Aleksa Safiya

Aleksa Safiya was born Aleksandra Chhem on January 21, 1999. She continues to stir emotions and admiration from R&B fans worldwide. The singer has awed listeners with her angelic voice and daring lyrics. Her acting in the “Face 2 Face” and “Face 2 Face Pt. 2” music videos shows exactly how bold the youngster is. She has also released two albums, “Introspection” and “Miss Me When I’m Gone.” Despite her rising fame, she remains humble and addresses older females as “ma’am.”

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Aleksandra Chhem


Aleksa Safiya

Birth date:

January 21, 1999



Zodiac Sign:



5' 2"

Relationship Status:


Aleksandra's Social Media:


Aleksa Safiya has made a name for herself on the American R&B scene. Born Aleksandra Chhem in Florida, the young singer possesses the talent needed to become as famous as Rihanna. Her Instagram followers affirmed her talent after she posted her 2019 freestyle video for the song ‘Face 2 Face.’

Her first recorded song was ‘Pretty Little Savage.’ Although it had the makings of a hit, it didn’t garner much attention. The artist later posted an Instagram video of herself freestyling ‘Face 2 Face’ in a car. In October 2019, she released the full song and got so many positive remarks that she decided to record a second part of the song two years later. In 2020, she released several singles, including ‘Help,’ and collaborated with Joseph Gaby on ‘Tik Tok.’ In 2021, she worked with Cirok Starr on ‘Hurt’ and released her debut album, “Introspection,” featuring ‘Face 2 Face Pt. 2,’ ‘Without You,’ ‘Know My Name,’ and ‘Cry To Me,’ among eight others. In 2022, she released another album titled “Miss Me When I’m Gone,” including ‘Understand Me,’ ‘Loyalty,’ ‘Insecure,’ and more.

Her songs primarily depict her personal experiences. In an exclusive interview with Haddie Djemal on First Coast News’ “Jax Jams,” she disclosed that losing her dad and cousin and other painful friendship experiences motivate her to write. In ‘Face 2 Face,’ she stresses the importance of physical contact between loved ones and said calls or texts don’t offer the same connection. In addition, most of her song titles carry sad or yearning titles. Early in her musical career, she was targeted by unidentified shooters while in a car with her manager. During the drive-and-shoot assault, their car was shot 30 times, and her manager was hit in the side. Fortunately, she was shaken but escaped unscathed.

Career timeline

Her First Song

She records her first song, ‘Pretty Little Savage.’

She Goes Viral

She posts an Instagram video of her singing a freestyle version of her famous ‘Face 2 Face.’

She Records ‘Tik Tok’

Chhem collaborates with Joseph Gaby to record ‘Tik Tok.’

‘Face 2 Face Pt. 2’ is Released

She features rapper NoCap in ‘Face 2 Face Pt. 2’ and its music video.

She Releases “Miss Me When I'm Gone”

Her new album, “Miss Me When I'm Gone,” is released.

Why We Love Aleksa Safiya

  1. She’s a brave young woman

    Despite having lost loved ones and being the target of an attack, she has kept going and remained hopeful. We believe that makes her more than deserving of our respect.

  2. She’s humble

    She is so humble that she addresses older people with respect, as is seen in her interviews where she repeatedly calls the female hostesses “ma’am.” She sets an excellent example for her younger fans.

  3. She’s bold

    One thing everybody notices about her is her boldness, both in her songs and videos — even though she says that her courage is only because she is in front of a camera. Regardless, we admire how honest she is.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She lost her dad

    She revealed in an interview that her dad died by suicide.

  2. Her cousin’s death pains her

    She still misses her cousin, who died of lung failure.

  3. Pain drives her creativity

    She disclosed that she draws on painful experiences to help her write songs.

  4. She has a tattoo

    There’s a red ‘PLS’ tattoo on her neck.

  5. She loves traveling and photography

    Her hobbies include traveling, learning, internet surfing, and taking photos.

Aleksa Safiya FAQs

Who were those that targeted Aleksa Safiya in a drive-and-shoot?

Although her manager and, later, the police tried to uncover the identity of the shooters, no one made any progress in the investigations.

Is Aleksa Safiya a masochist?

Even though she revealed that she gets inspiration from painful memories, she is not inclined to be a masochist because she also seeks true, real affection.

How rich is Aleksa Safiya?

She is still an upcoming artist. While she has recorded plenty of songs, she’s not considered overtly rich. There’s no doubt, however, that she has pocketed quite some money from her songs.

Aleksa Safiya’s birthday dates

2025January 21Tuesday
2026January 21Wednesday
2027January 21Thursday
2028January 21Friday
2029January 21Sunday

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