MattyB — born January 6, 2003 and also known as MattyBRaps — gained recognition through Youtube. The singer, rapper, and dancer won the hearts of many when he started posting videos remixing popular music on his Youtube channel. At the beginning of his career in 2010, he has released several covers and remixes of popular music and that has catapulted his career to greater heights within a very short period of time. On August 1, 2014, MattyB hit the record by having his Youtube channel exceed one billion views. This gave him the motivation to go bigger as, in 2015, he released his much-awaited E.P., “Outside the Lines.” Then in 2016, he teamed up with Travis Thrasher to release a memoir book, “That’s a Rap.” We are overjoyed to be celebrating him today.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Matthew David Morris



Birth date:

January 6, 2003



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$3 million

Matthew's Social Media:


Mathew David Morris was born on January 6, 2003, to his father, Tawny Morris, a businessman, and his mother, Blake Morris. MattyB grew up in a loving Christian household in Duluth, Georgia, with four siblings — three older brothers, Blake Jr., John Michael, and Joshua, and their sister, Sarah Grace. He graduated from a local high school in Duluth and later on, he enrolled himself into a local university in Georgia, where he is currently planning to graduate.

His interest and love for music and singing started when he was a young boy so it is no wonder that he later made a career out of it. In June 2010, he had his first song with original lyrics, a remix to ‘I Believe in You’ but his first available song that was out for purchase was the ‘Just the Way You Are’ remix. It was later re-released in August 2010 and featured Tyler Ward. In 2012, he was on the Billboard Social 50 chart with his music video, “That’s the Way.” This was such a huge opportunity for him, and his social media following had already risen dramatically since 2010. In August 2014, he skyrocketed when his Youtube channel exceeded one billion views.

MattyB’s first E.P., ” Outside the Lines,” was released in August 2015 and premiered on his Youtube page, where he had previously posted over 90 additional covers and over 20 original songs. Four original tracks were included on the E.P. In 2016, he collaborated with writer Travis Thrasher on a memoir titled “That’s a Rap.” He has been on various television shows throughout the years, including “The Wendy Williams Show,” “Today,” “WWE,” “Dr. Phil,” and “The Queen Latifah Show.”

Career timeline

His Career Begins

MattyB releases his first original lyrics remix to ‘I Believe in You’ and his first remix of ‘Just the Way You Are’ becomes available.

The Billboard Social 50 Chart

He features at number 11 on the Billboard Social 50 Chart, which propels his social media following.

He Surpasses One Billion Youtube Views

A video on his Youtube channel surpasses one billion views, which heightens his career.

He Releases an E.P.

He debuts his E.P. titled “Outside the Lines” and premiers it on his Youtube channel.

He Releases a Memoir

He teams up with writer Travis Thrasher to release his memoir titled “That’s a Rap.”

Why We Love MattyB

  1. He practices self-love

    Known by his stage name, MattyB, he was asked about the ‘B’ and what it stands for. He said he believed that everyone has a right to express who they are should feel free to be who they want to be.

  2. He believes in education

    He enrolled himself in a local university in Georgia after graduating from high school. This demonstrates that he is progressive and believes in advancing one’s knowledge.

  3. He has a higher purpose

    Growing up, he was not allowed to listen to rap music because of all its profanity, despite rap being his preferred genre of music. He says he prefers the clean versions of rap songs and he hopes he can help create clean rap music

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He has over seven million subscribers

    MattyB’s Youtube channel has managed to draw over seven million subscribers who are loyal to his content.

  2. His career began at a young age

    His career flourished when he was at the tender age of seven years old.

  3. He got grounded from the internet

    At age 13, while at school, MattyB tweeted a photo of himself saying he got grounded from the internet with the caption, “So sorry guys, I’ll explain later.”

  4. He looks up to his cousin

    Marshall Manning, MattyB’s cousin, kick-started his career by assisting him with opening his Youtube channel.

  5. He doesn’t read all his Youtube comments

    MattyB says that he doesn’t read the negative comments on his videos and that is how he stays positive.

MattyB FAQs

Where does MattyB go to school?

He used to attend Wesleyan School in Duluth, Georgia.

Which Hischak sister did MattyB date?

Matt and Kate have known each other for a long time. She is from his hometown, Duluth, Georgia.

Does MattyB rap?

He has released numerous covers and remixes of mainstream music since he began his career in 2010. His first cover was of ‘Eenie Meenie’ by Justin Bieber.

MattyB’s birthday dates

2025January 6Monday
2026January 6Tuesday
2027January 6Wednesday
2028January 6Thursday
2029January 6Saturday

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