Erick Brian Colón

Erick Brian Colón Arista, born January 3, 2001, is a Latin-American pop singer and celebrity. He rose to fame following his participation in the singing competition “La Banda.” He has been a member of the music group CNCO since 2015. Apart from his singing career, he is also an Instagram celebrity. Colón plays football, and he enjoys making music. He is also a dancer; he took part in almost all the cultural events held in his school. We have all the information about his personal life and career right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Erick Brian Colón Arista

Birth date:

January 3, 2001



Zodiac Sign:



5' 9"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Erick's Social Media:


Erick Brian Colón Arista, born in Havana, Cuba, is a pop singer who is famous in Latin America for being a member of the boy band, CNCO. He currently lives in Tampa, Florida, with his mother, Daysi Arista, and his younger sister.

Colón first gained recognition when he participated in the Latin-American talent hunt show “La Banda” in September 2015. The show, created by Ricky Martin and Simon Cowell, was aimed at selecting members for a new pop band. The band formed at the end of the season became known as CNCO. Colón was selected as the fourth member of the boy band, which soon became popular.

Colón’s popularity soared when he participated in “La Banda,” resulting in a massive rise in his social media followers. Before the end of the show, Colón already had more than 2.3 million followers on Instagram, one million followers on Twitter, and 2.2 million followers on Facebook. CNCO officially debuted on December 13, 2015, after which there was no looking back for Colón and his fellow band members.

Their song ‘Reggaeton Lento (Bailemos)’ has over one billion views on YouTube, making them the first boy band to achieve the feat. They have had several tours and concerts and have also accompanied famous musicians like Ariana Grande, Enrique Iglesias, and Pitbull on their concert tours.

CNCO won a five-year recording contract with Sony Music Latin. The band then released its debut album titled “Primera Cita” in August 2016, the album became an instant hit. Colón and his band received six award nominations, winning five of them at the Premios Juventud Youth Awards. The band was later shortlisted in the ‘Artist of the Year’ category at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in 2017.

Colón is close to his mother and sister, with whom he lives. He also shares a cordial relationship with his nephew Thiago. He is a footballer, and he is also a talented dancer. Colón, along with his friends Joel Pimentel and Christopher Velez, had formed their band and had performed locally before becoming a part of CNCO.

Career timeline

He Participates in “La Banda”

Colón participates in the Latin-American talent hunt show “La Banda.”

He is Selected As a CNCO Member

Colón is selected as the fourth member of the boy band.

The Group Wins a Recording Contract

CNCO wins a five-year recording contract with Sony Music.

The Group Releases Their Debut Album

CNCO releases their debut album titled “Primera Cita,” which is an instant hit.

A Billboard Award Nominee

The band is nominated in the ‘Artist of the Year’ category at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

Why We Love Erick Brian Colón

  1. He has strong family values

    Colón has strong family values. He shares a close bond with his mother and sister. He is also very fond of his nephew, Thiago.

  2. Music is his first love

    Colón fell in love with music at a young age. Although he has other interests, singing/making music is his first love.

  3. His incredibly good looks

    Colón has very attractive physical features and can be considered every girl’s dream guy. Looking at his physique, it is safe to say he puts a lot of effort into his good looks.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He has appeared in a T.V. show

    Colón appeared as a guest star in the hit television show, “Pura Quimica.”

  2. He has other non-musical related interests

    Colón is a football enthusiast and he is also a talented dancer.

  3. He’s the baby

    Colón is the youngest member of CNCO.

  4. A social student

    As a student, Colón took part in social activities at school.

  5. Not his first

    Colón had formed a band with Joel Pimentel and Christopher Velez and had performed locally before becoming a part of CNCO.

Erick Brian Colón FAQs

How many siblings does Erick Brian Colón have?

He has a sister named Yanelis.

Who are the members of CNCO?

Alongside Colón, the group comprises Richard Camacho, Joel Pimentel, Zabdiel De Jesus, and Christopher Velez.

Who is the youngest member of CNCO?

Colón, born in 2001, is the youngest member of the group.

Erick Brian Colón’s birthday dates

2025January 3Friday
2026January 3Saturday
2027January 3Sunday
2028January 3Monday
2029January 3Wednesday

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