​RAINN Day 2018 – April 5

​First Thursday in April

Fight sexual violence on RAINN Day, an annual campaign created for college students by The Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network. Sexual assault is a serious problem in America. Every 98 seconds, someone in America is victimized. Those between 12 and 34 years old are at the highest risk. Get involved with your local college campus by supporting victims of sexual assault and helping to prevent future cases.

RAINN Day - History

​A fundraising concert was held

​Tori Amos, singer-songwriter and cofounder of RAINN, raised money during a concert in honor of her 50th birthday

​A wrestler proved his dedication to RAINN

​Mick Foley, professional wrestler and RAINN member, logged more than 550 hours online — over 15 months — talking to sexual assault victims

​A new communication platform was created

​RAINN utilized instant messaging as a way to provide anonymous crisis support online

​The first online crisis intervention service was launched

​RAINN launched the Online Hotline as a way to communicate with — and support — sexual assault victims

​The nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization was founded

​Scott Berkowitz, CEO of A&I Publishing, and Tori Amos, a singer-songwriter, created the RAINN organization.

How to Observe RAINN Day

1. Offer self-defense classes
Not only will your peers enjoy being physically active, but it’ll also teach students how to responsibly protect themselves — or defend someone else — in a violent situation.

2. Organize a movie viewing
Movies are a fun way to get your campus involved, so set up a viewing of educational —yet entertaining —movies such as "Red Sparrow," "Black Snake Moan," "Precious," "Boys Don’t Cry," or "American History X."

3. Host a professional speaker
Scheduling a speaker at your campus is a great way for students to gain a deeper understanding and create a platform about the issues surrounding RAINN Day. Check out the RAINN Speakers Bureau for ideas.

4 Unsettling Facts About Sexual Assault

1. It happens far too often

Statistics show that 20 percent of college women and four percent of men will be sexually assaulted.

2. ​The attacker is not always a stranger

​In fact, most college-age sexual assault victims are assaulted by a person they know.

3. ​It’s not discussed enough

Over 40 percent of women in college who are raped do not tell anyone about their assault.

4. ​Sexual assault is not reported enough

Only five percent of sexual assaults that take place on college campuses are reported.

Why RAINN Day is Important

A. Students have the opportunity to get educated
RAINN Day events — and the many resources shared online — ensure that students learn about sexual violence issues. For instance, RAINN Day provides an opportunity for students to learn how to handle a sexual predator, how to cope if one is a victim, and how to safely intervene on someone else's behalf.

B. It empowers college students
Thanks to the many campus events held on RAINN Day, students are given a platform to discuss sexual violence, recovery resources, and bystander intervention. Because knowledge is power, students can walk away from RAINN Day feeling stronger and better equipped to handle these intimidating situations.

C. It takes a stand against sexual violence
Sexual violence is a hard topic to discuss. However, opening up a dialogue, collaborating on solutions and implementing safe practices are the most productive ways to fight back.

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