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MonJan 6

National Samantha Day – January 6, 2025

Every year, National Samantha Day takes place on January 6 so that we can celebrate all of the Samanthas in our life. From our favorite aunts to our baby sisters, everyone knows or is related to a Samantha. What a blessing that is because most Samanthas are associated with liberty and independence, a love of adventure, and anything unconventional. They are also famous for making decisions quickly. Whatever kind of Samantha you are, have a gorgeous day, and be yourself.

History of National Samantha Day

Are you a Samantha Jones or a Samantha Micelli? Maybe you’re a Samantha Baker or perhaps more of a Samantha Tracy Lord. No matter what show or film you grew up watching, if you hear the name Samantha, you have a go-to reference or character in mind. It must be how all Samanthas feel when they introduce themselves — there are so many characters to choose from!

Samantha, often shortened to Sam or Mantha, is considered by many to be a classic American name and one that will suit most baby girls when looking for the perfect name. The origin of the name, however, is still unknown. Many believe that it originated in 18th century America as a combination of the Hebrew name Samuel, which means ‘God has heard’ or ‘God’s name,’ and the Greek word ‘anthea,’ which means ‘flower’ or ‘blossom.’ However, the feminine form of the name Samuel is the most common meaning given to the name. Another theory holds that it is the English form of the Dutch name Sijmentje, derived from the Germanic name Sigismund, which means ‘victory’ (‘sigi’) and ‘protection’ or ‘defense’ (‘mund’).

Samantha has been in use in the United States since the 1800s and was first recorded in the Social Security Administration database in 1880 at number 365. Take a second to process that — Americans have been naming their babies Samantha for 222 years. According to Social Security Administration 2020 data, the name dropped in popularity by 1900, ranking at number 701. It continued to fall until 1958, when it was just above the bottom of the Top 1,000 names at number 999, before disappearing entirely from the rankings and reappearing in 1964 at number 464. Not many people know this, but the surge in popularity coincided with the success of the T.V. show “Bewitched,” which starred Samantha Stephens, a nose-twitching witch.

National Samantha Day timeline

The First Samantha

The name Samantha is first recorded in Newton Regis, Warwickshire.

“The Adventures of Samantha”

Marietta Holley publishes her first book in a collection of tales about a character named Samantha.

A Young Witch

“Bewitched,” an American television show featuring a young witch named Samantha Stephens, premieres.

So Many Samanthas

Samantha becomes one of the ten most popular names for American girls.

National Samantha Day FAQs

Is there a Samantha in the “Bible?”

Samuel is the source. Samantha does not appear in the “Bible,” but its English translation is the listener. Samantha means “the Lord has heard” in Hebrew, so some believe it is a feminine form of Samuel.

Who is the most famous Samantha?

Samantha Morton is undoubtedly one of the most well-known Samanthas. Samantha is a famous actress who has appeared in films such as “Sweet and Lowdown” and “Minority Report.”

Is Samantha Stosur in a relationship?

Yes. In fact, the Australian tennis champion, Stosur, has spoken out about the moment she decided to publicize her relationship with long-term partner Liz Astling.

National Samantha Day Activities

  1. Host a “Bewitched” marathon

    Everyone knows the story about the young witch named Samantha Stephens, played by the delightful Elizabeth Montgomery, who marries Darrin Stephens and tries to conform to her husband’s wishes to become a typical suburban housewife. It’s a wacky and hilarious show that will provide hours of laughter. Get your hands on the episodes and invite some friends over.

  2. Phone all of the Samanthas you know

    According to statistics, four out of 10 people know a Samantha, which means pretty much everyone is either related or friends with at least one Samantha. So, pull out your phone and start giving all the Samanthas you know a call. Catch up, chat about her name, and ask her how she is doing. It’ll make them feel good and put a smile on your face.

  3. Pretend you are Samantha Jones for one whole day

    If you had a television in the mid to late nineties, you were watching “Sex and the City,” and you would be familiar with the character of Samantha. Have a little fun with your friends and act like Kim Cattrall’s character from the popular HBO show that captivated millions of viewers around the globe for an entire day. They will love it. Don’t forget the voice; it’s one of the most essential parts.

5 Famous Samanthas

  1. Samantha Cristoforetti

    Cristoforetti is an Italian astronaut, former Italian Air Force pilot, and engineer who holds the world record for the longest continuous spaceflight by a European astronaut.

  2. Samantha Morton

    Morton is a British director and actress who has won numerous awards, including a British Academy Television Award, a British Independent Film Award, a Golden Globe Award, and nominations for two Academy Awards.

  3. Samantha Stosur

    Stosur is an Australian professional tennis player and former world number one in doubles, a position she first attained on February 6, 2006 and held for 61 weeks.

  4. Lan Samantha Chang

    Lan is an American writer famous for her works, “All is Forgotten, Nothing is Lost: A Novel” and “The Family Chao: A Novel.”

  5. Samantha Dubois

    Dubois was a celebrated Dutch radio presenter during the 1970s and 1984.

Why We Love National Samantha Day

  1. They’re independent

    People named Samantha have been known to be independent young women with a mind of their own and a lust for life, without any limitations. We love how Samanthas will always be ready to help us or take us somewhere new, regardless of whether they have been there before. Being independent is one of the most critical things in the world, and they make it look easy.

  2. They’re adventurous

    We all need that one adventurous friend who is always ready to go exploring because that’s the only way we can experience things and create new memories and stories together. Samantha will always be prepared to go on a trip or even just a walk around the block because she wants to see the world and live without boundaries.

  3. Their nonconventional

    Being unconventional means that you are different in the best way possible. You see things differently, look deeper and further than most to understand and discover new things, and always look for the next thing to learn about. That’s why we love you, Samantha!

National Samantha Day dates

2025January 6Monday
2026January 6Tuesday
2027January 6Wednesday
2028January 6Thursday
2029January 6Saturday

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