Raegan Revord

Raegan Revord, born on January 3, 2008, is an American actress. Revord has appeared in many T.V. shows and movies. She is most famous for her role in the CBS hit comedy series Young Sheldon, but has also featured in Modern Family, Wish Upon, and other projects. We are delighted to celebrate this up-and-coming child actress on her special day.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Raegan Revord

Birth date:

January 3, 2008



Zodiac Sign:



4' 9"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$350.0 thousand

Raegan's Social Media:


Raegan Revord was born in San Diego, California, on January 3, 2008. She is an only child. The young actress has been described as a natural performer. Revord fell in love with acting at a very young age and started auditioning quite early on. At just four years old, she was selected as a child model. At this point, she mostly appeared in commercials.

She transitioned into acting when she was six years old, and her first role came in the popular sitcom Modern Family. She had a recurring role as Megan between 2014 and 2016. Revord appeared in other movies, including Tortoise and the TV series W/Bob & David. In 2016, she was featured in Netflix’s series Grace and Frankie.

In 2017, she was cast as Missy Cooper in The Big Bang Theory spin-off, Young Sheldon, which shot her into the limelight. She also appeared in the TV series Alexa & Katie in 2019. She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series at the 2018 Young Artist Awards.

Besides acting, Revord is also a dedicated writer and is currently writing a children’s book and a TV script that she aims to pitch to studios. Revord lives in Los Angeles with her parents.

Career timeline

Raegan Revord is Born

She is born in San Diego, California.

She Becomes as a Child Model

She starts her career as a child model in commercials.

She Makes Her Acting Debut

She makes her acting debut in the T.V. sitcom “Modern Family.”

Missy Cooper

She stars in the CBS comedy series “Young Sheldon” as Missy Cooper.

Why We Love Raegan Revord

  1. She is an animal lover

    Revord is an advocate for rescuing animals. She hopes to establish a farm for rescued animals.

  2. Her charming personality

    Revord has a charming and likable personality both on-screen and off-screen. This just warms our hearts.

  3. Revord is a star in the making

    She has a star quality that shines through her performances. Her ceiling of potential is very high, and we can’t wait to witness it.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is an ambassador

    Revord is a Junior Ambassador for a Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

  2. She owns puppies

    Revord owns three puppies, including a Maltese breed and a terrier mix.

  3. She is an avid reader

    Revord loves reading books, and she spends her spare time doing so.

  4. She hopes to become a director

    She has aspirations of becoming a film director in the future.

  5. She has an interest in horse riding

    She likes the idea of horse riding and would like to engage in the activity in the future.

Raegan Revord FAQs

What is Raegan Revord’s net worth?

She has an estimated net worth of $350,000 dollars.

Is Raegan Revord vegan?

Revord is ‘vegan-ish.’

Who is Raegan Revord’s mom?

Her mother is Holly Revord.

Raegan Revord’s birthday dates

2025January 3Friday
2026January 3Saturday
2027January 3Sunday
2028January 3Monday
2029January 3Wednesday

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