Bryson Tiller

Bryson Tiller, born January 2, 1993, is one of the best artists in the R&B industry. He struggled at the beginning of his career but soon became a global icon loved by many. Tiller released his first song, ‘Don’t,’ which ended up a hit and held the number 13 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. His feature on DJ Khaled’s ‘Wild Thoughts’ definitely has us excited to share our thoughts about his special day here. Join us to celebrate this unique superstar.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Bryson Djuan Tiller


Pen Affleck, Pen Griffey

Birth date:

January 2, 1993



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$2 million

Bryson's Social Media:


Bryson Tiller, born on January 2, 1993, in Louisville, is an artist to look out for in the R&B music industry. He has gone from working in a pizza shop and sleeping in his ’04 Audi Car to becoming one of the most talked-about R&B artists. Tiller lost his mom at four and was raised by his grandmother. He grew his interest in music during his teenage years by singing and rapping. His Zodiac sign is Capricorn, and his ethnicity is African-American. His first record was a mixtape of 12 songs named “Killer Instinct Vol.1.” He attended Iroquois High School but later dropped out when he had a child and fended for himself by working in a pizza shop and at U.P.S.

Tiller’s song, ‘Don’t,’ brought him the fame he needed to jumpstart his music career. He drew the interest of significant industry people like Drake, who offered him a record deal with O.V.O. records, but Tiller declined. In 2015, he signed a record deal with RCA Records. In the same year, Tiller released his first album, “Trapsoul.” His single, ‘Exchange,’ bagged a Grammy nomination for best R&B song in 2017. You have to be remarkable to have a day to yourself in your hometown, and March 12 marks ‘Bryson Tiller Day.’

Tiller has yet to win a Grammy Award but has a couple of other awards. In 2016, he won ‘Best New Artist’ and ‘Best R&B/Pop Artist.’ He describes his style of music as the unique union between Hip Hop and R&B and sings songs based on experiences he has lived.

Tiller is a family person and loves his two daughters, Harley Loraine Tiller and Kelly Jade Tiller. He keeps a low profile and does not do video interviews. Tiller is one of today’s biggest R&B artists, and his music is listened to by millions of people worldwide.

Career timeline

He Debuts His First Mixtape

He launches his music career with a mixtape of 12 songs called "Killer Instinct Vol.1."

He Releases ‘Don’t’

He uploads his biggest hit single, ‘Don't,’ on Soundcloud.

He Signs With RCA Records

After multiple record deal offers from major industry players, Tiller eventually signs a contract with RCA Records.

Tiller Debuts "Trapsoul"

His first studio album, "Trapsoul," is number 11 on Billboard Hot 100 when it is released.

He Wins Two B.E.T. Awards

Tiller performs at the B.E.T. Awards and emerges as the winner of ‘Best New Artist’ and ‘Best R&B/Pop Artist.’

Tiller Partners With Nike

To give back to his community, he partners with Nike and donates three basketball courts to Wyandotte Park in South Louisville.

Grammy Award Nominee

H.E.R.’s song, ‘Could've Been,’ featuring Tiller nominated for best R&B performance.

Why We Love Bryson Tiller

  1. He gives back

    Coming from a place where he struggled to get by, Tiller knows how to help give hope to the kids in his community. He collaborated with Nike to give three basketball courts at Wyandotte Park in his hometown, Louisville.

  2. His songs are relatable

    Tiller's songs about bad relationships and breakups are all so relatable and soothing to our ears. It makes us feel so much better.

  3. He is a loving dad

    Tiller is not afraid to show off his kids, especially Harley. We are in awe of how he fiercely loves his children.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Drake offered him a record deal

    Drake fell in love with Tiller's first album, "Trapsoul," and wanted to sign him under O.V.O., but Tiller later signed a deal with RCA Records instead.

  2. It took $600 to make ‘Don't’

    Tiller struggled as a musician but managed to pull off the most prominent hit song in his music career, ‘Don't,' with just $600.

  3. Tiller used to sell pizza

    Before his massive breakout into the music industry, he used to work in a pizza shop called Papa Johns.

  4. He collects trading cards

    Tiller is a devoted collector of the famous Japanese collectible card, ‘Yu-Gi-Oh.’

  5. He is a "Star Wars" fan

    He loves the "Star Wars" franchise and is usually referenced as ‘Luke’ by the musician, Kehlani, because they both share a "Star Wars" bond.

Bryson Tiller FAQs

What is Bryson Tiller's net worth?

He is worth three million dollars.

Who has Bryson Tiller collaborated with?

Over the years, the superstar singer has collaborated with many artists, including Jhene Aiko and Ty Dolla $ign.

Does Bryson Tiller have a wife?

He is in a relationship with Kendra Bailey. They have a daughter together but are not married.

Bryson Tiller’s birthday dates

2025January 2Thursday
2026January 2Friday
2027January 2Saturday
2028January 2Sunday
2029January 2Tuesday

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