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WedJan 8

National Take the Stairs Day – January 8, 2025

National Take the Stairs Day is celebrated every second Wednesday in January.  You know what that means: celebrate the day by hitting the stairs. Elevator? What elevator? If you’re interested in taking things up a notch, run around the block or cycle to work. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you keep that heart rate up. 

Lung health is more important now than ever before. Did you know that over 3.7 million Americans live with chronic lung diseases like asthma or lung cancer? We’re not moving as much as we should. To top it, the air we breathe gets increasingly unhealthy. Some factors may be beyond our control, but staying fit and healthy is entirely in our hands. Take the first steps towards a healthier life today. What matters eventually are the choices we make.

History of National Take the Stairs Day

The first mention of Take the Stairs Day was in 2016. A dedicated stair-running group likely organized it, although there’s not much documentation on the event.

On the other hand, National Take the Stairs Day is a recent initiative by the American Lung Association. The goal is to improve our lung health by choosing a life of movement over convenience.

Stair walking is excellent exercise and one of the easiest things to do. It’s gentler on our joints and muscles compared to HIIT or gym workouts, with almost similar benefits. It’s an activity to seriously consider if you’re looking to lose weight, tone muscle, and enhance overall cardiovascular health.

Taking charge of our health can sometimes feel daunting. Where does one begin? The good news is you don’t need to make drastic alterations to your lifestyle, unless medically advised. The key lies in little but consistent steps each day. They really do go a long way. Small changes such as choosing to take the stairs instead of an elevator can significantly reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

National Take the Stairs Day hopes to encourage Americans to make changes to their lifestyle. By taking part, you also show support for the millions of people who live with debilitating lung disease. If a few minutes of climbing stairs can make your lungs explode, imagine what it’s like for those with chronic pulmonary disease. It can be a humbling reminder of how lucky we are to be alive. We hope everyone takes the stairs today and every other day.

National Take the Stairs Day timeline

8000 B.C. - 2000 B.C.
The First Ornate Staircases

As human civilization progresses, the people of ancient Mesopotamia build magnificent staircases in their homes.

A Day For Taking Stairs

The internet first hears of Take the Stairs Day.

Backed By Science

Researchers at McMaster University find that short bursts of stair climbing throughout the day can boost cardiovascular health.

A Guinness Record For Stair Climbing

On November 18, Ryoji Watanabe from Japan breaks the world record for the fastest vertical mile stair climbing, at one hour, six minutes, and 58 seconds.

National Take the Stairs Day FAQs

When is National Take the Stairs Day?

Organized by the American Lung Association, National Take the Stairs Day takes place on the second Wednesday in January each year. The association encourages Americans to improve their lung health by taking the stairs instead of an elevator.

What are the benefits of stair climbing?

Stair climbing comes with tremendous health benefits. A few minutes of stair climbing throughout the day improves lung capacity, heart function, and blood circulation. It also reduces the risks of developing chronic heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, and hypertension.

How many stairs should I climb for a good workout?

Try climbing up and downstairs on 10 to 12 steps for about 30 minutes. Climb one step at a time and progress to skipping steps once you’re comfortable. For intense calorie burn, climb up and down a 10-story building five times.

National Take the Stairs Day Activities

  1. Take the stairs

    Wherever you can, choose to take the stairs today. Find opportunities throughout the day: on a lunch break, coffee run, or en route to the break room.

  2. Design a stairs-climbing challenge

    The good thing about stairs is you’ll find them everywhere. Gather everyone for a stairs-climbing challenge at the office or apartment complex. It can be a surprising way to bond. Take care to offer support to anyone who may be struggling.

  3. Climb stairs for a killer cardio burn

    Start incorporating stair climbing into your workout. Jog up a few flights each day, increasing the pace as you go along. Level up by skipping one step or carrying a heavy backpack on your way up.

5 Facts About Exercising That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Let the music take control

    Listening to music during a workout can improve performance by 15%.

  2. Exercising is good for the brain

    Cardio-intensive exercises help create new brain cells, improving brain power and memory.

  3. Bring on the muscles

    People with more muscle mass burn more fat amounts while resting.

  4. Slows down aging

    Those who exercise for 45 minutes, three times a week can significantly reduce signs of aging.

  5. Variety is super important

    Compared to those who cross-train, people who don’t switch up their workouts are more susceptible to injury.

Why We Love National Take the Stairs Day

  1. It challenges us

    The comfort of familiar things lulls most of us into complacency. When was the last time you challenged your body and mind? It’s time today to get up and move. If not now, when?

  2. Gratitude for our lungs

    Breath is life, but we don’t notice it at all. When we take the stairs, we are reminded of how hard our heart and lungs work. That exploding sensation in the chest? It means we’re alive.

  3. A community endeavor

    Staying fit and healthy can be a lonesome road. National Take the Stairs Day recognizes the importance of the community's rallying around better health. It’s easier when everyone’s in it together.

National Take the Stairs Day dates

2022January 12Wednesday
2023January 11Wednesday
2024January 10Wednesday
2025January 8Wednesday
2026January 14Wednesday

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