Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti

  1. Read Kabir’s poetry

    What better way to honor a late poet than to read his work? Search for his works in a bookstore or find available copies online.

  2. Watch a festival online

    Sant Kabir Jayanti is an important religious event in India, there are street festivals, celebrations in temples, and other festivities. Join in the holiday by following one of those events online.

  3. Celebrate online

    You can celebrate the great poet with your friends on your social media. Honor him by sharing some of his poetry.

5 Interesting Facts About Sant Kabir

  1. Some believe that Kabir lived until 120

    There is uncertainty surrounding the birth and death of Saint Kabir, but there is a belief he lived for 120 years.

  2. Kabir’s works are available in documentaries

    Documentary filmmaker Shabnam Virmani has made a series of documentaries and books depicting Kabir’s philosophy.

  3. “Kabir Bijak” is his greatest literary work

    “Kabir Bijak” is considered the most outstanding work in “Kabir Das,” a collection of poems that reveal insight into the meaning of life.

  4. Kabir rejected religious rituals

    Sant Kabir rejected the rituals prevalent in Hinduism and Islam in his time.

  5. Varanasi was the epicenter of his life

    Varanasi was the epicenter of his life and teachings.

Why Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti is Important

  1. It pays tribute to a great poet

    We get to pay our tribute to the great poet whose teachings will continue to be revered. We also get to participate in preserving his legacy.

  2. Kabir's verses promote love

    Kabir's verses are known to be full of wisdom, kindness and compassion, and love for humanity. This is one of the reasons Kabir inspires us.

  3. It’s a chance to learn about history

    Sant Kabir Jayanti provides an opportunity to expand our knowledge and discover the history that we were unaware of. We also get to learn about the culture of others.

Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti dates

2022June 14Tuesday
2023June 4Sunday
2024June 22Saturday
2025June 11Wednesday
2026June 29Monday

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