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SunApr 14

International Moment of Laughter Day – April 14, 2024

International Moment of Laughter Day is celebrated on April 14 every year. This is the day to let your inner child come out and laugh away all your worries. You can laugh out loud or giggle, in fact, you can do whatever you want but make sure you’re laughing at the same time. This day reminds us to look beyond our anxious lives and find something that puts a big smile on our faces.

History of International Moment of Laughter Day

The history of International Moment of Laughter Day dates back to 1997 when a humor consultant and psychologist, Izzy Gesell, invited the whole world to join in this day and do some fun activities to encourage everyone to laugh.

According to Gesell, laughing is as essential as breathing. “Laughter comes right after breathing as just about the healthiest thing you can do,” he says. The purpose behind this day is to motivate people to find positivity in life.

Laughter, often described as the best medicine, positively affects our health. International Moment of Laughter Day was initiated to improve our perspectives. Laughing is proved beneficial for anxiety, as the holiday’s originator himself said, “It relieves stress, instills optimism, raises self-confidence, defuses resistance to change, and enhances all your relationships.”

His point was proven when cardiologist Dr. Michael Miller and his colleagues at the University of Maryland conducted a research study in 2005, which found that people who watched comedy movies had increased blood flow and those who watched sad movies suffered from restricted blood flow.

The idea of the encouragement of laughter by International Moment of Laughter Day became so popular that the whole world participated in it. The point of Izzy Gesell is strengthened by the fact that laughing can cause a decrease in the production of stress hormones and as a result relieve anxiety.

International Moment of Laughter Day timeline

Laughter as Critique

Poets use laughter to mock the corrupt lifestyles of the Spanish aristocracy using satirical poems.

Laughter and Patriotism

The role of laughter in wartime is acknowledged in a weekly Russian journal.

Laughter Epidemic

A village in Tanzania suffers from a laughter epidemic that starts with three girls and later spreads through the village.

Laughter and Blood Flow

A study proves that laughter helps increase blood flow.

International Moment of Laughter Day FAQs

What are some benefits of laughter?

Well, there are so many. Laughing improves the immune system, helps to overcome stressful situations and anxiety, stimulates the heart, provides exercise for the lungs, and the list goes on.

Can you lose weight by laughing?

If you laugh for 10 to 15 minutes, you can actually burn up to 40 calories, which is enough to lose three to four pounds over a year. Therefore, it cannot be relied on entirely for weight loss but it can help a little.

How many years can laughing add to your life?

A Norwegian study revealed that laughing can add up to eight years to your life. It increases the chance of survival by 30%.

How to Celebrate International Moment of Laughter Day

  1. Laugh out loud

    There’s no better way to celebrate than laughing out loud for no reason at all. Can't find a reason to? That's okay, simply go to a store and look at some funny greeting cards or watch a comedy movie and you'll probably burst into laughter in no time.

  2. Spread laughter

    Find your own way to make someone laugh. It’s always rewarding to put a big smile on someone's face. You can make someone laugh by sharing a funny incident or maybe a few good jokes.

  3. Create awareness

    Create awareness about this topic by sharing it on social media. Share your favorite jokes and comedy shows on social media. Make people aware of the benefits of laughter.

5 Interesting Facts About The Power Of Laughter

  1. It helps you live longer

    Laughing increases the human growth hormone, which boosts the immune system and increases life span.

  2. It strengthen the bond with your child

    Tickling your child is a great form of communication and bonding.

  3. Longest laugh

    David Scott set a world record by laughing for 40 minutes straight.

  4. Study of laughter

    The science of laughing and its effects on the body is called gelotology.

  5. It burns calories

    Studies reveal that laughing for 10–15 minutes a day can burn up to 40 calories.

Why We Love International Moment of Laughter Day

  1. It relieves stress

    Laughter lowers stress hormones to noticeable levels. Therefore, laughing can actually help to overcome stressful situations and anxiety by decreasing cortisol and epinephrine levels.

  2. It improves immune system

    A study by Mary Bannett showed that people who laughed at comedy movies had greater immunity with increased natural-killer-cell activity, which made them immune to various diseases.

  3. It makes a person positive

    International Moment of Laughter Day is all about celebrating joy and happiness. This day focuses on shifting a person's view of life from pessimistic to optimistic.

International Moment of Laughter Day dates

2024April 14Sunday
2025April 14Monday
2026April 14Tuesday
2027April 14Wednesday
2028April 14Friday

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