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Liberation Day/FSLN Revolution Day – July 19, 2024

Liberation Day in Nicaragua, also known as FSLN Revolution Day, is on July 19. It is one of the most important holidays in Nicaragua. It signifies the birth of Nicaragua as an independent nation. The riot against the Somoza family’s military, which ruled as a family dictatorship for over three decades, began in the early 1960s. In 1961, opposition groups formed the Sandinista National Liberation Front (F.S.L.N.); they launched a campaign of armed resistance against the Somoza regime in the 1970s. The struggle between the Sandinistas and Somoza lasted for ten years. President Anastasio Somoza finally resigned in 1979. The Contra War ended in 1990.

History of Liberation Day/FSLN Revolution Day

In 1936, the Somoza family seized control of the government and held it for several decades. During that time, the United States offered them some support and encouragement.
In the 1960s, opposition to the Somozas began to mount, and an armed revolutionary group, known as the Sandinista Liberation Front (F.S.L.N.) after Augusto César Sandino, actively began opposing the Somozas. The Nicaraguan National Guard (Guardia Nacional), Anastasio Somoza’s U.S.-supplied police force, killed Sandino in 1934.

In 1979, Somoza was overthrown by the F.S.L.N., ending the Somoza dynasty and installing a revolutionary government in its place. From 1979 through 1990, the Sandinistas dominated Nicaragua as members of the Junta of National Reconstruction. In March 1981, the F.S.L.N. seized exclusive control. They implemented mass literacy, invested in healthcare, and supported gender equality. They faced worldwide backlash for mass executions, human rights violations, and the subjugation of indigenous peoples. Nicaraguans began developing their country in the mid-1980s despite the military conflicts of the Contra War ― an association with U.S. backing that was innovated in 1981 to topple the Sandinista government, sponsored by the Central Intelligence Agency.

The first elections took place in 1984. President Ronald Reagan of the United States disapproved of them. The F.S.L.N. received the majority of votes, and those who supported the Sandinistas won about one-third of the seats. In 1989, there was a civil war between the government and the Contras. After years of conflict with the Contras, Violeta Barrios de Chamorro defeated the F.S.L.N. in the 1990 election, but the party still held a plurality of seats in the assembly. Daniel Ortega, the former leader of the F.S.L.N., won re-election as president of Nicaragua in the 2006 election, ushering in the nation’s second Sandinista administration after 17 years of other parties winning.

Liberation Day/FSLN Revolution Day timeline

The Opposition Begins

The Somoza dictatorship faces growing opposition.

Oppositional Organizations Form

The Sandinista National Liberation Front emerges.

The 1970s
The Military Campaign Begins

The FSLN launch an anti-regime military operation.

The Contra War Ends

The Contra War ends after 11 years of military conflict.

Liberation Day/FSLN Revolution Day FAQs

What did the F.S.L.N. represent?

It represents the Sandinista National Liberation Front.

What is Nicaragua best known for?

Nicaragua is well-known for its numerous lakes and volcanoes. They have the two biggest freshwater lakes in Central America ― Lake Nicaragua and Lake Managua.

Did the U.S. support the Sandinistas?

The United States sponsored contra activities against the Sandinista government.

Liberation Day/FSLN Revolution Day Activities

  1. Participate in the flag-hanging ceremony

    Display the blue and white flags. You can hang them in your homes.

  2. Take part in the parades

    Participate in parades and marches. Also, engage in music and dance activities.

  3. Light torches

    Join in the torchlight procession. You’ll get to march with people hand in hand.

5 Fascinating Facts About Nicaragua

  1. It’s easy to get lost

    Streets in Nicaragua are unnamed; the nation has a unique address system based on starting points.

  2. There are many tourist destinations

    The largest lake in Central America, Lake Nicaragua, is located in Nicaragua; it also has over 40 volcanoes currently active along its Pacific coast.

  3. There are tourist attractions

    It features countless kilometers of beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean sides and volcanic islands in Lake Nicaragua like Ometepe and Zapatera that contain pre-colonial civilizations' archaeological artifacts.

  4. There is colonial architecture

    The cities of Leon and Granada contain some exquisite examples of Spanish colonial architecture.

  5. They have different species of animals

    Various monkey species, including spider monkeys, the majestic jaguar ― one of the largest animals in the jungles, pumas, ocelot, and cougar species are in Nicaragua's lovely rainforests.

Why We Love Liberation Day/FSLN Revolution Day

  1. The flag is beautiful

    The blue stripes represent the Pacific and Caribbean seas around Nicaragua. The white stripe stands for peace. The Nicaraguan coat of arms, which reflects the country's landscape, lies in the flag’s center. One of the two flags of all national states with purple color is Nicaragua's, which displays the color purple in the rainbow on its coat of arms.

  2. There are actively into sports

    Baseball is the national sport of Nicaragua, and every town has a field. There are also several active leagues and plenty of baseball fields all around the nation. Swimming and boxing are two more prominent sports in Nicaragua.

  3. They have plenty of food and drink

    Gallo Pinto, a meal of fried rice with beans and spices, is the national food of Nicaragua. Nicaragua's national beverage is macuá. Cocktail ingredients include white rum, fruit juices, lemon, and guava.

Liberation Day/FSLN Revolution Day dates

2024July 19Friday
2025July 19Saturday
2026July 19Sunday
2027July 19Monday
2028July 19Wednesday

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