Will Kirby

Will Terrence Kirby, born January 2, 1973, is an aesthetic dermatologist and reality T.V. personality. He got his first big break in 2001 when he won the second season of CBS’s “Big Brother,” a reality T.V. show. Kirby is a big star and has featured in over 35 shows in the U.S. Through his aesthetic dermatology practice, he has excelled at making people look young and feel good about themselves. Kirby’s looks and brains have not aged a day. Join us as we celebrate Kirby.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Will Terrence Kirby


Dr. Will, Dr. Delicious, The Puppet Master

Birth date:

January 2, 1973



Zodiac Sign:



6' 1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5 million

Will's Social Media:


Will Terrence Kirby, famously called ‘Dr. Will,’ has ensnared the attention of numerous people in the United States through his regular appearance in reality T.V. shows. He knows how to perfectly combine his passion for medicine and love for T.V. screens, stealing the spotlight everywhere he goes.

His zodiac sign is Capricorn, which explains why he is so ambitious. Born January 2, 1973, in Italy, he is the child of the famous poet, David Kirby. As a child, Kirby attended kindergarten in France and moved to the U.S. for the rest of his education. He got his degree in Biology in 1995 from Emory University and a medical degree from Nova Southeastern University.

His first shot at fame came when he entered and won CBS’s “Big Brother,” a reality T.V. show, in 2001. He is an American osteopathic physician, board-certified dermatologist, and T.V. personality. Kirby has done well so far in the entertainment industry as he has appeared in over 35 T.V. shows. In 2007, he was on “Dr. 90210” and “The Doctors” in 2008. Kirby has authored and co-authored a few books on laser tattoo removals. In 2011 he was a joint author of the book “Chapter 30: Tattoo Removal with Lasers.” He starred in the famous T.V. series “Star Wars” on Disney in 2022. Kirby also stars as himself on these TV shows in 2008, “Reality Bites Back,” “Reality Obsessed,” and “Chelsea Lately.” In 2015, Kirby began his work as the Chief Medical Officer LaserAway. Kirby is living the dream of being an entertainer and nerd simultaneously.

Kirby spends most of his time as a clinical assistant professor. He believes that education is vital and does not let reality T.V. stardom overshadow his passion for medicine. Kirby is married to Ernie Bordie, and they have two children.

Career timeline

Kirby Graduates

In pursuit of his dreams to become a doctor, he receives his first degree in biology from Emory University.

He Obtains a Medical Degree

Kirby is certified in the medical profession and gets his medical degree from Nova Southern University.

Winner of Big Brother

Kirby emerges as the winner of season two of "Big Brother."

Kirby Features in “Dr. 90210”

He gets a role from “E! Entertainment” to star in two seasons of “Dr. 90210.”

Why We Love Will Kirby

  1. He is passionate

    Kirby is a leading aesthetic dermatologist who loves to make people look younger. The Chief Medical Officer of LaserAway says "no one" can kill his passion for dermatology. We love how Kirby loves his job.

  2. He loves good education

    Kirby believes that nothing is as essential as having a good education. Intelligence is sexy to Kirby, and it is to us too.

  3. He prides himself on being a good neighbor

    Kirby calls himself a good neighbor despite his exciting antics on the two seasons of "Big Brother" — he sure takes care of his pals. He is our all-time favorite neighbor.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. A laser tattoo removal expert

    Kirby is a specialist in laser tattoo removal and frequently lectures on it.

  2. A star on “Big Brother”

    Kirby featured in two seasons of “Big Brother” and became a jury host later on.

  3. He is a reporter

    He is a health and beauty reporter for "Life & Style Magazine" and "Aesthetic Authority Magazine."

  4. He featured in "Star Wars"

    As a big fan of "Star Wars," Kirby's dream of acting in it became a reality when he played the role of a former bounty hunter in "Book of Boba."

  5. He is an assistant professor

    Kirby works as a clinical assistant professor at the Western University of Health Science and Nova Southeastern University.

Will Kirby FAQs

Did Dr. Will win “Big Brother” twice?

He won just one of the seasons in 2001.

What is Will Kirby doing now?

He works for LaserAway as the Chief Medical Officer.

Did Will Kirby win HOH on “Big Brother”?

No, he did not, but he won the grand prize of $500,000 in the second season.

Will Kirby’s birthday dates

2025January 2Thursday
2026January 2Friday
2027January 2Saturday
2028January 2Sunday
2029January 2Tuesday

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