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SunJan 26

Indian Republic Day – January 26, 2025

The Republic Day of India is on January 26 and the nation welcomes the day with a parade and a tribute to the Indian armed forces. Special celebrations on this occasion are vital as it is on this date that the Indian Constitution was finalized and India would not be the great country it is today without its constitution. Here’s a look into the importance of this date and how it can be celebrated.

History of Indian Republic Day

To become a prosperous nation, India went through various trials and hardships before it reached a point where freedom was provided to the citizens. From being ruled by Muslim Mughal emperors to being controlled by the British, India has experienced it all. Since the country faced many struggles, it was a matter of great pride when the Constitution was formed in 1950. This is the day that is celebrated today as Republic Day.

It all started in 1947 when India gained freedom from the British Empire. In November 1947, a draft of the Constitution was developed and submitted to the Constituent Assembly. However, it took the Assembly over two years of discussions and modifications before the Constitution was finalized — the sessions held were open to the public.

Furthermore, the Assembly adopted the Constitution on November 26, 1949, but it did not come into effect immediately. The documents that established the charter were signed on January 24, 1950, and the Constitution officially came into effect for the nation on January 26, 1950. This was also the day when India’s first-ever president, Dr. Rajendra Prasad began his term. When the Constitution came into effect, it also replaced the Government of India Act and established India as a democratic republic. Republic Day is celebrated today to mark the day when democracy and justice were chosen to run the nation. It is this rule of law that is missing in many countries that are run by dictators.

Indian Republic Day timeline

The British Raj

India is taken over by the British.

An Influential Leader

The anti-British civil disobedience campaign is launched by Mahatma Gandhi.

Partition of the Subcontinent

The British rule ends and the partition leads to the creation of Pakistan.

Every Vote Counts

The first general elections are held in India.

Indian Republic Day FAQs

Who hoisted the flag on Republic Day?

The President of India hoists the flag.

Who is the father of democracy in India?

Famous figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, and B.R. Ambedkar are considered to have planted the seeds of democracy in India.

What is a republic country?

A republic state is one where the nation is ruled by representatives of the citizens.

How to Observe Indian Republic Day

  1. Create a trending hashtag

    Create a trending hashtag and make sure everyone you know posts something patriotic on Republic Day using that very hashtag. Who knows, you might end up in the top ten trending Twitter hashtags for the day.

  2. Binge-watch patriotic movies

    This is the best way to relax, yet feel the love for the nation at the same time. Select at least five patriotic movies that will have you feeling inspired.

  3. Host a house decoration contest

    Announce a decoration contest in your town where the most patriotic-looking house wins. This way, all the neighbors in your area will participate in decorating their houses with the color of the Indian flag.

5 Facts About The Indian Constitution

  1. The longest constitution in the world

    The Indian Constitution includes 117,369 handwritten words.

  2. A work of art

    Each page of the Indian Constitution is decorated by artists.

  3. Debating for the perfect constitution

    Over 2,000 amendments were made to the draft.

  4. Citizens of one country

    India’s Constitution does not allow dual citizenship.

  5. The patient Constituent Assembly

    It took four years to write the Constitution.

Why Indian Republic Day is Important

  1. It celebrates the document that set the foundation of the country

    Republic Day needs to be celebrated to remind people of the efforts that went into the creation of the Constitution. It's a landmark day in history and provides numerous educational lessons for the youth.

  2. It emphasizes the importance of law and order

    Without law and order as well as a system of justice, the entire country would fall apart. Republic Day serves as a reminder that fighting for justice is an important cause and the fate of a nation depends on it.

  3. It celebrates democracy

    Republic Day of India also commemorates the importance of democracy. This is essential as numerous countries in the past have suffered under military rule and we must ensure every country remains on the path of democracy. This is the only way the world will be able to avoid human rights violations.

Indian Republic Day dates

2025January 26Sunday
2026January 26Monday
2027January 26Tuesday
2028January 26Wednesday
2029January 26Friday

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