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International Snailpapers Day – April 7, 2025

International Snailpapers Day is celebrated on April 7. As you may have guessed, snailpapers are newspapers. The term stems from a post that is written on a piece of paper and carried from one location to another as snail mail. With the internet now, it becomes accurate once again. Not only the internet; other sources such as radio and television are also faster. To top it off, newspapers are costly. International Snailpapers Day honors the good old days when printed newspapers were important before they were surpassed by internet editions. Even now, some countries are trying to fight for newspapers, but they are predicted to give in within 20 years. Browsing a newspaper with a cup of coffee or tea, crossword puzzles, or reading a newspaper from your local coffee shop; there are lots and lots of ways to relive this bygone era.

History of International Snailpapers Day

Today, as science and technology advance, the forms of news dissemination become increasingly diverse. As we can see, news from radio, television, Twitter, and the internet reach us faster than news from newspapers. Of course, if newspapers and magazines can no longer afford to exist as printed-paper artifacts due to falling subscriptions and dramatically reduced advertising, their online versions will eventually be the only ones. Journalists must go through several processes to get their articles to readers. We’re all already buried in screens, constantly connected, and unsure of what to do without such devices. The act of reading on a screen, like you are doing now, is referred to as “screening” by a lot of people.

As newspapers lose ground, International Snailpapers Day was established and is celebrated annually on April 7 as a reminder to appreciate newspaper print.

Dan Bloom is a newspaper enthusiast who invented International Snailpapers Day to encourage people to slow down and smell the newspaper print. According to Bloom, it is an opportunity to inhale some newspaper before it’s gone forever, and to halt for a moment if you don’t smell the newspaper. In any case, this is your chance to relive precious memories. Immerse yourself in a bygone era’s way of life. The key point is to pick up a newspaper issued in whichever country we live in, buy it, read it, and then consider where they are, and the journalistic culture they call life. Consider this as an occasion to pause for a moment, to inhale the smell of newspaper, before it’s gone forever.

International Snailpapers Day timeline

200 B.C
The Dibao

China creates the first form of news on paper ever called the Dibao — it contains official events from the imperial court and the capital city.

The First Real Newspaper in the World

Following the creation of the printing press, the first real newspaper in the world is published in Germany.

The First Crossword Puzzle

The first known published crossword puzzle comes out on Sunday, December 21 in the “New York World.”

International Snailpapers Day

Dan Bloom establishes the day a year after he popularizes the term, as an invitation to recognize their existence before they are completely eclipsed.

International Snailpapers Day FAQs

What is a snailpaper?

The print issue of the daily newspaper that arrives on your doorstep in the morning with news that is at least 12 hours old.

What does the term ‘snailpapers’ signify?

It means that the information obtained from newspapers moves slower than information obtained from other sources.

How are rolling papers made?

Rolling papers are manufactured by extracting fibers from hemp and other plants that burn slower than wood fiber, which is used to make most other paper. The fibers are squeezed and processed into incredibly thin paper.

How to Observe International Snailpapers Day

  1. Find a local newspaper

    Get up on Saturday morning and purchase a local newspaper. Appreciate this form of print.

  2. Play crossword puzzles

    Crossword puzzles are addictive. Doing a crossword on a computer screen isn’t the same — try completing one in the newspaper.

  3. Share it

    Reminisce about the good old days on social media. Use the hashtag #InternationalSnailpapersDay.

5 Facts You Need To Know About Newspapers

  1. Newspapers are widely read

    65% of adults in the United States, or 158 million individuals, read newspaper media material.

  2. Newspapers online

    Newspapers are no longer made of paper and ink — many daily newspaper readers acquire their news digitally.

  3. The oldest daily newspaper

    “The New York Post,” founded in 1801 by Alexander Hamilton, is the country’s oldest continuously published daily newspaper.

  4. Newspapers published by American colonists

    “The New England Courant,” founded by Benjamin Franklin’s older brother James in 1721, was the country’s first independent newspaper — the colonies had 37 independent newspapers.

  5. Jobs have decreased

    As the newspaper industry shrunk, employment at U.S. newspapers dropped from 71,000 in 2088 to around 38,000 in 2018.

Why International Snailpapers Day is Important

  1. Nostalgia

    We go back to the days when newspapers were delivered to our doors. It’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

  2. A short break

    This is the right time for you to get off your phone. Pick a newspaper, read it, and inhale the ink!

  3. It keeps you well-informed

    Reading the newspaper is a good habit. It will broaden your horizons and your understanding.

International Snailpapers Day dates

2025April 7Monday
2026April 7Tuesday
2027April 7Wednesday
2028April 7Friday
2029April 7Saturday

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