Tyler Henry

Tyler Henry Koelewyn, born January 13, 1996, is an American reality show star and clairvoyant medium in the series “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.” In January 2016, the series premiered on the E! Television Network in the United States. He has two books to his credit. Critics claim that his readings are based on deceptive cold and hot reading tactics rather than psychic abilities. Let’s celebrate his special day with him right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Tyler Henry Koelewyn

Birth date:

January 13, 1996



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$3 million

Tyler's Social Media:


Tyler Henry Koelewyn was born on January 13, 1996. He was born in Hanford, California, a small town near Fresno. He attended college after graduating from Sierra Pacific High School in Hanford for only a short time. He is openly gay, and he’s dating Clint Godwin, a professional photographer. When he was ten years old, he recognized he had clairvoyant powers, he claims. Koelewyn made an appearance on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” in November 2015, giving a reading to one of the Kardashian sisters.

“Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry” aired on E! in January 2016. E! announced in March 2016 that the show had been renewed for a second season. In the same year, Koelewyn released a memoir titled “Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side.” “Here & Hereafter: How Wisdom from the Departed Can Transform Your Life Now,” his second book, was published in 2022. “People” magazine published an article in February 2018 ahead of the third season of “Hollywood Medium.” Koelewyn’s assertions regarding his talents, the evolution of his “powers,” and his reading with La Toya Jackson, which would air in the next season and in which he claimed to contact Michael Jackson, were all covered in the article. In 2019, the show came to an end after four seasons. “Life After Death with Tyler Henry,” his second Netflix series, premiered on March 11, 2022. Nancy Grace, Alan Thicke, Amber Rose, the Kardashians, Megan Fox, Bobby Brown, and Tom Arnold are just a few of the celebrities who have had readings from Koelewyn.

Scientific critics believe that mediumship is a fraud and that Koelewyn is no exception. Skeptic activists and others concerned about his rising popularity have worked hard to dispel the public’s belief that what he promises to do is valid. They believe, in particular, that he makes his claims using a combination of cold reading techniques and prior knowledge of his subjects, or hot reading. Sessions with Ronda Rousey, Carole Radziwill, Matt Lauer, and Nancy Grace are just a few examples of where he allegedly used these techniques. Koelewyn’s acts have been criticized as exploitative, and he has been regarded as one of many mediums who lack counseling expertise, posing a tremendous risk of injury. He embraces criticism about his art, telling the “Fresno Bee,” “I am content with people asking questions.”

Career timeline

He Appears on a Reality Show

Koelewyn makes an appearance in "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," giving a reading to one of the Kardashian sisters.

He Gets His Own Show

"Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry" starts airing on E! in January.

He Releases a Memoir

Koelewyn releases "Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side."

He Publishes His Second Book

"Here & Hereafter: How Wisdom from the Departed Can Transform Your Life Now" is published.

He Gets a Second Show

"Life After Death with Tyler Henry" premieres on March 11.

Why We Love Tyler Henry

  1. He’s naturally a helper

    Koelewyn stated in an interview with "Out" magazine that he has always desired to help others. However, he initially believed that working as a nurse would enable him to benefit the world. He went to college intending to become a hospice nurse, but his path diverged before he could complete his degree in this sector.

  2. He’s a best-selling author

    Koelewyn has also published two books about the medium's perspective on the spiritual world, in addition to his other talents. "Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side," his first book, was published in 2016 and quickly became a national bestseller.

  3. He supports the LGBT

    Being gay himself, he believes LGBTQ people make an effort to simply be themselves. The majority of them do not even go through the process of self-awareness. He thinks it will encourage them to adopt other perspectives and ideas and accept intuition as well.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He predicted Alan Thicke’s death

    Just months before Alan Thicke died of a burst aorta, Koelewyn warned him about his heart.

  2. Showing talent at a young age

    When Koelewyn was 10 years old, he experienced his first medium-like experience.

  3. He has a dream client

    When asked who he would like to give a reading to, he responded with a name that may surprise some: Tonya Harding, the infamous ice skater.

  4. He gets mistaken for a celebrity

    In an interview with "BuzzFeed," he revealed the celebrity for whom he gets the most confused is Macaulay Culkin.

  5. He suffered from health problems

    He had a brain cyst and a ministroke when he was only 18 years old.

Tyler Henry FAQs

How long has Tyler Henry been with Clint?

More than five years.

Who is Koelewyn's manager?

Charles “CJ” Cook.

Is Koelewyn the medium on Hulu?

Yes, as part of their Hulu Live TV bundle, Hulu Live TV includes “Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry” on E!

Tyler Henry’s birthday dates

2025January 13Monday
2026January 13Tuesday
2027January 13Wednesday
2028January 13Thursday
2029January 13Saturday

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