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SatJan 11

National Tara Day – January 11, 2025

Whether you’re a goddess, a fictional character, or a famed celebrity, if your name is Tara, we’re celebrating you this National Tara Day, which falls on January 11. We know Taras can be kind, intelligent, and loveable, so we love having them around us, making honoring their special day so much better. Did you know Tara was the name of the goddess of protection and compassion and that she was also one of Shiva’s wives in Hindu mythology? That’s one more thing that makes girls or boys named Tara so much more interesting.

History of National Tara Day

Tara has roots in Sanskrit and Gaelic; in Sanskrit, it means ‘star,’ and in Gaelic, it means ‘hill.’ The name is, however, more commonly given to girls and is a popular name in Irish households. The name is derived from The Hill of Tara, an ancient location in Meath, Ireland. According to mythology, this was the residence of Ireland’s High King, giving the name Tara regal prominence in Irish folklore. Tara represents the brightness of the soul in Sanskrit. Tara, the goddess of protection and compassion, was also one of Shiva’s wives in Hindu mythology. A baby given the name Tara, rich in history and preceded by legends, is bound to soar.

The name Tara was popular in the United States during the 1970s, most likely because it was the name of Scarlett O’Hara’s plantation in the 1939 film “Gone with the Wind,” as well as Tara King in the 1960s British television series “The Avengers.” Another famous one is Tara Martin from the early 1970s American soap opera “All My Children.” From 2000 to 2005, Tara was listed somewhere between the 30th and 40th most common girl’s name in Ireland.

Due to its association with various goddesses, it is also frequently considered a feminine name in Asia. Tara, for example, is a female Buddha in Buddhism and a deity in Hinduism. In terms of characteristics, Taras can be shy and kind, and they become sensitive and emotional as you get to know them. They are kind-hearted, witty, and beloved. If you come across a Tara, never let her go; it’s like finding pure gold once in a lifetime.

National Tara Day timeline

600 B.C.
The Sect of Tara

The Shakti sect of Hinduism, which honors the goddess Tara, is established.

“The Book of Tara”

“The Book of Tara,” a book about the Stone of Destiny in Ireland written by Michael Slavin, is published.


The television show “United States of Tara,” premieres on Showtime and it follows the life of a suburban artist and mother coping with a dissociative identity disorder.

Pomegranate Poetry

“This is Not a Pomegranate,” a poetry collection by Iranian-Canadian writer Tara Aghdashloo, is published.

National Tara Day FAQs

What is the name Tara short for?

It is Ottara’s short form, the anglicized form of the Irish place name Teamhair, meaning notable location, and Tahira’s Serbo-Croatian abbreviation. With so many options, naming a baby Tara is a joy.

Is Tara a rare name?

Tara achieved peak popularity in 1977 when the name became the 35th most popular baby girl’s name in the United States. Not bad for a first-time competitor. Despite Tara’s prehistoric physical existence in Ireland, the word is very current and contemporary.

What does Tara Reid do now?

Reid is doing her best to stay relevant in Hollywood. She revealed to E.T. earlier in 2021 that “American Pie 5” is in the works. She confirmed the existence of a script but stated that logistics would need to be worked out.

National Tara Day Activities

  1. Watch “United States of Tara”

    The show, which focuses on an American artist diagnosed with a dissociative identity disorder, is all about a mentally ill woman’s challenges as she navigates the ups and downs of her illness, her marriage, career, and children. It’s a celebrated television show that is sure to entertain you for hours, and that will make you think about mental health issues in the United States.

  2. Learn more about the Hindu goddess, Tara

    Tara is a highly favored goddess in the Hindu religion. She is known as the goddess of protection and compassion and has inspired countless women worldwide to find their voice, speak up for themselves, and take charge of their lives. Celebrating National Tara Day would be impossible without this iconic traditional and religious figure that so heavily inspires and encourages.

  3. Send your friend Tara a gift

    The act of giving someone a gift is something that makes you feel good about yourself and that shows the receiver that you care for them and think about them. Some ideas include Tara Aghdashloo’s poetry collection and a quirky film that stars American actress Tara Reid. Celebrating someone by treating them to a fun homage to their name is an extra special way of commemorating this day.

5 Famous Taras

  1. Tara MacLean

    MacLean is a Canadian musician, singer, and composer and is famous for her hit songs, ‘Evidence,’ and ‘If I Fall.’

  2. Tara Moss

    Moss, a Canadian-Australian author, documentary maker, and presenter, is also known for being a UNICEF national ambassador for child survival.

  3. Tara O'Toole

    O’Toole served as Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Science and Technology and is currently a senior fellow and executive vice president at In-Q-Tel.

  4. Tara Sutton

    Sutton is a Canadian journalist and filmmaker and is considered a pioneer in video journalism.

  5. Tara Browne

    Browne, a London-based Irish socialite, was the heir to the Guinness fortune.

Why We Love National Tara Day

  1. They are kind-hearted and witty

    It has been proven through various statistics and questionnaires that Taras are seen as kind-hearted and witty individuals, which is something we love about them. Being funny and, at the same time, kind and warm requires a specific balance of humor and emotional intelligence, which we respect.

  2. It honors a religious figure

    By honoring the Hindu goddess, Tara, we conserve the religious ties that so many people have to this particular aspirational figure. Many women and mothers have been inspired by her legacy, and for years to come, more women will feel the same way, so much so that they may actually name their child Tara.

  3. Inspires a journalistic temperament

    We’re inspired by people like Tara Sutton, who pioneered the field of video journalism, giving a voice to millions of journalists around the globe and female journalists who could now film their own footage and interviews for global release. If there is a Tara worth celebrating in today’s society, it certainly is Sutton.

National Tara Day dates

2025January 11Saturday
2026January 11Sunday
2027January 11Monday
2028January 11Tuesday
2029January 11Thursday

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