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SatJan 11

National Joel Day – January 11, 2025

As one of the most biblical names still in use today, National Joel Day, which takes place on January 11, honors a period long gone yet conserves a religion that is regarded as one of the most popular in the modern world. If you know a Joel, count yourself lucky as they are reliable, loyal and kind, everything you need in a best friend. There are also a handful of famous Joels that you can measure yourself up against, whether you are an aspiring filmmaker or a future rockstar.

History of National Joel Day

Joel is a Hebrew name for a boy that means “Jehovah is his God.” It appears as both a first name and a surname. It originates from the standard Hebrew name, ‘Yoel,’ or the Tiberian Hebrew name ‘Yôl,’ which both mean “Yahu is God” (or the modern version, “Yahweh is God”). It appears as a given name in the Hebrew “Bible” and is one of the most common names in the “Bible,” but the most famous person who bears this name is the 8th-century prophet, Joel. ‘The Book of Joel’ is one of the shortest in the “Bible,” but his image of the never-ending locust swarm is one of the most disturbing and iconic in the religious text.

Joel was one of King David’s great men in the ‘Old Testament,’ and the Puritans of the sixteenth century adopted the name. It joined the Top 100 in the mid-1960s and stayed there for approximately twenty years as parents tried to put a new spin on a classic and formalize an old favorite, Joe, by resurrecting this biblical name.

Men who are named Joel are often kind and handsome and can be pretty laid back. They always stick to their word, and when you are down, they can make you smile. They are loyal and believe that personality is what makes a person truly beautiful. Current prominent bearers include actor Joel Grey, half of the Coen brothers’ filmmaking team, musician Joel Madden, T.V.’s Joel McHale, and the Piano Man himself, Billy Joel.

National Joel Day timeline

516 B.C.
A Prophet

Joel, the prophet responsible for the ‘Book of Joel’ in the ‘Old Testament,’ gains recognition during the period of the Second Temple of Jerusalem.

A Visionary

Joel Daniel Coen, a celebrated American writer and director, is born in Minnesota.

“Glass Houses”

Billy Joel wins his first Grammy for his album “Glass Houses” for ‘Best Male Rock Vocal Performance.’

An Educator

Joel Irwin Klein, an American lawyer and school superintendent becomes the Chancellor of the
New York City Department of Education.

A Leader

Joel DeLisa, an American physiatrist, is named chairman of the board of the American Board of Medical Specialties.

National Joel Day FAQs

Where is Joel Madden now?

Madden lives in both Los Angeles and Sydney. Good Charlotte was incredibly successful in Australia, and Madden has since described it as his home away from home.

Are the Coen Brothers religious?

While the Coens are Jewish, they have never dabbled in heavy-handed religious fare like Cecil B. de Mille’s epics, Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” or, more regrettably, John Travolta’s tribute to his Scientology faith, “Battlefield Earth.”

Is Joel a popular name?

Joel was a somewhat popular name in the twentieth century. Its popularity skyrocketed in the 1930s, and by 1967, Joel had risen to the top 100 list of most popular boy’s names, where it remained for nearly 20 years. The 1980s were definitely Joel’s best decade, although it is still in moderately strong use today.

National Joel Day Activities

  1. Watch a film by the Coen brothers

    The Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan, are famous for their subvert and parody films and have a filmography rich with hilarious, beautiful, and essential films that you can watch. Even better, select a few movies and have a marathon with your friends. You can pick some of their most popular films, including “Fargo,” “The Big Lebowski,” and “No Country for Old Men.”

  2. Read the ‘Book of Joel’

    This book that forms part of the “Bible” is one of the most frequently revisited sections of the religious text. It most famously features a great locust plague and severe drought and its impact on the communities touched by this tragedy. Have a look and think about what it makes you feel and how you can incorporate the lesson you have learned by reading it in your daily life.

  3. Hang out with a Joel

    If you have a friend named Joel, reach out to him and arrange a fun day out with him. You can meet up at the local park for a walk with your dogs, grab coffee at a nearby cafe, go to the cinema, or even hang out at home and cook a meal together. Any way you can show your friend what he means to you will count as a celebration on National Joel Day.

5 Famous Fictional Joels

  1. Joel Barish

    This character was the protagonist in the critically acclaimed film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and was portrayed by Jim Carrey.

  2. Joel Fleischman

    Joel Fleischman was a medical doctor and central character in the T.V. series “Northern Exposure,” which premiered in 1990.

  3. Joel Goodson

    Tom Cruise made this role famous when he starred as the protagonist of the film “Risky Business.”

  4. Joel Miller

    He is the protagonist of “The Last of Us,” an award-winning video game created by Naughty Dog.

  5. Joel Robinson

    Robinson was a crucial character in the science fiction comedy “Mystery Science Theater 3000.”

Why We Love National Joel Day

  1. It encourages using biblical names for babies

    In recent years, expecting couples have not really been turning to biblical names to find the perfect name for their unborn baby. Though, through the resurgence of biblical references in popular culture and social media, these names have started making a comeback. And of these names, Joel is leading the pack.

  2. Joels are loyal and kind

    Many consider people named Joel to be kind and loyal friends who you can trust with just about anything in life, which is why we love celebrating them on National Joel Day. These days, it is hard to find loyal and kind friends, and when you do, you need to hold on to them and celebrate them for who they are.

  3. It inspires future generations of Joels

    As one half of the filmmaking duo, the Coen brothers, Joel Coen, has co-written and directed some of today’s most essential films, giving us memorable characters and unforgettable cinematic moments. Young, creative Joels are clearly inspired to discover noteworthy people who share their names — what better inspiration than this Academy Award-winning visionary?

National Joel Day dates

2025January 11Saturday
2026January 11Sunday
2027January 11Monday
2028January 11Tuesday
2029January 11Thursday

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