Mackenzie Turner

Mackenzie Turner, born on January 14, 1999, is a famous social media star with millions of subscribers on Youtube and Tiktok. She is famously known for the “Roblox” video game videos, which she regularly uploads on Youtube. In 2021, Turner released an official music video titled “Girls World – (Official Roblox Music Video)” on her “Roblox” youtube channel. She has worked with numerous brands such as Spotify, Disney, Adidas, and Kellogg’s. Turner is a shining star in her lane. Join us as we celebrate her here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Mackenzie Turner

Birth date:

January 14, 1999



Zodiac Sign:



5' 3"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Mackenzie's Social Media:


Mackenzie Turner is a famous social media star known for her funny impersonation videos, gaming videos, and cute content. Born January 14, 1999, Turner was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She is a natural blonde and is part of the 10% population in the world with blue eyes. She has a certification in fitness and training.

Turner is mostly famous for her TikTok videos, where she grabbed people’s attention by posting funny videos. She has five million followers on TikTok and over 122.3 million likes on her TikTok videos. She is very active on Youtube, and is well known for her “Roblox” videos. Although previously thought that Turner got famous through her Tiktoks, her active status on “Roblox” is what drew people’s attention to her. She built Brookhaven on “Roblox” and constantly posts videos on her Youtube channel named “Mackenzie Turner Roblox,” where she has 1.6 million subscribers. Her popular videos on her Youtube channels are “I Went To Chuck And Cheese At (3 AM Gone Wrong)”, “Famous Ticktockers Decided My Starbucks For A Week,” “The Hated Child Became A Celebrity In Brookhaven,” and “I Got Adopted In Brookhaven.” These videos have millions of views. In 2021, she released her music video, “Girls World – (Official Roblox Music Video),” which has 6.4 million views on her official Youtube channel. She is also very popular on Instagram with 253,000 followers, where she posts cute pictures, funny videos, and sponsored content. Turner has worked with brands like Disney, Bumble, Spotify, WhatDoYouMeme, Adobe, Kellogg’s, Adidas, DoorDash, and Skillshare through her social media channels.

Turner is also intelligent and has a lovely personality. She currently lives in her hometown in Canada, where she was born and raised.

Career timeline

Her First Youtube Channel

She creates her first Youtube Channel, "Mackenzie Turner," and currently has 801,000 subscribers.

Her “Roblox” Youtube Channel

She creates a Youtube channel for her “Roblox” video games named "Mackenzie Turner Roblox," which has 1.6 million subscribers.

Turner's First Music Video

She releases her music video, "Girls World – (Official Roblox Music Video)," on her channel.

She Launches HeyCuties

She announces the launch of her merchandise, HeyCuties, on Tiktok.

Why We Love Mackenzie Turner

  1. She actually sings

    Turner released her first official song on Youtube, "Girls World – (Official Roblox Music Video)," which currently has 6.4 million views. She sings beautifully!

  2. She is amusing

    Turner has the sweetest personality! Her videos are funny and can turn your frown into a smile!

  3. She is a cutie-pie

    Turner loves ice creams and unicorns! She is all about making people happy with her loud voice.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She enjoys cotton candy and ice cream

    Matching her bubbly personality, her favorite things to eat are cotton candy and ice cream.

  2. She owns a merch line

    Turner owns a merch site named HeyCuties where she sells jewelry, dolls, hoodies, scrunchies, and backpacks.

  3. Her dog's name is Malibu

    Turner loves her furry little pet, Malibu, who also makes appearances on her TikTok videos.

  4. She desires to be an actor

    Turner wishes to be a child actor or a voiceover actor.

  5. She has three youtube channels

    Turner owns three youtube channels — “Mackenzie Turner,” “Mackenzie Turner Roblox,” and “Mackenzie Turner Shorts.”

Mackenzie Turner FAQs

How much does Mackenzie Turner make in a year?

She is said to make $3,700 to $83,200 in a year.

Who is Mackenzie Turner’s husband?

The social media star is not married!

Does Mackenzie Turner have blue eyes?

Yes, she does!

Mackenzie Turner’s birthday dates

2025January 14Tuesday
2026January 14Wednesday
2027January 14Thursday
2028January 14Friday
2029January 14Sunday

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