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National Day of Dialogue – January 5, 2025

Founded by the Ideos Institute, National Day of Dialogue is an annual event held on January 5 to promote open dialogue. There’s so much misinformation, political divides are widening, and social and economic inequality continues to grow. Supported by both local and international organizations, the event welcomes all who are seeking to heal a world that’s in turmoil and find common ground through the power of dialogue. It’s a day of peacebuilding, dialogue, empathy, and so much more.

*The Ideos Institute is in no way affiliated, associated with, nor supportive of Focus on the Family’s Day of Dialogue. All incorrect information has been amended.

History of National Day of Dialogue

Social and economic divides are bigger than ever. National Day of Dialogue, which takes place on January 5 each year, is more than just an event, it’s a powerful movement. It’s an opportunity to connect with and be inspired by a community who are dedicated to finding common ground and creating a more empathetic society. It’s a day dedicated to standing up to division and polarization.

In 2020, National Day of Dialogue was inspired by 13 individuals who came together during a troublesome time and tested the power of dialogue over the course of a month. They discovered that when dialogue was central, it promoted healing and compassion.

The documentary film “Dialogue Lab: America,” which Ideos Institute executively procuced, was released at the 2022 National Day of Dialogue and is an experiment to find common ground to achieve a better future. According to the makers of the documentary, 12 students were filmed “across the ideological spectrum to come together in a dialogue experiment on political polarization. It includes behind-the-scenes footage and a guide to “developing empathetic intelligence.”

Christy Vines, Ideos Institute’s president, originally established the day but, today, it’s become a coalition of non-profit organizations, higher learning institutions, and leaders at every level. The day aims to stitch together the fabric of society, one dialogue at a time.

National Day of Dialogue timeline

The Development

Open dialogue is developed in Finland by Yrjö Alanen and his collaborators as an alternative approach to treating mental health disorders.

Inspired By Hope

National Dialogue Day is inspired by 13 Americans who, during a very tumultuous time, come together to test the power of dialogue.

National Day of Dialogue

National Day of Dialogue is held on January 5 by a coalition of organizations led by Ideos Institute, and the new documentary film “Dialogue Lab: America” premieres.

Another Successful Year

National Day of Dialogue takes place and features four topics and four diverse perspectives, and is a huge success.

National Day of Dialogue FAQs

What is the goal of dialogue?

Dialogue is a focused conversation to increase understanding, address problems, and question thoughts and actions.

How can dialogue benefit a person?

It can improve relations and cooperation. It fosters respectful conversation on a broad range of public issues, policies, and topics. This encourages communication.

Is it easy to engage in a dialogue?

It is not easy, and it takes effort because you have to be willing to listen to what is being said and at the same time really think about your response. It is not just about airing opinions — it is an effort to understand what is being said.

How to Observe National Day of Dialogue

  1. Start a dialogue

    You’ve probably experienced being given the silent treatment, or even giving it. National Day of Dialogue can be a day to avoid that kind of thing, and rather to start a dialogue to resolve issues you’re having with your partner or family.

  2. Listen to understand

    Commonly, people are listening only to reply to the other person. On National Day of Dialogue, change it up. Try listening to what the other person is saying to understand, not to reply.

  3. Learn from each other

    If we listen only to reply, we focus on thinking about the response. If we listen to understand, we can learn from one another because we pay attention to what the other person is saying. We can all learn from each other.

5 Facts About Bullying You Need To Know

  1. One out of five students get bullied

    In the United States, one out of five students at ages 12 to 18 has been bullied during the school year.

  2. Bullying can lead to many problems

    If bullying is not dealt with, other issues can occur, including depression and other mental health conditions, low self-esteem, and academic problems.

  3. Students skip school because of it

    Reportedly, more than 160,000 students skipped school out of the fear of being bullied.

  4. School shootings are caused by it

    Many school shooters are victims of bullying or persecution.

  5. The bullied can be bullies

    Those who are bullied sometimes bully others; it can be an endless cycle.

Why National Day of Dialogue is Important

  1. It creates awareness

    Dialogue with empathy and understanding is important. We can solve issues between partners, friends, or family. It can even be on a larger scale like a dialogue between nations to solve global issues together.

  2. It can result in understanding

    In dialogue, we’re not only thinking together but also listening to one another. By listening, we can then understand each other because we’ve already put our egos aside.

  3. It can beat prejudice

    Prejudice can come from a lack of understanding. When we are willing to try to understand other people’s perspectives, we can beat prejudice. And one way to achieve it is by having a dialogue with those you have a prejudice against.

National Day of Dialogue dates

2025January 5Sunday
2026January 5Monday
2027January 5Tuesday
2028January 5Wednesday
2029January 5Friday

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