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MonMay 12

National Mental Health Provider Appreciation Day – May 12, 2025

National Mental Health Provider Appreciation Day is celebrated on May 12 to recognize and appreciate the contribution of mental healthcare workers across the U.S. Some spend every week lying on a sofa talking about their trauma and sadness, and some spend weeks and months in their care gently healing their mind and emotions, and some visit them quickly to make an informed life decision. These individuals assist us in making sense of our chaotic lives and teach us how to cope with our pasts so that we may go on. Thank you to the mental health professionals who help us untangle our chaotic minds.

History of National Mental Health Provider Appreciation Day

Psychology arose from the ancient science of philosophy, whose notable figures included Plato and Aristotle. These thinkers speculated on a wide range of topics, including why individuals behave the way they do, the purpose of existence, and so on. Philosophy has paved the road for psychology and finally psychiatry over the years.

Some of the most well-known figures in the field include Sigmund Freud (Father of Psychoanalysis), Wilhelm Wundt (Father of Psychology), Ivan Pavlov, and Carls Rogers. Everyone in every four persons (over the age of 18) has a diagnosable mental disease, and many others experience brief periods of mental illness throughout their lives.

Yet, until a few decades ago, mental health was shrouded with stigma and taboo. It is still quite prevalent in some communities where people are excluded from social circles or looked down upon if they are suffering from a mental illness. Mental health workers all across the world have assisted people in confronting their traumas, worries, and insecurities — allowing them to live better lives. People are learning more about their mental health and how to manage it better as a result of their dedication — leading to a happier and more serene life.

National Mental Health Provider Appreciation Day timeline

3 B.C.
The First Hospital for Mental Illness

Hospitals for treating persons suffering from mental illnesses are first created in Ancient India — which is where psychiatry has its start.

Diseases of the Mind

Benjamin Rush is known as the "Father of American Psychiatry," and his book "Diseases of the Mind" is the first psychiatric textbook published in the United States.

The Theories by Sigmund Freud

Though he was a neurologist, his work makes a notable contribution that helps understand the inner workings of the mind.

The First Medicine for Mental Illness

Lithium is the first mental disease medication identified and is used to treat bipolar disorder.

National Mental Health Provider Appreciation Day FAQs

What defines a mental health professional?

A medical practitioner who works towards improving an individual’s mental health condition or mental disorder is called a mental health professional.

What are the different types of mental health professionals?

Psychologists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, and psychotherapists are some of the different types of mental health professionals.

What are mental health problems?

Mental illnesses have an impact on our emotions, cognitive abilities, and conduct. They are classified into numerous ailments based on their symptoms and severity.

How to Observe National Mental Health Provider Appreciation Day

  1. A note of thanks

    Simply thanking your health practitioner or sending a 'Thank You' card can make them feel valued. Tell them how much you value their presence in your life and how they continue to assist you.

  2. Buy them coffee or dinner

    Buy them coffee, lunch, or dinner. If you are close enough to them, have a meal together.

  3. Have a converstation

    Most mental health professionals' primary responsibility is to listen to their patients. Today is the day to strike up a conversation with them and learn more about them.

5 Facts About Mental Health

  1. One in eight people on anti-depressants

    In America, more than 12% of the population is on anti-depressants.

  2. Half the population is impacted

    At least half of the population will be affected by a mental health issue at some point in their lives.

  3. We need more mental health providers

    There are fewer mental health providers around the world, which can be related to rising demand and fewer young individuals entering the field.

  4. Diagnosis takes a long time

    It takes a long time to diagnose mental illness because people often refuse to ask for help.

  5. Women more than men

    As of 2020, there are 74% female mental health providers while only 24% are male providers.

Why National Mental Health Provider Appreciation Day is Important

  1. It never goes out of style

    Giving thanks never goes out of style. This is especially to someone who has been with us when we need help the most.

  2. Build a better relationship

    Appreciating someone can help us forge a stronger relationship with other people. Today is a great way to reach out to all mental health providers and build better relationships.

  3. What goes around comes around

    Showing gratitude and appreciation can have a tremendous positive impact on our minds and bodies. So, it is actually to your own benefit when you express your appreciation.

National Mental Health Provider Appreciation Day dates

2025May 12Monday
2026May 12Tuesday
2027May 12Wednesday
2028May 12Friday
2029May 12Saturday

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