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TueJul 23

National Sprinkle Day – July 23, 2024

National Sprinkle Day is celebrated on July 23 every year. As the name suggests, the day was indeed designed to celebrate the delight brought on by the existence of sprinkles, the colorful flecks of sugar we all know and love. Sprinkles are used for many things across the world, the most common of which probably is topping ice cream. It is a well-accepted fact that no matter the hardships, sprinkles make everyone’s day just a little better, even if it’s minute. This day is all about learning about different variations of sprinkles and trying them out for yourself.

History of National Sprinkle Day

Sprinkles can be dated back to, at least, the 18th century when they were referred to as Nonpareils. The idea of the modern sprinkles dates back to 1913 when Dutch confectionaire, Erven H. de Jong created something by the name of ‘hagelslag.’ The latter was intended to be used as a topping for bread and butter, of all things.

Hagelslag eventually made their way to the New World, to the Tri-State and New England region by the 1930s. This was the beginning of their rainbow-colored fame. Hagelslag received a facelift for the American public. Known as ‘Jimmies’ in the US, they began being used as a cake topping. There began to spring up, however, feuds over the true ownership of the creation. A Pennsylvanian factory, for instance, began claiming that it had invented America’s beloved Jimmies. Sprinkles began their career as an ice cream topping in the 1940s. The first use of sprinkles as an ice-cream topping has been traced back to Dr. Edward Bringham. He began offering rainbow sprinkles as a topping option for ice cream cones, charging an additional penny to raise money for The Jimmy Fund.

Today, sprinkles can be found all across the globe. They are called ‘hagelslag’ in The Netherlands, Jimmies in Boston and Philadelphia, meses in Indonesia, and ‘muizenstrontjes’ (‘mouse droppings’) in Belgium. Regardless of the name, sprinkles have become an inseparable part of the modern palette.

National Sprinkle Day timeline

18th Century
First evidence of Nonpareils

Nonpareils are eaten by people.

Jon creates hagelslag

Dutch confectionaire Erven H. de Jong invents the hagelslag.

Jimmies in America

Jimmies are used as a cake topping.

Ice cream topping

Sprinkles are used as ice cream toppings.

National Sprinkle Day FAQs

What is the purpose of sprinkles?

Sprinkles are meant to top food.

Can you give your dog sprinkles?

As long as they don’t contain chocolate, you can.

Are sprinkles made of bugs?

Sprinkles have a coating of shellac, which is something extracted from insects.

National Sprinkle Day Activities

  1. Eat sprinkles with ice cream

    Start your celebration by eating sprinkles with ice cream! There’s nothing better than an added dose of sweetness!

  2. Eat sprinkles with cake

    If you have a sweet tooth, eat more sugar by consuming cake with sprinkles! Not only is it tasty, but it’s pretty to look at!

  3. Eat ‘fairy bread’

    Try the Oceanic delicacy fairy bread, which is bread, butter, and sprinkles. This is the closest you’ll get to what sprinkles were actually intended for.

5 Interesting Facts About Sprinkles

  1. Ingredients

    Sprinkles are made of sugar, corn syrup, cornstarch, shortening, wax, and coloring.

  2. Popularity

    Sprinkles are one of the most popular ice cream toppings.

  3. Dietary restrictions

    Sprinkles are not vegan.

  4. Hundreds of thousands

    Sprinkles are also referred to as ‘hundreds of thousands.’

  5. Gelatin

    Sprinkles may also contain gelatin.

Why We Love National Sprinkle Day

  1. Who doesn’t love sprinkles

    Sprinkles are so very joyful. We love Sprinkle Day because it celebrates such delightful confectionery.

  2. It’s an excuse to eat sprinkles

    The point of Sprinkle Day is to eat sprinkles. What’s not to love?

  3. It’s an excuse to get someone to try sprinkles

    For everyone who knows someone who’s never tried sprinkles, today is the best day to get them to try them! They also come in a variety of colors, so try them out today as an appealing aesthetic for your cakes!

National Sprinkle Day dates

2024July 23Tuesday
2025July 23Wednesday
2026July 23Thursday
2027July 23Friday
2028July 23Sunday

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