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WedJul 3

American Redneck Day – July 3, 2024

American Redneck Day is celebrated on July 3 every year across the country. The festivities are loudest in the south of America, where people are more commonly characterized as rednecks. American Redneck Day is a day for people who have been termed rednecks to celebrate their identity and reclaim the word from its derogatory roots.

‘Redneck’ is a term applied to white American people who are perceived to be unsophisticated or crass, particularly those from rural backgrounds and lifestyles. Over time, the word has become part of the American lexicon as offensive slang and is used to include racist and boorish white Americans. However, ‘redneck’ can also be viewed as a lifestyle.

History of American Redneck Day

American Redneck Day is celebrated on July 3 every year. The day is observed across the country, particularly in the southern United States of America, where people are more likely to be categorized as rednecks. The epithet ‘redneck’ is used to characterize white Americans from rural backgrounds perceived as crass and unpolished. Originally used to describe farmers and coal miners, ‘redneck’ is a word applied in myriad ways. While it has been used in denigratory ways, southern farmers proudly referred to themselves as rednecks even in the early days when the word was supposed to mean a poor and uneducated white farmer. While the term has always been derogatory, it has become increasingly offensive over the years. Now referring to someone as a redneck is usually a way of labeling a white American racist, boorish, unwilling to adapt, and resistant to progress.

In media and popular culture, rednecks are stereotyped as poor, dirty, uneducated, unsophisticated, and racist Southern men. Over time, the term became increasingly politicized as people began to call on the American rednecks to wear their title proudly, mobilize for various causes, and protect their interests. Many southerners adopt the term as a self-identifier and are proud of being American Rednecks.

Despite the negative representation, the question of rednecks in popular culture changed the perception of the word, making rednecks supercool. The increasing popularity of country music has also played a big hand in changing the understanding of the term. The significance of the word becomes more complex by the increased mobility of people from the south. With comedians, actors, and trendy musicians adopting their redneck heritage and wearing their status proudly, the essence of the term has expanded into a symbol of collective identity.

American Redneck Day timeline

'Redneck' is Coined

The word ‘redneck’ is coined to refer to poor, unpolished white American farmers.

Farmers Self-identify as Rednecks

White farmers in Mississippi who support the Democratic Party proudly refer to themselves as rednecks.

The Meaning Expands

The meaning of the word ‘redneck’ now encapsulates the racist, anti-progressive white Americans of the South.

Rednecks Enter Popular Culture

With the rise of country music and the mobility of Southern comedians, rednecks become popular.

American Redneck Day FAQs

What are the most redneck states?

The redneck states are: Arkansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, Alabama, South Carolina, West Virginia, Wyoming, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

What is the most iconic country song?

‘I Walk the Line’ by Johnny Cash is considered an iconic country song.

What are the least redneck states?

The least redneck states are New Jersey, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

American Redneck Day Activities

  1. Share information about rednecks

    The meaning of the word redneck is complicated and changes every decade or so. Share the evolution of the word with people so they are not ashamed of their identity.

  2. Go hunting with your friends

    Hunting is an important part of the redneck identity. Go hunting with your friends and celebrate.

  3. Take pictures of your four-wheeler

    Four-wheelers and tractors are an important part of redneck culture. Take pictures of yours and share them with your friends and family on social media.

5 Facts About Rednecks That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Rednecks are always associated with rodeos

    As most rednecks are farmers, rodeos are considered part of the redneck way of life.

  2. There’s a redneck style

    Frosted tips, camouflage, types of denim, and cowboy boots are all part of the redneck look.

  3. The word refers to a sunburnt neck

    The term redneck came about because of the sunburnt necks that most farmers had at the end of a long day of work on the farm.

  4. There was another word for rednecks

    An alternative for rednecks was ‘wool-hat boys,’ used to differentiate the rednecks from rich men who wore silk hats.

  5. Redneck pride increased in the 2000s

    Beyond popular culture, rednecks became an important political group that both political parties want to bring over to their side.

Why We Love American Redneck Day

  1. We want to reclaim the word

    We applaud that farmers are reclaiming the word for themselves. We want people to be proud of who they are.

  2. We love the lifestyle

    We love the clothing, the food, and life. We want to celebrate it with several cases of beer.

  3. We want a cookout

    American Redneck Day is a great excuse for a cookout. We can’t wait to taste all the delicious burgers.

American Redneck Day dates

2024July 3Wednesday
2025July 3Thursday
2026July 3Friday
2027July 3Saturday
2028July 3Monday

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