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TueJul 23

National Women Touched By Addiction Day – July 23, 2024

Americans observe National Women Touched by Addiction Day each year on July 23. As one of the most significant observations that have only recently begun gaining traction, National Women Touched By Addiction Day aims to raise awareness regarding the issue of women suffering from addiction. This social issue has touched many women across the United States and has recently elicited the founding of several initiatives, as well as educational and support programs.

History of National Women Touched By Addiction Day

National Women Touched By Addiction Day was founded by the American non-profit organization Mending Hearts based in Nashville, Tennessee. The first marking of this annual observance was organized by Mending Hearts in 2021, making this year’s occasion only the second of its kind. The aim of this holiday is to honor and commemorate the resilience of women grappling with all kinds of addiction, and the importance of the role they play in society.

Like many social issues prevalent in the United States, the issue of women touched by addiction can be both prevented and helped. As there are many factors fueling the urgency of this issue, the National Women Touched By Addiction Day aims also to raise awareness concerning this issue and put in place several programs to help improve the situation for the thousands of women across the U.S. suffering from some sort of addiction or another.

Women’s addiction is, by far, not a recent issue. For centuries, there have been scores of research studies and actual cases portraying the way addiction affects men and women differently. In many societies, women are still vulnerable, which makes them particularly more prone to fall prey to substance addiction. This, coupled with increasing mental health issues, especially among women, is what makes addiction among women worthy of attention.

There are several efforts and initiatives already underway. Mending Hearts has succeeded in making the issue of women touched by addiction much more documented and debated.

National Women Touched By Addiction Day timeline

The First Modern Research on Addiction

The earliest modern research on addiction, specifically morphine, is conducted in the U.K.

Addiction as a Mental Health Issue

After the publication of several research initiatives on the issue, several organizations begin to recognize addiction as a mental illness.

The Opioid Epidemic

One of the more recent addiction crises, the proliferation of the opioid crisis in the U.S., claims the lives of thousands of people.

The First Observance

Nashville-based organization Mending Hearts organizes the first National Women Touched By Addiction Day.

National Women Touched By Addiction Day FAQs

What are the different types of addiction?

Addiction can either be associated with the use of certain substances, or it can also take the form of chemical dependence on a substance, which can create physical symptoms upon withdrawal.

What is the first step in addiction?

The first step is known as ‘initiation,’ which refers to the first use of the drug by the addict.

Do genes affect addiction?

Genes can determine the number of brain receptors, as well as the response to certain substances, which can render an individual more susceptible to developing a drug addiction.

How to Observe National Women Touched By Addiction Day

  1. Join the efforts

    Many organizations around the country will put together events and charity initiatives in order to provide help to women touched by addiction. Joining in these efforts and volunteering can be a fun and rewarding experience.

  2. Read about the issue

    Although addiction is a well-documented subject, the way it affects women differently is only recently beginning to gain attention. The social ramifications of this issue can be wide-ranging and are worthy of attentive study and discussion.

  3. Show solidarity

    Wearing purple is customary on this annual occasion. Showing solidarity with women touched by addiction in your own community is a priority, especially during this observance.

5 Important Facts About Addiction

  1. The impact of exposure

    People exposed to drugs in the form of medication increases the chances of developing addictive behavior.

  2. Relapse is a lot more common

    Relapses are common for most recovering addicts and although it is considered a setback, it’s actually part of the recovery process.

  3. Communication is more effective

    Punishment is seldom effective with recovering addicts upon relapse, as many studies suggest that communication is much more effective.

  4. The most-abused substance

    Alcohol is generally considered the most abused substance, which gives rise to serious complications.

  5. Brain damage

    Addiction is considered dangerous, not only because of dependence but also because it alters the structure of the brain.

Why National Women Touched By Addiction Day is Important

  1. It’s an important social issue

    From the wide-ranging ramifications that this issue can present, to the only recently emerging interest in women touched by addiction, this issue remains pressing. The ramifications of addiction among women can affect not only individuals but entire communities. The day helps to create awareness.

  2. It promo

    Women of all races and socio-economic backgrounds may fall prey to addiction. One of the most common traits is their reluctance to seek help or discuss their addiction with other people. The day helps to create a safe space for women to discuss their addiction and get the help they need.

  3. It helps to end the stigma

    There is a strong stigma surrounding people who suffer from addiction, especially women. Although addiction is recognized as a mental health disorder, it is still treated as a taboo subject in many communities. The day aims to educate people and end the stigma.

National Women Touched By Addiction Day dates

2024July 23Tuesday
2025July 23Wednesday
2026July 23Thursday
2027July 23Friday
2028July 23Sunday

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