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Even though his family moved around a lot because of his father’s job, making him feel like an army kid, Kevin Costner, born on January 18, 1955, in Lynwood, California, didn’t hold back when it came to exploring his interests. He took acting lessons five nights a week while enrolled at California State University at Fullerton, while still majoring in business. His interest in acting grew as a result of an encounter onboard an airplane with the late Richard Burton, which was very encouraging. Costner’s experience in acting in films such as “Silverado” in 1985, “The Untouchables” in 1987, and others, eventually led to his forming his very own production company in 1989. As he celebrates his birthday, we’ll be here with you to cheer on this star.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Kevin Michael Costner


The Tsar, The Tsar Next Door

Birth date:

January 18, 1955



Zodiac Sign:



6' 1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$250 million

Kevin's Social Media:


The third child of Bill Costner and Sharon Rae, Kevin Michael Costner was born on January 18, 1955, in Lynwood, California. He has an older brother, Dan, and his middle brother, sadly, passed away at birth in 1953. Growing up in Compton, California, he had to adjust to the nature of his father’s job as they moved regularly, often being the new kid in school. During his school years, he lived in Ventura, Visalia, Orange County, and other regions. While doing his Bachelor’s Degree in marketing and finance at California State University, Costner became a brother in the Delta Chi Fraternity.

After successfully taking up acting lessons and making his way into films, Kevin Costner began to feature in films such as “Night Shift” in 1982, “The Big Chill” in 1983, and “Silverado” in 1985. His very first starring role, however, came two years later when he played Eliot Ness in “The Untouchables.” Costner later on produced, directed, and acted in “Dances with Wolves,” and he also had the chance to star alongside the legendary Whitney Houston in the romance film, “The BodyGuard,” in 1992. Fast forward to 2016, he played Al Harrison in “Hidden Figures,” a film that based its story on three real-life African American women working at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), whose release gathered several accolades.

In between acting and being a superstar, Costner also formed a rock band, Kevin Costner & Modern West. He has been singing in the band since 2007, thanks to encouragement from his wife Christine Baumgartner, who advised him to tap into his singing talent. Costner and Baumgartner have been married since September 25, 2004, and they have three children together. He was also previously married to Cindy Costner, between 1978 to 1994, with whom he also shares three children. He has been able to merge both families, thanks to the strong family values he was raised with.

Career timeline

His First Appearance on Screen

At the age of 27, Costner makes an appearance in the comedy film “Night Shift,” directed by Ron Howard.

An Unmistakable Home Run

Costner stars in the hit film “Bull Durham,” which both fans and critics thoroughly enjoy.

Nominations for “Dances with Wolves”

The film receives multiple accolades with Costner receiving a lot of praise for how he brilliantly directed the film — he and his team win seven Academy Awards.

He Stars in “The Bodyguard”

For this romantic drama, Costner and Whitney Houston win the hearts of many fans, and Costner receives an award for ‘Favorite Actor in a Dramatic Motion Picture.’

German Magazine’s Most Erotic Male

Costner is voted ‘Most Erotic Male’ by readers of “Amica,” a German magazine.

An Outstanding Performance

Costner wins ‘Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor’ for "Hatfields & McCoys.”

Why We Love Kevin Costner

  1. He advocates for serious gun laws

    Costner may be a hunter but it hasn’t stopped him from urging lawmakers to tighten gun legislation. Following the tragedy at Virginia Tech College, spoke out about gun laws becoming more strict.

  2. He is seriously the nicest

    Kelly Reilly, who has been working with Costner on the set of “Yellowstone” confirmed this. The actress admitted that Costner is the nicest, most generous actor.

  3. He supports S.D.G.s

    Costner was once quoted saying he believes in protecting the environment and in providing affordable education. These are key goals under the Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030. And we are of the same opinion.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. “People” magazine’s beautiful person

    Costner was chosen as one of 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 1990 by “People.”

  2. He avoids doing film sequels

    Costner purposely avoids doing sequels and is among the few stars who have not come back for one.

  3. He has a beautiful 165-acre ranch

    His 165-acre ranch in Colorado is the ranch of our dreams: it has a private ice rink, a lake, dog sledding, and can accommodate up to 34 people for $36,000 a night.

  4. He loves “Spartacus”

    Among his favorite movies is the 1960 historical drama film “Spartacus,” with the others being “Red River,” “Ben-Hur,” and “Lawrence of Arabia.”

  5. His heartfelt tribute to Whitney Houston

    Costner spoke at Houston’s funeral, who was his friend and co-star in “The Bodyguard.”

Kevin Costner FAQs

What is Kevin Costner's personality type?

According to the 16 Personality Types, Costner is an I.S.F.P. (introverted, sensing, feeling, perceiving), meaning he is creative, unconventional, and empathetic.

Is Kevin Costner a cowboy?

No. Despite his taking up cowboy roles on screen and living on a ranch, Costner is not a real-life cowboy.

Did Kevin Costner ride horses in “Dances With Wolves”?

Yes. Costner is an equestrian and did most of the horse riding on his own, nearly breaking his back in a fall.

Kevin Costner’s birthday dates

2025January 18Saturday
2026January 18Sunday
2027January 18Monday
2028January 18Tuesday
2029January 18Thursday

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