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Dr. Eugene Harris III, born on August 9, 1978, is an American emergency physician and reality television personality who is also the co-founder of NomanMD. He is an Emergency Medicine Specialist in Riverdale, Georgia, with over 18 years of medical expertise. In 2004, he received his medical degree from Emory University. Piedmont Newnan Hospital and Piedmont Newton Hospital are both linked with him. Dr. Harris rose to prominence in addition to his regular medical practice by starring in the Bravo T.V. reality show “Married to Medicine.” Dr. Eugene met the love of his life, Toya Bush, while completing his residency and working as a pharmaceutical salesman. They are now married and have two children, Ashton and Avery.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Eugene Harris III

Birth date:

August 9, 1978



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$4 million

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Dr. Eugene Harris is a well-known emergency physician in the United States, as well as the co-founder of NomanMD and a reality television personality. He passed the American Board of Emergency Medicine exam. Dr. Harris’s main areas of interest are reproductive health and cultural competency.

Dr. Harris is a highly qualified and educated individual. He is an emergency medicine specialist who graduated from Emory University in 2004. Dr. Harris began his emergency medicine residency program at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, in 2004, after completing his M.D.

Apart from being a doctor, Dr. Harris rose to prominence as the star of the Bravo T.V. reality show “Married to Medicine.” He has worked as an emergency department medical director at South Fulton Medical Center and Piedmont Newnan Hospital in Atlanta.

Dr. Harris is happily married to Toya Bush-Harris, a lovely and kind woman. “Married to Medicine” on Bravo T.V. features the happy pair. While completing his residency, he met his wife who was a pharmaceutical representative at the time. Even though Toya does not work, the family lives a lavish lifestyle. Toya also writes children’s novels, the most recent of which is named “Sleepy Head” and “Please Go to Bed.”

Career timeline

Beginning of his Career in Medicine

Harris begins his residency in emergency medicine at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan after finishing his M.D.

Joins the Schumacher Group

Dr. Harris works as an Emergency Medicine Physician for The Schumacher Group as a clinical physician as well as Assistant Medical Director.

Founds the NomadMD L.L.C. Medical Facility

He co-founds the NomadMD L.L.C. Medical Facility in 2012 to offer patients customized, attentive, and high-quality medical care in a one-on-one setting, with physician access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Harris is a Bravo-T.V. Star

Harris now juggles being a physician and a Bravo-T.V. celebrity.

Why We Love Eugene Harris

  1. A successful medical praticioner

    With the launch of The NomadMD L.L.C., Harris aimed to provide emergency services as well as membership packages to guarantee that our patients have a positive healthcare experience. Patients receive complete advocacy, privacy, and anonymity, as well as cutting-edge treatment.

  2. Family over everything for Harris

    Harris is a family man, as seen by peeks of some quality family time, such as when his wife posted a fun group shot on vacation with her children and husband.

  3. He’s concerned with patient well-being

    As seen on his show, Harris is committed to his patients. We love his dedication and concern.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His love for sports

    Dr. Harris is a sports fanatic. He is a huge supporter of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team.

  2. Weaving magic in his kitchen

    He is not only a successful medical doctor but also a culinary master chef. Dr. Harris shares images of his culinary experiments on Instagram regularly.

  3. Eugene is a true “Star Wars” fan

    He is a “Star Wars” fan who carved the faces of Darth Vader and Yoda on his pumpkins for Halloween.

  4. Love for cigars

    Dr. Harris enjoys cigars, among other refined preferences. He even constructed a small cigar bar in his home.

  5. Celebrates Halloween every year

    Halloween is one of his favorite holidays. He enjoys dressing up every year and frequently posts pictures of himself in costume on social media.

Eugene Harris FAQs

Is Eugene Harris married?

Doctor Eugene Harris has been married to Toya Bush, the author of “Sleepy Head.”

Does Eugene Harris have children?

He is the father of two fantastic sons, Ashton and Avery.

Where did Eugene Harris graduate?

He earned a biology degree from Howard University in 2000 and finished his residency at Detroit Receiving Hospital.

Eugene Harris’s birthday dates

2024August 9Friday
2025August 9Saturday
2026August 9Sunday
2027August 9Monday
2028August 9Wednesday

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