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FriJul 19

National Daiquiri Day – July 19, 2024

National Daiquiri Day happens each year on July 19, when people fill their glasses with this rum-based cocktail. Did you know the daiquiri was likely invented by Cuban miners? An engineer named Jennings Cox supervised a mine in a village named Daiquiri in 1898 during the Spanish-American War. After work, Cox and his colleagues would gather at the local bar. One day Cox mixed Bacardi, sugar, and lime into a glass of ice. Named after the Daiquiri mines, the drink became a popular staple in Havana.

National Daiquiri Day timeline

Mining Expedition

Jennings Cox creates the first daiquiri, following his mining expedition in the town of Daiquirí, Cuba.

Welcome to America!

The daiquiri debuts in the United States when Rear Admiral Lucius W. Johnson brings the recipe to the Army & Navy Club in Washington, D.C.

The President’s Choice

President John F. Kennedy enjoys daiquiris on his sailboat, the Honey Fitz.

Daiquiri Time Out

Andrew Deitz introduces the ‘Daiquiri Time Out,’ which quickly spreads through the Boston bartending community.

National Daiquiri Day Activities

  1. Create your own daiquiri

    Go online and find your desired daiquiri recipe, head over to your local market and source the ingredients. What’s more fun that making daiquiri’s? Making daiquiris while drinking daiquiris.

  2. Lay poolside, daiquiri in hand

    Put on that swimsuit, swim trunks or lack thereof – and enjoy a refreshing daiquiri by your side. It’s summertime, why not cool off a little?

  3. Throw a daiquiri party

    Step 1: Make sure you have enough daiquiris to go around. Step 2: Invite the right people. You need people to share that fun with, right? Step 3: Turn up that chill summertime music and let the good times roll. Bonus points if you live next to a pool to enjoy the summer heat.

Why We Love National Daiquiri Day

  1. The taste

    According to researchers, the taste of daiquiris releases a chemical in the brain which makes people want to drink more. It can also trigger the production of dopamine in the brain, leading to nothing but good times.

  2. Daiquiris bring people together

    Daiquiris provide that little bit of a reason needed to hang out with those we love. Throw a cocktail party, keep it relaxed, and catch up with your friends.

  3. Daiquiris as a reward

    A daiquiri is not just a drink, it is an achievement of sorts. From all the hard work that gets done – it ends with everyone getting together for a daiquiri. It's sort of like a gold medal at the end of anyone's day.

National Daiquiri Day dates

2024July 19Friday
2025July 19Saturday
2026July 19Sunday
2027July 19Monday
2028July 19Wednesday

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