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Speak Up and Succeed Day
TueJan 28

Speak Up and Succeed Day – January 28, 2025

Speak Up and Succeed Day is celebrated on the fourth Tuesday of January every year. The speaker and author, Mary-Ellen Drummond, established it, and we celebrate the day to observe the importance of the ability to speak up in a public setting. It is only by speaking up that others can take notice of who we are and our ideas. It can change people’s minds and motivate others. Speaking up in front of others can lead to success in terms of your career or personal life. Public speaking is a skill that you can only attain by challenging yourself, and today is the perfect opportunity to do so.

History of Speak Up and Succeed Day

The ancient Greeks valued public discourse as an act of political participation. Aristotle (384 B.C. to 322 B.C.) is known to be one of the most significant proponents of rhetoric, i.e., the classical style of public speaking using the art of persuasion. The Classical Period educated citizens on public speaking from the early teachers known as Sophists. Sophists were self-appointed professors who imparted knowledge about how to succeed in the civic life of Greece.

In 106 B.C., Cicero, a Roman, became one of the most influential figures in public speaking of all time. He published many books which concentrated on the art of public speaking, and he created the five canons of rhetoric, a five-step process for developing a persuasive speech that we still use to teach public speaking today. The Enlightenment Period that started in 1600 A.D. revived the classical public speaking tradition. The classical rhetoric style evolved into the elocutionary approach, which focused on delivery and style by watching the speaker’s bodily actions such as gestures, vocal tone, facial expressions, and pronunciation.

From the 20th century onwards, public speaking became an essential skill included as a learning objective in school curriculums. Several competitions allowed students to participate and test their speaking skills. Different forms of public speaking like the Extempore, Just a Minute, Elocution, etc. came into the picture. Universities also established departments that taught communication and offered various public speaking exercises as soft skill courses to help students advance in their professional careers.

Speak Up and Succeed Day timeline

400 B.C.
Greek Citizens Learn Public Speaking

Citizens of ancient Greece learn public speaking from the early teachers known as Sophists.

106 B.C.
The Five Canons of Rhetoric

A Roman named Cicero creates a five-step process for developing the art of public speaking.

1600 A.D.
The Style Evolution

During the Enlightenment Period, the classical style of public speaking evolves into the elocutionary style, which studies the bodily movements of the orator.

20th Century
Public Speaking In School Curriculums

Public speaking becomes an essential skill offered in schools and universities as courses.

Speak Up and Succeed Day FAQs

What are good public speaking skills?

Confidence is the most basic skill of a good orator. Others include brevity, eloquence, vocal tone, and your ability to engage the listener. 

What are the signs of speech anxiety?

Speech anxiety can be described as the unease a speaker feels before or during their speech. Sweaty palms, rapid breathing, a shaky voice, and scattered thoughts are some of the signs.

What day is World Speech Day?

World Speech Day takes place on March 15 every year and celebrates speeches worldwide.

How To Celebrate Speak Up and Succeed Day

  1. Raise your voice

    Challenge yourself to speak up today! You can take part in a local debate competition or even do a presentation in class.

  2. Spread awareness

    Use this day to spread awareness about how essential it is to be a good speaker. Go on your social media platforms and share the message with your followers.

  3. Motivate others

    Some people need an extra push before they can truly excel. If you are an educator, friend, or colleague, find the shy people around you and encourage them to speak up.

5 Fascinating Facts About Public Speaking

  1. The longest speech ever

    After speaking continuously for almost three days, Ajay Shesh set a Guinness World Record in the Longest Speech Marathon category.

  2. Quintilian’s 12-volume textbook on public speaking

    Quintilian, a Roman, published “Institutio Oratoria” in 95 A.D., which we still use today.

  3. John F. Kennedy was a great orator

    President Kennedy’s 1963 speech at the Berlin wall was one of the best pieces of oratory.

  4. Martin Luther’s speech received a medal

    A Black Civil Rights Activist, Luther’s “I Have a Dream” speech received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1997.

  5. 75% of people fear public speaking

    Around three out of four people in a group will admit to being terrified of public speaking.

Why We Love Speak Up and Succeed Day

  1. It helps us face our fears

    The day is necessary because it will help us challenge ourselves. We can only overcome our fears of public speaking by facing them head-on.

  2. It is an important skill

    A good public speaker gets noticed, therefore, it is crucial to be a confident and eloquent speaker to increase your visibility in any field.

  3. It allows us to voice our opinions

    Not only is it important to listen to others, but it is equally important to raise our voice. Unless we speak up, people will never know our opinions and thoughts.

Speak Up and Succeed Day dates

2022January 25Tuesday
2023January 24Tuesday
2024January 23Tuesday
2025January 28Tuesday
2026January 27Tuesday

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