Arin Hanson

Arin Hanson, born January 6, 1987, has to be among the best animators, gamers, voice actors, comedians, and musicians of our time. Known better by his pseudonym ‘Egoraptor,’ this internet personality is best known for his internet animations as well as his popular Youtube Let’s Play web series, “Game Grumps.” After joining Newgrounds on September 16, 2001, under his pseudonym Egoraptor, he released his first animation on DeviantArt titled, “Final Fantasy 7 Flash Spoof” and it was an upward trajectory from there. Among his many web series on Youtube, he is famously known for “The Awesome Series” where he parodies game franchises. These include the famous “Pokemon,” “Metal Gear,” “Ninja Gaiden,” and “Sequelitis.” It is such a pleasure to celebrate this multi-talented man with you today.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Arin Hanson



Birth date:

January 6, 1987



Zodiac Sign:



6' 2"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$6 million

Arin's Social Media:


Born January 6, 1987, Arin Johnson lived with his father, Lloyd ‘Paparaptor’ Hanson, and his mother, Maurette Hanson in West Palm Beach, Florida. His father, who is a musician and plays the accordion guitar and the keyboard has his website where he journals about his life and his mother runs a charitable Healing Horse Therapy Center that heals people who have suffered mental, emotional, and physical traumas. Hanson talks about his mother severally and has even held a live stream in his Game Grumps, “The Horsey Give Grumps” to help raise funds for the organization. He has also made two flash films as gifts for his father’s birthday known as, “Happy Birthday Dad” and “It’s Dad’s Birthday Again!”

He couldn’t complete his high school at Wellington High School on the basis that he had moved but his mother stood with him and supported him to pursue his voice acting career that he started in 2006. He joined Newgrounds in 2001 and in 2004, he released his animation known as, “Final Fantasy 7 Flash Spoof.” In 2006, he submitted to Newgrounds his first “Awesome” animation titled, “Metal Gear Awesome” and as soon as producers from MTV saw it, they approached Arin to create animated shorts for their online gaming show, “The G-Hole”. That same year, he starred in the animation, “J.I.M” created by Lee McGuire as the sole voice actor. Since 2016, Arin Hanson has worked with Cartoon Network on “Mighty Magiswords” voice acting for several characters.

In 2013, Hanson formed a band with fellow musicians and comedians, Leigh Daniel Avidan and Brian Wecht and released two albums, one in the same year and the second in 2014, the one that went on to become position one on US Comedy Albums US Billboard Charts. He also collaborated with Stamper and Marc M. to do “Fat Refunds,” which was released on StamperTV in 2014. He now lives in Glendale, California with his wife, Suzanne Berhow who has her gaming channel under the pseudonym ‘Mortem3r.’ Hanson is a regular feature on the channel.

Career timeline

Hanson Joins Newgrounds

He joins Newgrounds under the pseudonym ‘Egoraptor.’

He Releases His First Animation

Hanson releases his first animation on DeviantArt known as “Final Fantasy 7 Flash Spoof.”

He Submits His First Awesome Animation

He submits his first Awesome animation titled “Metal Gear Awesome” to Newgrounds.

He Provides the Voice-Over For John Gore

He provides the voice-over for the character John Gore in the video game “Minigore.”

“Game Grumps”

Hanson and his colleague, Jon Jafari create a joint Youtube channel called “Game Grumps.”

He Forms A Band

Together with his colleagues, Leigh Daniel Avidan and Brian Wecht, they form a band that goes on to become the top at the U.S. Comedy Albums’ U.S. Billboard Charts.


The popularity of “Game Grumps’” sold-out live performances leads to other performances across the country.

Why We Love Arin Hanson

  1. Hanson is bold

    Over the years, Hanson has gained popularity amongst his community for being bold and tackling matters head-on. He does not use drama or click baits. “Game Grumps” insists on being true to self and advises that is the only way to accrue a solid following.

  2. He is creative

    From voice acting to animation to music, Hanson is always creating. He is a source of entertainment in various fields and thrives while at it.

  3. He is consistent

    He has always found new ways to stay relevant. He has made Youtube especially, a not-so-traditional method of corporate advertising, viable. All this is through his influence and a massive following.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. “Game Grumps” came about as an argument

    The show came about as an argument between Hanson and Jafari about whether the character Wolf in “Super Smash Bros. Brawl” was a clone of Fox.

  2. “Game Grumps” created a daddy dating simulator

    The brand created a visual novel game where a single dad tries to date other single dads.

  3. Hanson worked with Dan Harmon

    Hanson and Avidan starred in “Good Game” whose producer is Dan Harmon — the creator of the animated series, “Rick and Morty.”

  4. Hanson’s fans reanimate his episodes

    Since the channel began, his fans have always recreated episodes of the show by creating animations.

  5. “Game Grumps” has had several hosts

    Over time, the show has had several hosts since Jafari.

Arin Hanson FAQs

When did Arin Hanson meet Suzy Berhow?

Berhow married Hanson on October 25, 2013. They met at an anime convention and started dating in 2002.

Are Dan and Arin Hanson Friends?

It’s clear that their friendship is just as strong.

Why does Arin Hanson always play a girl?

Hanson has a habit of always choosing to play as a female character when given the option. He finds it more pleasant-looking at a woman for a long period of time, rather than a man. He also states that he was far more interested in feminine culture as a teenager.

Arin Hanson’s birthday dates

2025January 6Monday
2026January 6Tuesday
2027January 6Wednesday
2028January 6Thursday
2029January 6Saturday

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