Mr Potato

Mr. Potato, born on January 23, 2019, is a wonderful Golden British Shorthair cat who has gathered a fanbase of about two million followers on TikTok and thousands of others on Instagram in the past three years. He is affectionately referred to as a ‘Golden couch potato’ by them. Mr. Potato comes from the British Shorthair cat breed and is a popular variety among U.K. residents. This breed of cats live a long life and we look forward to seeing more of Mr. Potato. So join us as we celebrate his special day today.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Mr. Potato



Birth date:

January 23, 2019



Zodiac Sign:


Mr.'s Social Media:


A golden British Shorthair cat, Mr. Potato, was born on January 23, 2019, in Canada and is quite a sensation on social media. In May 2019, he made his debut in a post on Instagram. In just three years, Mr. Potato has gathered a massive fanbase of 14k on Instagram and TikTok. Although the account is managed by the owners, this cat has acquired a following of over 1.9 million on TikTok, with views of one million on many of his videos.

Known for his sleepiness and adorable features like his broad face and his dense coat, his TikTok fans have named him ‘golden couch potato’. He also made an appearance in a TikTok video on the song “Envy Me” by Calboy, a rapper. The British Shorthair breed is one of the most ancient ones. To date, it remains the most popular pedigreed breed in its native country, the U.K. With a life expectancy of 14–20 years, we can expect a decade of more sleepy and entertaining videos.

Career timeline

The Super-Star Cat is Born

Mr. Potato is born on January 23.

The Instagram Debut

Mr. Potato appears on Instagram for the first time in May.

The Traction On Tiktok

He gains mainstream popularity with videos crossing one million views.

The Tiktok Appearance

Mr. Potato appears in a TikTok video that was sent to Calboy's "Envy Me."

Why We Love Mr Potato

  1. Extremely adorable features

    With distinguishing features like a broad face, dense coat, and a stocky body, the British shorthair breed has a charm like no other. We love how unique Mr. Potato looks

  2. A Tiktok sensation

    Mr. Potato has a fanbase of over 1.9 million on Tiktok. He also has admirers from all across the world.

  3. Expressive and loving

    As visible in the videos, Mr. Potato is extremely affectionate and expressive. He is clearly devoted to his owner.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Mr. Potato is an Aquarius

    Born on January 23, 2019, Mr. Potato is an Aquarius.

  2. His superpower is sleeping

    Potato is known for his ability to sleep for long hours.

  3. Mr. Potato’s ancestry is not British

    The Golden British Shorthair is the pedigreed version of the British domestic cat and is believed to have Roman ancestry.

  4. He has a long shelf-life

    Mr. Potato’s breed has a life expectancy of about twenty years.

  5. He has a good temperament

    Mr. Potato is sociable, pleasant, easygoing, dignified, and devoted to his owner.

Mr Potato FAQs

Is Potato a good cat name?

Whether you call your cat ‘kitty’ or simply name them, both options are good. The name Potato has a certain ring to it.

What is the cutest cat name?

Pixie, Dottie, Gus Gus, Bubbles, Totoro, Sunshine, Blanche, and PeeWee.

Can you rename a cat?

You can certainly rename a cat. It makes them feel more like your pet and they will eventually learn their new name.

Mr Potato’s birthday dates

2025January 23Thursday
2026January 23Friday
2027January 23Saturday
2028January 23Sunday
2029January 23Tuesday

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