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American Immigration Lawyers Association Day of Action – January 28, 2025

American Immigration Lawyers Association Day of Action is observed on January 28. Immigrants deeply influence the socio-economic environment and American Immigration Lawyers Association (A.I.L.A.) was founded to justly safeguard the immigration system.

A.I.L.A. is an association of law practitioners and teachers of immigration law. Annually, the National Day of Action is organized by A.I.L.A. to lobby for better immigration laws. American Immigration Lawyers Association Day of Action seeks to educate members of congress about the issues plaguing the immigration system so that they ease the red tape and improve the infrastructure that supports immigrants in the country.

History of American Immigration Lawyers Association Day of Action

American Immigration Lawyers Association was established on 14 October 1946. It was originally called the Association of Immigration and Nationality Lawyers. When it was founded, there were only 19 members from Manhattan, New York, now, the number has risen to 15,000 with advocates from across the country. A.I.L.A. is currently headquartered in Washington, D.C.

Members of A.I.L.A. support families who seek to live in the U.S. They also support athletes, entertainers, students, or any immigrant individual seeking asylum — most of these cases are taken up on a pro bono basis because it’s a non-profit organization.

The A.I.L.A. is divided into smaller ‘chapters’ for better management and communication. There are 39 chapters and 50 national committees.

The National Day of Action was inaugurated in 1996. The key focus of A.I.L.A. with National Day of Action has been to build a better immigration system by enacting legislation to ensure lasting change and create sustainable immigration benefits that serve the nation as well as immigrants. Another focus of theirs is to rehabilitate and reform the immigrant court to ensure well-rounded, just, and humane enforcement of it all.

The event calls upon new and professional immigration law practitioners, professors, members of Congress, as well as legislative and administrative representatives to participate.

For a country with a 14% immigrant population (that translates to almost 45 million people), just and inclusive immigrant laws are paramount.

American Immigration Lawyers Association Day of Action timeline

A.I.L.A. is Founded

American Immigration Lawyers Association is established by 19 immigration law practitioners in Manhattan, New York.

A.I.L.A. Establishes A.I.L.F.

The American Immigration Law Foundation (A.I.L.F.) is established to support immigrants with legal representatives in court.

First National Day of Action is Held

The first National Day of Action is held in 1996 to advocate for better immigration laws.

From 19 to 15,000 Members

By 2017, A.I.L.A. has more than 15,000 members divided into 38 chapters across the country.

American Immigration Lawyers Association Day of Action FAQs

What is the role of an immigration lawyer?

An immigration lawyer provides consultation on visa processes, a green card application, or any other immigration requirements.

How many immigration lawyers are there in the U.S?

As of 2022, there are 10,745 attorneys in the U.S. as per the Immigration Lawyers and Attorney Business’s website.

What are the four types of immigration?

The four types of immigration status are citizen, residents, non-immigrants, and undocumented.

How to Observe American Immigration Lawyers Association Day of Action

  1. Learn about immigration law

    Inform yourself about how immigration laws work in the U.S. If you are passionate about helping immigrants in the country, this knowledge can enable you to support them.

  2. Take a trip to Washington D.C.

    Alternatively, you can join A.I.L.A’s virtual National Day of Action. You can learn from the vast experience of tenured immigration law practitioners in the country.

  3. Make someone feel welcome

    No matter where you’re from, you’ll always find people who are far from their homes. Make them feel welcome by buying them a cup of coffee, sending them a box of cupcakes, or simply smiling when you see them on the streets.

5 Interesting Facts About Immigration

  1. The origins of most U.S. immigrants

    80% of immigrants are from Asia or Latin America namely, Mexico, India, China, El Salvador, and Cuba.

  2. There are more jobs because of immigrants

    Since immigrants have to pay taxes, this enables more tax-based jobs.

  3. Lower crime rates

    States with a higher percentage of immigrants have lower crime rates.

  4. More innovation

    Immigrants carry knowledge from their homeland that contributes to innovation in the country.

  5. Boost in economy

    The large population of working immigrants boosts the economy and this boost is estimated to contribute 10% to the G.D.P.

Why American Immigration Lawyers Association Day of Action is Important

  1. It encourages solidarity with immigrants

    This day seeks to help people who call the United States their home by pushing members of Congress to establish fair immigration laws and the infrastructure that supports them. We love this!

  2. It protects the American dream

    America is looked up to by countries across the world. Safeguarding immigrants means protecting the American dream the country was built on.

  3. It exposes us to diverse cultures

    As people from distant lands arrive in the U.S., its people get to experience and enjoy a host of different cultures. We love exploring different cultures.

American Immigration Lawyers Association Day of Action dates

2022January 28Friday
2023February 17Friday
2024March 21Thursday
2025January 28Tuesday
2026January 28Wednesday

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