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MonJan 20

International Day of Acceptance – January 20, 2025

International Day of Acceptance is observed every year on January 20 and it is the day to fill our hearts with the sublime powers of acceptance. It is important to be accepting of certain things in life. This idea unquestionably holds in the case of accepting the disability of the person. This is a day when people all over the world come together to support and embrace the challenges that come along with having a disability. International Day of Acceptance was created as a way to recognize social acceptance of disability.

History of International Day of Acceptance

Acceptance is defined as the assent of a situation, process, or condition without an attempt to change it. We have all at some point in our lives experienced a situation where we were cast off or excluded from a group or a social gathering. Remember the time when you were not picked for a team or when your friends went out to a movie without you. Imagine if being excluded was just a regular part of your day-to-day life.  

In an ideal world, all individuals would be accepted just as they are, no matter how different, no matter how unique. This was a vision of our real-life heroine Annie Hopkins. The day is dedicated to the social acceptance of those with disabilities and to honor the late Annie Hopkins.

International Day of Acceptance is a tribute to the founder of 3E Love and the creator of the Symbol of Acceptance Annie Hopkins. She founded 3E Love with the aim to make the world a better place by educating people about the importance of embracing diversity. The Symbol of Acceptance comprises a wheelchair in the shape of a heart. This symbol unified people of all abilities and helped ignite conversations that would help change attitudes for the better.

This day was created a year after Hopkins passed away due to unexpected complications that occurred during a simple medical procedure. Her brother, Stevie Hopkins, who helped her start 3E Love, founded an annual celebration to pay tribute to his sister’s life and work.  

International Day of Acceptance timeline

3E Love’s Journey Begins

Annie creates the ‘wheelchair heart symbol’ for a dorm t-shirt.

3E Love is Founded

The Symbol of Acceptance becomes the company’s trademark and the drive behind much of its goals and products.

Annie Leaves Us

On January 20, 2009, Annie passes away but her message lives on.

The Day is Created

International Day of Acceptance begins in 2010.

International Day of Acceptance FAQs

What is acceptance?

Acceptance in simple terms is perceiving reality as it is, what people are rather than what you want them to be. That being said, acceptance doesn’t mean that you can’t work on changing things and that what you’re accepting will be that way forever.

Why is acceptance so important?

When you learn to accept and you make peace with the way things are, you step out of your way and step forward on the growth path. The more you practice acceptance, the more you see that each moment has a purpose, a lesson to learn, a reason for unfolding the way that it does.

Why is it important to accept people's differences?

Respecting both similarities and differences of others is good for us. Situations in our lives keep on changing constantly. Accepting every type of situation that we might face, be it good or bad will give us lasting peace and contentment. 

How to Observe International Day of Acceptance

  1. Lift some spirits

    We are not limited by our abilities but rather by our imagination and our will to act. The truth is we are all capable of great things. Encourage the people around you to stay strong and achieve things beyond their abilities.

  2. Try some kindness

    You should avoid indulging yourself in making people who are different from you feel embarrassed. Try to be respectful and accept all forms of diversity.

  3. Spread the word

    You can spread the word by drawing the symbol on your hand or ordering a T-shirt from 3E Love’s official website. Share the importance of this day on social media with the hashtag #DayOfAcceptance. You can even change your social media picture to the logo of the Symbol of Acceptance for a day.

5 Facts About Our Lovely Annie Hopkins

  1. She had an unbreakable spirit

    In high school, she won every talent show, even though the choir instructor told her that she probably wouldn’t make the cut.

  2. She fought for her rights

    In college, she wanted to join a sorority, so she convinced the houses on campus to build ramps so she could participate during the rush week.

  3. She had a good sense of humor

    She created humorous yet educational YouTube videos to show people how she faced her challenges.

  4. She created the wheelchair symbol

    In college, Hopkins created the symbol for a dorm t-shirt not knowing the potential and meaning of her creation.

  5. She got a tattoo of the symbol

    Hopkins tattooed the wheelchair symbol on her shoulder.

Why International Day of Acceptance is Important

  1. It honors Hopkins efforts

    This day was created by Hopkins’ brother as a tribute to his sister. International Day of Acceptance aims to keep her vision alive and celebrate her life, her ideas, and the 3E Love movement.

  2. It teaches us acceptance

    International Day of Acceptance is all about accepting people with disabilities as equals. It is also a moment to help people with disabilities accept their challenges and show what can be achieved with a positive love for life and changing perceptions.

  3. It helps change the perception

    Hopkins dreamed of changing the world’s perception of people with disabilities. She created the 3E Love with the idea to unify people of all abilities while educating, embracing, and empowering them.

International Day of Acceptance dates

2025January 20Monday
2026January 20Tuesday
2027January 20Wednesday
2028January 20Thursday
2029January 20Saturday

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