Moriah Rose Pereira, known as Poppy, was born on January 1, 1995. She became famous from her first YouTube video named “Poppy Eats Cotton Candy” in 2014 and soon transitioned into a singer. She released her first solo song, ‘Everyone Wants to Be Poppy,’ in 2015. Poppy soon became a fast-rising star and a force to reckon with on YouTube because of her quirky videos. Join us as we celebrate this extraordinary star.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Moriah Rose Pereira



Birth date:

January 1, 1995



Zodiac Sign:



5' 5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.4 million

Moriah's Social Media:


Born Moriah Rose Pereira on January 1, 1995, in Massachusetts, Poppy is a dazzling and formidable performer. She is the daughter of Kathy Chase-Pereira and Keith Pereira. As a child, Poppy learned to dance and wanted to be like the Rockettes. Her Zodiac sign is Capricorn, and her music genre is pop. Poppy’s career began in 2011 when she sang a cover for an Alanis Morissette song.

Her YouTube career took a fantastic turn when she posted a video in 2014 titled “Poppy Eats Cotton Candy,” by piquing the curiosity of people who found her videos rather strange and robotic. Many people find her eccentric and quirky videos dark, spooky, and bizarre, which has led to her status as an internet phenomenon with over 587.6 million views. Poppy kicked off her singing career in 2015 by signing a deal with Island Records and releasing her first solo song, ‘Everybody Wants to Be Poppy.’ On October 6, 2017, she released her first album, Poppy. Computer and later did a tour in Vancouver that same year. Her first T.V. series, “I’m Poppy,” premiered on January 23, 2018, at a film festival.

Conspiracy theories emerged that describe Poppy as a cult leader, but she debunked the rumors. She only plays the part of Poppy in her videos as her director, Titanic Sinclair, is the brains behind the brand. Although, they separated in 2019 after Poppy claimed that he romanticized suicide. She dated Ghotmane in 2019, got engaged in 2020, and called it off in 2021. Poppy has passed through many phases in her 20s, but that does not stop us from loving how honest and straightforward she is.

Poppy is loved because she is different from the glitz and glamor of YouTube and her rather dark side entices the curiosity of viewers.

Career timeline

Poppy’s YouTube Channel

She creates “ThatPoppy,” a YouTube channel, where she posts music videos where people question, “Is she real?”

Her First Solo Song Debuts

She releases her first song, ‘Everybody Wants Poppy.’

Poppy Becomes a Brand Ambassador

Poppy signs under Sanrio, a Japanese Company and is made the brand face of the ‘Hello Sanrio’ collection.

She establishes Her Own Record Label

Poppy sets up I’m Poppy Records, which co-produces a few of her songs.

She Wins a Shorty Award

Poppy earns ‘Best in Weird’ at the Shorty Awards for her unique YouTube content.

A Grammy Awards Nominee

Her song, ‘Bloodmoney,’ is nominated for Best Metal Performance.

Why We Love Poppy

  1. She is a phenomenal artist

    When it comes to covering songs or singing her songs, Poppy is exceptionally talented. She puts a lot of effort into creating music that speaks. She is a dazzling and formidable performer — a pop sensation.

  2. She is eccentric

    Poppy is not afraid to be herself and express who she is through her music videos on YouTube. She can create curiosity in the minds of her fans and viewers. Poppy is a mystery yet to be fully unraveled.

  3. She sets trends

    Poppy has her religion, ‘Poppyism’ and has also set the trend for other YouTubers who want to express themselves in weird ways that are cool. We love how she is a boss in her niche.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her real name is not Poppy

    Poppy’s real name is Moriah Rose Pereira, but she prefers to be called Poppy.

  2. She is an author

    Poppy has written three books, of which the first two are co-authored, “Genesis 1,” “The Gospel of Poppy,” and “Poppy’s Inferno.”

  3. She ran a church

    Poppy has her religion, ‘Poppyism,’ and created a church that had over 60,000 members, which she later shut down.

  4. She is a “Star Wars” fan

    Her favorite character from “Star Wars” is R2-D2.

  5. Her hair is dark brown!

    Poppy is a natural brunette but frequently dyes her hair platinum blonde and other exciting colors.

Poppy FAQs

Who was the Poppy on “The Masked Singer?”

Moriah Rose Pereira, also known as Poppy.

Is Poppy a robot in real life?

No. Poppy is a natural person.

Is Poppy a real person?

She is as real as real can be.

Poppy’s birthday dates

2025January 1Wednesday
2026January 1Thursday
2027January 1Friday
2028January 1Saturday
2029January 1Monday

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