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SunJan 26

International Environmental Education Day – January 26, 2025

International Environmental Education Day, which falls on January 26, is observed all over the world in the hopes of improving the relationship between our fellow humans and nature itself. It seeks to identify and find solutions to certain environmental issues, both globally and locally. With this, a collective and effective process is made available to reach more like-minded people who want to make a difference for our world itself. Aside from just assessing these issues, the main goal for this day is to bring about awareness for the motivation to continue on this endeavor. Once this has been achieved, motivation to act with the right forward-thinking and knowledge can bring about a sustainable change for today and future generations as well.  You can find a list of science scholarships to enhance the effect of this journey through education from the leading schools and institutes in the country, for the betterment of the environment and our future.

History of International Environmental Education Day

On January 26 of every year, International Environmental Education Day is celebrated and utilized to be the day of support and service to our mother nature. This day is an opportunity to assert and analyze the issues and questions that pertain to helping the environment, specifically the world that we currently live in. It reminds us to understand and acknowledge the interdependence of man and the environment itself, which is the very reason why we can’t be complacent. As human beings, we need to take the initiative to take care of our homes.

This day dates back to June 1972, when the United Nations held a conference in Stockholm, Sweden, on Human Environment. At this conference, it was discussed that certain common principles and standards should be followed so that we can preserve and improve the environment today. Following that, many countries gathered in the International Workshop on Environment, held in Belgrade, wherein the “Belgrade Charter” was published to illustrate the essential demands of environmental education.

It’s wonderful to know that people have congregated and taken the time to bring forth awareness to themselves and others as well, but some people are unaware or skeptical. For this reason, this day is so significant and favorable to all mankind. Sustainable development as they say is the “way to meet people’s current needs without compromising the capacity of future generations.” It’s beneficial to us human beings to protect the environment because this entails our survival and well-being.

International Environmental Education Day timeline

International Recognition

The United Nations Conference on Human Environment takes place in June in Sweden.

Continuing Education

Over 150 countries participate in the event, “International Workshop on Environment,” which promotes progress in the environment.

Celebrated Commonly

The World Environmental Education Congress observes World Environmental Education Day on October 14 instead.

Half A Century

The year 2022 marks 50 years since the very first conference for International Environmental Education Day.

International Environmental Education Day FAQs

What happens on International Environmental Education Day?

This is a day wherein we get to celebrate, learn about, and help our planet earth.

What are the types of environmental education?

Some types of environmental education are geology, chemistry, aquatic science, marine biology, etc.

What do we do on this day?

We get to bring awareness, think, and act in harmony with the environment.

How to Observe International Environmental Education Day

  1. Be aware of climate change

    It is so important to not only know but also understand the causes and effects of climate change. To make a change, we must first learn the root causes and origins of the state of our environment today.

  2. Join events that promote the environment

    Many programs, conferences, and events are organized to teach and stimulate discussion on the environment. With more of society joining as a union to reach a common goal, more progress and ideas will transpire.

  3. Make small environment-friendly acts

    You can always start on your own however small and still be able to improve the environment. Whether it be carpooling, recycling, or carrying your water bottle, it’s still a step towards the betterment of our surroundings.

5 Interesting Facts About International Environmental Education Day

  1. Celebrated for almost half a century

    On January 26, 2023, it will be 51 years since the first very conference for the holiday.

  2. It brings about awareness

    The United Nations General Assembly, in 2002, proclaimed the years 2005-2014 as a decade of learning for sustainable development to be observed by all member states.

  3. Anyone can participate

    The day is intended to remind people of the necessity to act under the fundamental principles of protecting the environment.

  4. It was not always in January

    There was a time this holiday was celebrated on October 14.

  5. June 1972 Conference

    In this meeting, the “Stockholm Declaration” was adopted, which included 26 principles regarding the environment and sustainable development.

Why International Environmental Education Day is Important

  1. We learn more about our home

    With this holiday, the environment is promoted and people feel motivated to learn more and do something to help. It’s so humbling to realize that the earth is a beautiful place and one that should be preserved.

  2. We can be part of the action-taking

    Once we are more aware, we can take steps to act according to the benefits of the environment. It’s always good to convince others, but it is more meaningful when we walk the talk.

  3. We help our home help us

    As there is interdependence between man and the environment, it does us more good to connect and come up with solutions to the issues our environment faces. When given more thought, it’s just like making sure our home is a liveable and safe space to reside in.

International Environmental Education Day dates

2025January 26Sunday
2026January 26Monday
2027January 26Tuesday
2028January 26Wednesday
2029January 26Friday

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