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National Manufacturing Week – October 4-11, 2024

National Manufacturing Week begins on the first Friday in October and continues for a week across the country. This year, it takes place from October 4 to 11. This week-long celebration aims to honor the contributions of the manufacturing sector by sharing information about all the work the sector has done in the last year and its impact on the country’s economy. National Manufacturing Week is an initiative by the Manufacturing Institute, which works to develop technologies through public-private partnerships. The U.S. Census Bureau hosts the celebrations of the week.

History of National Manufacturing Week

National Manufacturing Week is a week-long celebration of the manufacturing sector that begins on the first Friday in October every year. This celebration is an initiative of the Manufacturing Institute, an organization that works to develop technologies and individuals for the manufacturing industry.

The institute is the education partner of the National Association of Manufacturers and aims to support all American workers in the industry with training and career growth programs. The institute devised one week of celebrating the manufacturing industry in America to support and build up opportunities for American workers in the industry.

The institute uses this week, hosted by the U.S. Census Bureau, to release studies, fact sheets, statistics, papers, and other data that lay out the impact and work of the manufacturing sector in America and the world. All this data aims to get the attention of businesses and policymakers so they can be familiar with the importance of the manufacturing industry and continue supporting the industry’s work and workers throughout the country.

The week is also set aside as an opportunity to develop and advertise jobs for potential workers and help workers develop their careers in the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing is a vital sector in the country, but employment has declined, prompting the institute to study and work on methods to support workers to preserve the sector. From a long decline, employment was brought to a median level, where it has now stagnated.

National Manufacturing Week timeline

The Industrial Revolution Sweeps Nations

The Industrial Revolution sweeps across the U.S. and Europe, transforming and building the manufacturing industry.

The Output of Factories Increases

Mechanization increases the output of factories across the country, building up the profits of the manufacturing industry.

U.S. Exports Grow Exponentially

Exports from the U.S. increase by 340%.

Employment is at an All-time Low

From 26% in the 1960s, the employment percentage in the industry declines to reach 8% in 2017.

National Manufacturing Week FAQs

What is manufactured in the U.S.?

Electrical equipment, medical products, and metal products are some of the things manufactured in the U.S.

Who is the largest U.S. manufacturer?

Exxon Mobil Corp. is the largest U.S. manufacturer.

What does “Made in America” mean legally?

For a product to be tagged as “Made in the U.S.,” the majority of it must be produced in the U.S.

National Manufacturing Week Activities

  1. Share information about the industry

    The manufacturing industry is essential to the American economy and should be celebrated. Share information about the work carried out by manufacturing with your family and friends.

  2. Get informed about opportunities

    The manufacturing industry is an excellent and supportive place for steady employment. Look up the different opportunities in the industry and see what lines up with your interests.

  3. Become educated in the field

    Take courses and counseling offered by the Manufacturing Institute if you’re considering a career change or upskilling. Get educated in this field and develop a career.

5 Facts About Manufacturing That Will Surprise You

  1. The three largest manufacturers

    The largest manufacturers in the world are the European Union and China, followed by the U.S.

  2. The jobs are always well-paying

    Historically, the manufacturing industry has been a source of well-paying blue-collar jobs across the country.

  3. U.S. companies spend on R&D

    Manufacturers in the U.S. spend the most on research and development, but spending on this department has been rising in different countries across the world.

  4. There’s been a “jobless” recovery

    The manufacturing industry greatly recovered after the Great Depression but employment remained low.

  5. The industry has been discussed in elections

    Employment in the manufacturing industry has been an essential topic of discussion in elections in America.

Why We Love National Manufacturing Week

  1. The industry is important

    We value the contributions of the manufacturing industry. It’s important to recognize the value of the industry to the economy.

  2. It raises employment percentages

    The manufacturing industry can be an important employer for many Americans. The week raises awareness and improves the visibility of jobs in this industry.

  3. It supports workers

    This week is a great opportunity to support workers in the manufacturing industry. Let’s celebrate them and help them with resources to develop their career.

National Manufacturing Week dates

2022October 7Friday
2023October 6Friday
2024October 4Friday
2025October 3Friday
2026October 2Friday

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