Emma Marie

Emma Marie, born on January 20, 2004, is an American YouTube star and social media personality. She and her sister, Ellie, have a YouTube channel named “Emma&Ellie,” which has millions of subscribers. They post vlogs, DIYs, crafts, pets, dance, and other fun videos. She also has her personal YouTube channel, “Emma Marie’s World,” which currently has 1.4 million subscribers. Her consistency and eye for popular types of videos have propelled her past one million subscribers. She is not the only YouTuber in her household.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Emma Marie

Birth date:

January 20, 2004



Zodiac Sign:



5' 2"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$200 thousand

Emma's Social Media:


Emma Marie was born on January 20, 2004, in Ohio. Her father, Mark, is a businessman, while her mother, Heather, is a tutor. She lives with her parents and studies at the Wellington School in Ohio. Marie took an interest in acting and dancing at a very young age and took part in social competitions at school. She became an All-Star Cheerleader when she was six and, at 11, she made the senior team. She loves cheering, gymnastics, vlogging, fashion, and challenges.

Emma Marie and her sister created their YouTube channel in 2015 and gained over 15,000 followers in less than two months. In 2016, Marie debuted her own channel to give an insight into her personal life and interests like cheerleading and fashion. She also posts videos about fun challenges. Marie is very active on social media, with a huge number of subscribers and followers across her social media platforms.

Career timeline

Emma Marie Is born

She is born on January 20, making her an Aquarius.


She and her sister create their YouTube channel.

“Emma Marie’s World”

She launches her personal channel.

A Milestone

Emma Marie’s 13th birthday celebration reaches a milestone of two million views, becoming her first video to achieve this feat.

Why We Love Emma Marie

  1. Her videos

    Marie posts videos about DIYs, crafts, pets, and dance. Her videos are fun and entertaining, and we love her for that.

  2. Her personality

    She has a charming, adorable personality that makes her very lovable. And she’s hardworking, too: she’s in school each weekday but dedicates her entire weekend to posting on Youtube and growing her subscribers.

  3. Her strong character

    Marie has demonstrated many times the strength of her character. She has had to deal with online trolls and criticism, but that hasn’t deterred her from doing her thing.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is a gymnast

    Marie loves gymnastics and took part in the activity at school.

  2. She loves roller coasters

    Marie has revealed that she loves riding roller coasters.

  3. She follows other YouTube stars

    Marie has named Gabi Butler, Brooklyn, and Bailey McKnight as her favorite YouTube stars.

  4. A family of YouTube personalities

    Emma Marie and her sister, Ellie, are not the only YouTube stars in the family; the entire family has its own channel, “Emma & Ellie’s Family.”

  5. She loves cheerleading

    Marie loves cheerleading and was actually a cheerleader at school.

Emma Marie FAQs

What camera does Emma Marie use?

With her iPhone or Canon PowerShot GX Mark II, Marie has grown her subscribers to more than seven million in just a year and a half.

What city does Emma Marie live in?

She lives in Florida.

What is Emma and Ellie’s net worth?

They have an estimated net worth of $2 million

Emma Marie’s birthday dates

2025January 20Monday
2026January 20Tuesday
2027January 20Wednesday
2028January 20Thursday
2029January 20Saturday

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