Lewis Hamilton’s birthday – January 7, 2023

Lewis Hamilton, born January 7, 1985, is a professional Formula 1 race car driver. Hamilton started driving when he was a child and his father bought him a radio-controlled race car. He finished as a runner-up at the BRCA Championship when he was just six years old — he competed against adults. His father bought him a go-kart the following year. When he was 10, he became the youngest driver to win the British Cadet Karting Championship. Hamilton is the most successful British driver in the history of Formula 1. We’ll celebrate this champion right here.

History of Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a mixed-race British professional Formula 1 race car driver who was born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England. His father is Anthony Hamilton, and his mother was Carmen Larbalestier. Hamilton’s parents separated when he was just two years old. As a result, he stayed with his mother for a short time before moving to his father’s house. His father is Black, of Grenadian descent, and his mother is Caucasian, but he prefers to be called a black man. His father worked multiple jobs to support his development as a race-car driver. He also played a key role in Hamilton’s career as an adult, and was his manager until 2010.

Hamilton began racing go-kart in 1993 when he was eight years old and was a natural racer. As a result, he won many junior championships. When he was 12, he approached the McLaren Formula 1 chief, Ron Dennis, at an event. Hamilton told the man he wanted to race for McClaren in the future. Dennis asked him to wait nine more years. Everyone who saw Hamilton racing knew he was special. Many bookies predicted that he would win a Formula 1 race before he clocked 25 years of age.

Hamilton started racing in Formula 1 in 2007 when he was 22, as a McLaren driver. In 2008, he became the youngest Formula 1 champion in history. Hamilton switched to Mercedes in 2013. He has been with Mercedes ever since, winning multiple titles. Hamilton is often praised for his ability to make little to no mistakes; this ability helps him win time and again. Many see Hamilton as one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time.

Lewis Hamilton timeline

The Beginning

Hamilton starts racing cars.

Hamilton Races in F1 For the First Time

He joins the defending champion in the McClaren team.

Hamilton Wins His First F1 Title

McClaren's investment in Lewis pays off as he wins his first F1 title.

Hamilton Joins Mercedes

He leaves the McClaren team and joins Mercedes.

He is Knighted

Hamilton gets knighted for his services to motorsport.

Lewis Hamilton FAQs

What is Hamilton's favorite track?

Silverstone. Hamilton receives a lot of support from the British fans who show up at Silverstone to support him.

Where does Lewis Hamilton live?

He lives in Monaco.

Why do Formula 1 drivers live in Monaco

Monaco is a tax haven. By living in Monaco, race car drivers save more money by paying less tax.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He is vegan

    Hamilton sticks to a plant-based diet.

  2. He is the only black F1 driver

    Apart from Hamilton, no other black driver has competed in Formula 1.

  3. Poker face

    Hamilton enjoys playing poker.

  4. He always travels with his bulldogs

    Roscoe and Coco, Hamilton's dogs, are his best friends, and they fly all over the world with him.

  5. Motorbike appreciation

    Hamilton loves motorbikes very much.

Why We Love Lewis Hamilton

  1. Hamilton supports charity

    He gives money to support many charitable activities. This is a commendable way to live.

  2. He loves animals and cares about nature

    Hamilton is always fighting to make our planet better. From forests to oceans, he wants a better world.

  3. He has a great sense of style

    The Formula 1 legend loves to look good. He is a fashion model.

Lewis Hamilton’s birthday dates

2022March 16Wednesday
2023March 16Thursday
2024March 16Saturday
2025March 16Sunday
2026March 16Monday

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