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Hot Enough For Ya Day
TueJul 23

Hot Enough For Ya Day – July 23, 2024

Summer is slowly reaching its peak, and so is everyone’s patience with the weather. Hot Enough For Ya Day, celebrated on July 23, is a way to make light of the balmy and muggy heat. Summer days and nights are usually filled with hot and humid atmospheres with extremely high temperatures. During this time, people tend to lose interest in their daily activities because of how overwhelmingly hot the weather is. Many also avoid going out in fear of getting heatstroke. But all is not doom and gloom with the summer weather. You can plan interesting activities that revolve around making the most of the summer, and you can start all this by asking the question, ‘Is it hot enough for ya?’.

History of Hot Enough For Ya Day

It is uncertain as to who or when the first Hot Enough For Ya Day was started, but one thing is clear: Someone somewhere was quite fed up with the hot weather that they went around asking people “Hot enough for ya?” for the fun of it. The peak months for summer in the northern hemisphere are June, July, and August. During these months, many countries experience heat waves and mid to high levels of humidity. Some places also go through sandstorms and monsoon rains. People tend to avoid these summer conditions by either staying indoors or venturing out only when it becomes extremely necessary and important. As peak summer hits, things like heat stroke, suffocation, high blood pressure, and muscle cramps go on the rise.

So, you are stuck at home due to the weather, and you don’t feel like doing anything? Don’t worry because National Today has got your back! You can start your day with things that will cool you down. It could be eating a bowl of ice cream or drinking a cold glass of lemonade. Swimming is another great option. For centuries now, people have been making a beeline for water bodies to cool themselves down. A splash in the water does the trick when nothing else works. Furthermore, if swimming is not your go-to thing, you can still make it a fun day by traveling to cooler regions of the world during this time of the year. Spending a few days or weeks in colder countries will uplift your mood automatically. If all else still fails, do not worry, just do whatever floats your boat within the cool vicinity of your homes.

Hot Enough For Ya Day timeline

Harsher Summers

The average surface temperature changes and increases by two degrees bringing hotter summers.

Warmest Years

The world begins experiencing the warmest years starting this year.

Climate Change is Real

A survey conducted by the University of Texas shows that more than 70% of Americans believe in climate change.

Summer Records Broken

All of the months in 2020, except for December, experience the highest recorded temperatures of all time.

Hot Enough For Ya Day FAQs

When does the Hot Enough For Ya Day happen?

The Hot Enough For Ya Day happens on July 23. 

What is summer known for?

Our planet has four seasons, and summer is one of them. It comes after spring and before autumn. During summer, the days are longer, with the nights being shorter. Temperatures also reach their highest points on the thermometer. 

What things can you do in summer?

Summer can mean a range of activities: you can go swimming in the ocean, going after fireflies, enjoying watermelon and mangoes, having ice tea and ice cream, and taking a well-deserved nap in the afternoon. 

How To Celebrate/Observe Hot Enough For Ya Day

  1. Ask the question

    Would you really be celebrating the day if you don’t ask the ultimate question? Go around asking your friends and family, whether you are outside or inside, and whether it is hot or cold. Marveling at the weather and talking about it when there’s nothing better to do is a great pass time.

  2. Plan a cool activity

    Gather your friends and family for an activity that cools all of you down. It could be a barbeque, or a themed ice-cream parlor, or even a day out in a water park or by the pool.

  3. Take care of the environment

    Take note of your living habits, and see if any of them are harming the environment. It is due to humanity’s carelessness that the weather has grown warmer and warmer due to climate change. Many animals and plants are also at the risk of extinction because of the earth’s worsening conditions.

5 Facts About Summer That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Modern Olympics held in summer

    The first modern Olympic Games were held in the summer of 1896 in Greece.

  2. July is ice-cream month

    It might be hot in July, but it could be cold too because July is National Ice Cream Month!

  3. Fry eggs using the summer heat

    When the temperatures are soaring in the summer, you can utilize the heat by frying eggs on any hot surface, be it the sidewalk, your car hood, or even a pan kept outside in the sun to warm up.

  4. Monarch butterflies in the summer

    If you love the monarch butterflies with their vibrant orange and black wings, the summer season is your best friend because it is during this time that these butterflies are seen fleeting around.

  5. Half of America likes swimming in summer

    About 49% of the people in America prefer swimming or visiting water parks to cool off in the summer.

Why We Love Hot Enough For Ya Day

  1. It’s a celebration of silly fun

    Life can get too serious and tedious at times and this is why it is essential to indulge in some silly fun every now and then. Summer, by itself, can make one lethargic. But we should learn to make the best of this situation by poking fun at it, asking silly questions, and doing other fun things.

  2. It’s a celebration of summer

    Even though summer has its fair share of cons, the pros do kind of make up for them. Watermelon and mangoes are in season, and you have an excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now, tell us, which other time of the year can you enjoy such privileges?

  3. It’s a celebration of the environment

    Our environment helps us live and thrive to the fullest, and we can only continue doing so if we take care of it. Each year is becoming warmer and warmer than the previous one. This is bad news for the environment and its inhabitants, but the good news is we can still reverse the effects if we choose to take the steps today.

Hot Enough For Ya Day dates

2024July 23Tuesday
2025July 23Wednesday
2026July 23Thursday
2027July 23Friday
2028July 23Sunday

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