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TueMay 27

National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day – May 27, 2025

Hairstylists offer more than a cut or color, they offer a sympathetic ear as their customer opens up about their problems. National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day on May 27 ensures that hairstylists are also being heard and that they have a safe space to talk about their problems, a safe space similar to the one that they so often provide for others. The holiday was created by Booksy — the app that helps thousands of beauty and health service providers grow their business — as a way of raising awareness of just how much hairstylists take on during their working day and the importance that they too are given the opportunity to talk about their problems.

History of National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day

Customers regularly reveal their personal struggles to their hairstylists. One often-quoted researcher once stated that hairstylists are “without question, frequently and seriously cast in the role of interpersonal helpers. The personal problems they hear about are nearly as diverse as those handled by mental health professionals.” Recently, as our understanding of mental health has developed, health professionals have begun to see the potential that the unique relationship between hairstylists and their customers offers. Some countries now offer specialist training to hairstylists so that they can help customers who they think may be struggling with their mental health.

In making it their mission to help service providers such as hairstylists grow their business, Booksy has become very familiar with this therapist-like role that hairstylists take on. Knowing how hard these hair professionals work and how much emotional energy they invest in their customers, Booksy wanted to ensure that they were also being given a platform to talk about their own problems. It’s with that in mind that, in 2021, Booksy created National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day. The holiday is an opportunity for hairstylists to take some time out to focus on their own mental health. Working with so many clients in such an intimate setting means that hairstylists often feel pressured to be on top form all the time. This holiday acknowledges that it’s okay to have an off day from time to time and, in fact, that it’s completely normal.

National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day timeline

25000 B.C.
The Oldest Hairstyle

The oldest known record of a hairstyle is hair braids, shown on the female figurine Venus of Willendorf, which is approximately 25,000 years old.

The Roaring ’20s

Almost 25,000 hair salons open across the U.S. during this time.

Identifying Problems

A study suggests that hairstylists may be able to identify mental health problems in their customers.

A New Focus

Increasing acknowledgment of the role hair salons can play leads to numerous mental-health training courses being made available to hairstylists.

The First Observation

Booksy create National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day to raise awareness and give hairstylists the opportunity to discuss their well-being openly.

National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day FAQs

Who can I speak to about my mental health?

If you are experiencing mental-health difficulties and would like to talk to someone, you can call the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) on 1-800-950-6264. NAMI provides treatment options and programs to raise awareness and provide support and education to those in need. The NAMI hotline is available every Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm. Here is their website:

Does visiting a hairstylist benefit your mental health?

A visit to the hairstylist is increasingly being recognized for the impact it can have on your mental health. Alan Wilmart, a director of behavioral health, previously stated that getting a haircut can make a person feel better and improve their mental wellness instantly.

How does being a hairstylist impact your mental health?

Previous studies have shown that being a hairstylist scores highly for job satisfaction and is generally considered low stress, largely because those who do it really enjoy their work. That said, hairstylists do have busy schedules, spend a lot of time on their feet, and work intimately with their customers. These factors can all contribute to mental-health difficulties and so it’s important to check in every now and again to make sure that the people you care about are okay.

How to Observe National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day

  1. Get in touch with your hairstylist

    A little message can go a long way. You could drop your hairstylists a note to let them know how much you appreciate them and that you’re always around if they ever need someone to talk to.

  2. Listen to people’s stories

    If you know any hairstylists then reach out to them to hear their perspective on mental health in the industry. Having these conversations out in the open can help raise awareness and improve understanding.

  3. Make some time for yourself

    This one is specifically for hairstylists. We know how busy you normally are but why not make the effort to create a little time for yourself today, even if it’s just for an hour or so. Go somewhere nice for lunch and take a break from your hectic schedule.

5 Facts About Hairstylists

  1. Anxiety is common

    An estimated one in five hairstylists are likely to experience an anxiety disorder in any given year.

  2. It’s female-dominated

    Roughly 91% of hairstylists in the U.S. are women, making it a very female-dominated occupation.

  3. A huge industry

    There are approximately 77,000 salons in the U.S. with around 707,000 people working as a hairstylist.

  4. A busy day

    The average hairstylist sees 12 clients per day, which equates to a lot of time being spent on your feet!

  5. Regular visitors

    The average person visits their hairstylist once every seven weeks.

Why National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day is Important

  1. Our hairstylists are important to us

    Many customers have been visiting the same hairstylist for years. They view them as a trusted friend, a part of their life. It’s natural to care about the well-being of people who play an important role in your life and this observation provides the vehicle and opportunity to check in with your hairstylist to see how they are doing.

  2. Everyone deserves a safe space

    The nature of their craft means that hairstylists are naturally put in the role of chief listener, a friendly ear who not only makes you look good but feel good, too. While that is great for customers, it’s worth remembering that everyone deserves the opportunity to talk about how they are feeling, even hairstylists.

  3. Conversation is progress

    Opening up about your problems can often be the first step towards a healthier mental state. Conversation is important and this holiday is observed to encourage conversation where it may otherwise not have happened.

National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day dates

2025May 27Tuesday
2026May 27Wednesday
2027May 27Thursday
2028May 27Saturday
2029May 27Sunday

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