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Beta Glucan Day – July 22, 2024

Meet beta glucan, the most powerful substance on earth that trains your immune system to defend against cancer, viral infections, and chronic disease. It has been tested against more than 200 immune-boosting products like vitamin C, elderberry, and zinc and has been clinically proven to be up to 32 times more effective than anything you can purchase on the market.

Today, July 22, is the day that we celebrate this mighty immune booster on Beta Glucan Day!

History of Beta Glucan Day

Beta glucan is the most studied natural immune system trainer on earth with over 206,000 published studies and hundreds of clinical trials. Beta glucan from fungi, yeast, grain, and seaweed are well-known biological response modifiers that function as immunostimulants against numerous health problems including infectious diseases and cancer.

Glucan has been used in clinical practice as an immunoadjuvant therapy for cancer since the 1980s, primarily in Japan.

Beta glucan was first identified as a component of Zymosan, which was studied by Dr. Louis Pillemer in the early 1940s for its immune-activating properties. However, the exact structure of beta glucan remained unknown until the 1960s. It was then that Dr. Nicholas DiLuzio at Tulane University made significant advancements in beta glucan research. He and his team discovered that it was, in fact, the beta glucan in Zymosan that was producing the immunological effects.

The 1990s saw further progress in beta glucan research, largely due to the work of researchers like Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka, Myra Patchen, and Dr. Joyce K. Czop. who conducted research in the field of glucan immunomodulation.

Meanwhile, AJ Lanigan from the South Carolina School of Pharmacy developed a breakthrough manufacturing process that made the purest beta glucan available and affordable to consumers across the globe.

Today, beta glucan continues to be researched at Universities and teaching hospitals around the globe, recognized for its role in immune resilience.

Beta Glucan Day timeline

A New Discovery

A visionary scientist, Dr. Louis Pillemer, stumbles upon a drug called Zymosan that was used in Europe as an immune stimulator.

The Role of Beta-1,3-D-Glucan

Nicholas DiLuzio, Ph.D., discovers that beta-1,3-D-glucan, the compound in Zymosan, is the secret that's activating the immune response.

Beta-1,3-D-Glucan and Cancer Lesions

Peter W. Mansell, M.D., demonstrates beta-1,3-glucan's effectiveness in reducing cancer lesions.

Its Use in Japan

It becomes an official drug in Japan and is used as an immunoadjuvant therapy for cancer.

Healing Malignant Ulcers, Boosting Immunity

Dr. Myra D. Patchen's research demonstrates that beta-1,3-glucan can heal malignant ulcers and protect against radiation damage. She suggests it could rebuild the immune system post-cancer treatment.

Orally Administered Beta Glucan

Research by Phil Wyde PhD at Baylor College of Medicine establishes the efficacy of orally administered beta glucan in activating immune cells. This leads to the creation of an affordable dietary supplement from purified Baker's yeast, making beta glucan accessible to the public.

Another Discovery

Joyce Czop of Harvard University and Austen discover that beta glucan binds to a specific site on white blood cells.

The First Beta Glucan Supplement

The first beta glucan supplement is distributed by ImmuDyne, Inc., and it's now produced and distributed by multiple entities.

Making it Affordable

AJ Lanigan develops a purification and manufacturing process that makes beta glucan affordable to the average consumer.

A Clear Definition

Vaclav Vetvicka, Thornton, and Ross define the role of beta glucan in the immune system and the mechanism of action is clearly defined.

Radiation Protection

Hong et al show that beta glucan can protect against radiation.

Beta Glucan and Antibiotics

Kernodle, Gates, and Kaiser demonstrate that beta glucan can increase the effectiveness of antibiotics.

Protection Against Anthrax

Groundbreaking work by Kournikakis shows that beta glucan provides a significant degree of protection against anthrax.

Determining Brand Effectiveness

Dr. Vetvicka’s work “Silver Bullet or Hot Air” is the first study of its kind comparing the effects of commercially available beta glucans side by side to determine which brands are most effective.

Helping to Fight Covid

Dr Oz lists beta glucan as part of his Coronavirus Survival Protocol during a segment on his show and the demand for beta glucan explodes in growth.

Why Beta Glucan Day is Important

Celebrating Beta Glucan Day emphasizes its crucial role in daily health maintenance and disease prevention. It’s a chance to raise awareness about this powerful ingredient that is clinically-proven to treat cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and a variety of skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and more.

Interactive Elements

  • Download the Beta Glucan eGuide to discover how you can use this powerful ingredient to enjoy a disease-free life.

Social Media Integration

  • Get creative — share your beta glucan stories, recipes, or fun facts with the hashtag #NationalBetaGlucanDay. Let’s make this invisible hero visible!

How to Observe Beta Glucan Day

1. Download the eGuide

Click here to download the brand new eGuide written by Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka to discover how beta glucan can help you enjoy a disease-free life.

2. Share your journey

If you are one of the thousands who found that beta glucan was part of their healing journey — share it on social media using #NationalBetaGlucanDay.

3. Try beta glucan

Find a trusted resource that sells pure beta glucan and start your journey toward healthy and wellness!

Facts and Figures

1. Immune Response

Thousands of clinical studies have shown that beta glucan can enhance the immune system by activating white blood cells known as macrophages and neutrophils.

2. Cholesterol Reduction

 Research indicates that a daily intake of at least 3 grams of beta glucan from oats can lower total cholesterol levels by 5-10%.

3. Cancer Therapy

Several studies suggest that yeast beta glucan could be beneficial as an adjunct therapy in cancer treatment by enhancing the body’s immune response to tumor cells.

4. Wound Healing

Beta glucan has been shown to accelerate wound healing by stimulating collagen deposition and macrophage activity.

5. Diabetes Management

Intake of oat beta glucan has been linked to improved blood sugar control in type 2 diabetes patients by reducing glycemic response.

6. Prebiotic Effects

Beta glucan is a prebiotic fiber that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, which is essential for healthy digestion and immune function.

7. Skin Health

Topical application of beta glucan derived from yeast has been found to reduce redness and improve skin hydration.

8. Obesity Control

Studies have indicated that beta glucan can contribute to a feeling of fullness, thus helping in weight management and obesity prevention.

9. Market Growth

The global beta glucan market was valued at approximately $400 million in 2020 and is projected to reach around $560 million by 2026, reflecting its increasing popularity and applications.

10. Sourcing Diversity

Beta glucan is extracted from several sources, including yeast, mushrooms, and cereals, with each source providing different molecular structures and varying effects on health.

Beta Glucan Day FAQs

What is beta glucan?

Beta glucan is a natural polysaccharide found in cell walls of cereals, bacteria, and fungi.

Where does beta glucan come from?

Beta glucan is derived from various sources, including yeast, mushrooms, and certain types of cereals like oats and barley.

How does beta glucan benefit health?

It primarily supports the immune system, reduces inflammation, helps lower cholesterol, and improves skin conditions.

Who will benefit from taking beta glucan?

Everyone with an immune system (that’s you). From shrimp to horses to humans, beta glucan has been studied on almost every creature and shown tremendous health benefits.

Can you get the benefits of beta glucan from eating food?

Despite the fact that numerous types of food contain glucan, our bodies only have a very limited ability to absorb glucan directly from food. As glucan serves to improve rigidity inside the cells, it is rather difficult to isolate it during the relatively short stay in our digestive tract. Therefore, supplements are a much better choice.

Beta Glucan Day dates

2024July 22Monday
2025July 22Tuesday
2026July 22Wednesday
2027July 22Thursday
2028July 22Saturday

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