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National Integrated Respiratory Care Week – April 7-13, 2025

National Integrated Respiratory Care Week is observed annually from April 7 to April 13. The week was created to recognize integrated respiratory care and most importantly, celebrate and honor the professionals, caregivers, and families that are committed to providing quality care to patients who depend on ventilators. The week also coincides with the anniversary of the day when the Food and Drug Administration cleared VOCSN which is a system that aids critical care ventilators. Created by Ventec Life Systems, VOCSN integrates five medical devices, which are the ventilator, oxygen concentrator, cough assist, suction, and nebulizer.

History of National Integrated Respiratory Care Week

National Integrated Respiratory Care Week was created in 2020 to recognize the professionals, caregivers, and families that are committed to providing quality care to patients who depend on ventilators. According to Chris Kiple, C.E.O. of Ventec Life Systems, the week is about — “Recognizing the power of families, technology, and medical professionals coming together to maximize everyday living for ventilator users across the world.” Going further, he also stated — “This national observance is a chance to reaffirm commitment to all ventilator users and to celebrate their families and caregivers. We hope this week shines a spotlight on the vital work done not just today, but every day in respiratory care.”

According to Ventec, the system ‘VOCSN’ integrates five medical devices namely ventilator, oxygen concentrator, cough assist, suction, and nebulizer sets into one Multi-Function Ventilator. According to the organization, ‘VOCSN’ is the first and only Multi-Function Ventilator designed to work from hospital to home for patients across a range of conditions, including lung disease, A.L.S., muscular dystrophy, and other respiratory conditions requiring ventilators.

Integrated respiratory care is a holistic, patient-centered, proactive, and coordinated approach to the promotion of lung health, disease prevention, early diagnosis, monitoring, education, and coordination through collaborative care. According to “ScienceDirect,” the aim of integrated respiratory care is to “enhance the care and experience of the individual patient with a lung condition and to improve the long-term outcomes for populations with respiratory disease.”

National Integrated Respiratory Care Week timeline

Linde Packages Oxygen

Carl von Linde begins large-scale, commercial preparation of oxygen.

Aerosolized Epinephrine is Introduced

Aerosolized epinephrine is found to be suitable for clinical use.

Oxygen Mask is Put to Good Use

The oxygen mask is introduced for the treatment of pulmonary edema.

Respiratory Therapists Increase

The number of working respiratory therapists in the U.S. increases to 132,651.

National Integrated Respiratory Care Week FAQs

What are the most common respiratory illnesses?

They include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, tuberculosis, lung cancer, pneumonia, emphysema, and cystic fibrosis.

Who invented humidifiers?

Raymond Banks was the first person to file a patent for a humidifier and the patent was granted on November 3, 1964.

Who founded Ventec Life Systems?

Ventec Life Systems was founded by Doug DeVries on January 1, 2012.

How to Observe National Integrated Respiratory Care Week

  1. Celebrate a caregiver

    Do you know anyone involved in integrated respiratory care as a doctor, respiratory therapist, nurse, or family member? Celebrate them for the incredible work they do in providing care for patients.

  2. Give

    There are a good number of respiratory care centers that would benefit from more equipment to care for patients. Give to a good cause by donating what you can to a center near you.

  3. Share

    Don’t keep all this information to yourself. Share this article to let others know about National Integrated Respiratory Care Week.

5 Important Types Of Respiratory Equipment

  1. The Ventilator

    A ventilator is a machine that moves air in and out of the lungs for patients who are physically unable to breathe or are breathing insufficiently on their own.

  2. The oxygen concentrator

    An oxygen concentrator is a machine that selectively removes nitrogen from a gas supply to provide air that is more oxygen-concentrated.

  3. The humidifier

    A humidifier is a device that adds moisture to the air in order to prevent dryness which may lead to irritation in parts of the body.

  4. Machine to treat obstructive sleep apnea

    A Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (C.P.A.P.) delivers a continuous stream of air pressure to keep a person’s airways open at night.

  5. Machine to maintain a consistent breathing pattern

    A Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure (B.i.P.A.P.) machine helps keep a consistent breathing pattern during the night or during symptom flare-ups for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (C.O.P.D.)

Why National Integrated Respiratory Care Week is Important

  1. It celebrates caregivers

    Caregivers are heroes that often go unrecognized. Yet the work they do is indispensable in ensuring that patients with respiratory issues enjoy the best care. This week is a chance to give them the recognition they deserve.

  2. Awareness is created

    This week is an opportunity to spread public awareness about integrated respiratory care. It is an area of health that deserves more focus and public discussion.

  3. It promotes quality of life

    Integrated respiratory care helps to promote patients’ quality of life. Its aim is to promote lung health, disease prevention, and early diagnosis, which are all essential to good health.

National Integrated Respiratory Care Week dates

2025April 7Monday
2026April 7Tuesday
2027April 7Wednesday
2028April 7Friday
2029April 7Saturday

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