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WedJul 3

International Drop a Rock Day – July 3, 2024

On International Drop A Rock Day, celebrated on July 3 each year, rock art is channeled toward inspiring and showing kindness to others. This is an unofficial holiday that many would have preferred to be official, to have more time getting inspired and having fun with the hundreds of theme-word rocks concealed in places for others to find. Every July 3 for the last seven years, thousands of people around the world go on a rock hunt while thousands more make what is being searched for. Both makers and searchers have one thing in common — they have fun and share kindness.

History of International Drop a Rock Day

International Drop A Rock Day was originally founded by The Word Rocks Project in 2015. It brings thousands of people around the world together for a common cause. The sponsors, which now include both The Word Rocks Project and The Kindness Rock Project, created this unofficial holiday. Annually they release theme words or phrases to be used in the celebration. The purpose of the holiday is to show kindness, bring hope, and create fun — while displaying creativity in rock word art. Word rock art groups around the globe celebrate the holiday and create social media handles to showcase their works. With themes like “Together” for 2020, “Be The Light” for 2021, “Harmony,” and “You Matter” for 2019 and 2018 respectively, we can only say that the themes perfectly reflect the set goals for the day’s celebration.

The art of designing rocks to pass special information isn’t new. It didn’t start in 2015, or even in the last hundreds of years. It began tens of thousands of years ago. Over 30,000 years ago, cave paintings were made in caves around the world, and as near as 500 B.C., the art of pictographs became increasingly popular due to their evolution. The ancient Egyptians use cave engravings and paintings to pass down their gods’ history. While cave paintings are not always about depictions of history, as is seen in some religious and traditional cave paintings, the vast majority of the art involves directing observers to vital information.

The same applies to word rock artists who design rocks with themed words, hiding them in places on International Drop A Rock Day, with the sole intention of searchers who find them to get inspired and have a feeling of togetherness with fellow observers around the world.

International Drop a Rock Day timeline

3000 B.C.
First Rock Paintings

Rock paintings, also known as pictographs, are made in an ancient cave in France.

1000 B.C.
Popularity of Pictographs

Pictographs become popular as they develop into logographic writing symbols.

19th Century
Development of Rock Art Study

The archaeological studies of rock art are developed by Francophone scholars.

20th Century
Revolution in Rock Art Studies

An increasing number of Anglophile and Latin American archaeologists begin to study rock art in the '80s and '90s.

UNESCO Meeting

The UNESCO World Rock Art Archive Working Group meets to talk about the base model for an archive.

International Drop a Rock Day FAQs

What is rock art famous for?

It provides us with abstract and sometimes detailed information on varieties of history and may also direct us to something.

What do rock paintings tell us?

Exactly what the artists want to tell. For example, rock paintings in ancient times are meant to record significant events. Likewise, modern rock paintings can tell us any information the artists intend them for.

Where do you put painted rocks?

In parks, home backyards, fountains, playgrounds, and any other places they are bound to be found when closely looked for. Some people display them along paths and in gardens. Some are used as paperweights.

International Drop a Rock Day Activities

  1. Design your rocks

    One of the two best ways to celebrate this day is to indulge yourself in designing as many rocks as you can. Don't forget to write the proposed theme word or phrase of the year on the rocks. Then hide them where others are sure to find them at some point. You could even write inspiring words on stones, put them in a bottle and encourage a loved one with a unique message bottle.

  2. Go on a search

    The other best way is to embark on a rock hunt. You might find a few that will definitely leave you motivated, fulfilled, or even exhilarated. You can also look for rocks for your nearest rock artist.

  3. Post it on social media

    For each rock design you make or find while searching, don't forget to take a nice picture and post it on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #DropARockDay. Make others aware. And don’t stop at just the one day, you may drop a rock of kindness anytime.

5 Facts About Paintings You Should Know

  1. Special paint containers

    Until the invention of paint tubes in 1841, artists used to store their paints in animal bladders, fashioned into purses.

  2. The oldest oil painting

    The oldest known oil paintings are from the 14th century.

  3. Duration for drying

    The duration for drying oil paints is between a day and two weeks, depending on the color and type.

  4. Fast drying

    Acrylic paints take less than two hours to dry.

  5. Artists' interest

    Great artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and Mark Rothko had special interests and knowledge of acrylic paints.

Why We Love International Drop a Rock Day

  1. It encourages creativity

    Hundreds of rock designs will be made and found on this day. We are confident the creative talents of rock designers on display will encourage others to try their hand at it next time.

  2. It brings hope and shows kindness

    With theme words like “You Matter” and “Be The Light,” searchers can feel the kindness of designers. To see or find such a message at the right time, makes a difference.

  3. It is fun

    Nothing beats showing kindness, getting inspired, engaging in a world activity, and at the same time having fun. The day brings all these elements to all those who engage in its celebration. It lights up the world of the finder even more, as well.

International Drop a Rock Day dates

2024July 3Wednesday
2025July 3Thursday
2026July 3Friday
2027July 3Saturday
2028July 3Monday

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