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SunJul 30

National Cheesecake Day – July 30, 2023

National Cheesecake Day is the creamiest and yummiest holiday held on July 30 where America samples and indulges in some of the most delicious cheesecakes ever!

Separately, cheese and cake are beloved all over the world. But taken together, they attract a veritable cult following. Cheesecake is thought to have originated in ancient Greece, as evidenced by its earliest mention in Greek physician, Aegimus’, a book on the art of making cheesecakes. Since then, cheesecake has been passed down through the generations and entered into the fabric of numerous cultures.

History of National Cheesecake Day

Weirdly enough, the origins of the Cheesecakes are not known to us but it can be traced as early as back to ancient Greece. The recipe used back then only consisted of the most basic ingredients such as cheese, flour, and honey. Interestingly, cheesecake was fed to the greek athletes during the Olympics held back in 776 B.C. It was not until when the Romans conquered ancient Greece that eggs and proper baking methods were introduced. 

As time went by, the recipe was modified several times to get that perfect ratio of smooth to creamy consistency, and this led us to the American cheesecake that we all know and love! In 1872, New York dairyman William Lawrence unintentionally came up with cream cheese while he was trying to replicate a French cheese called the Neufchatel. Talk about luck, right! Cream cheese became so popular and the demand for it became so high that it was packaged and distributed to all the local stores in the area.

Time went by, and an immigrant named Arnold Reuben from Germany, who lived in New York, was once served cheese pie at an event he attended. He was so fascinated and intrigued by the dessert, that he decided to experiment with the recipe until he came up with what we know today as the New York Cheesecake. 

The popularity of the New York Cheesecake increased so much that different cities came up with their own versions, for example, the Chicago cheesecake, the Pennsylvanian cheesecake, etc. It became such an important part of American culture, that in 1985, it was decided that on July 30 every year National Cheesecake Day would be celebrated.

National Cheesecake Day timeline

776 B.C.
Olympic games

In ancient Greece, the Olympic athletes were fed a very basic version of the modern-day. cheesecake.

A fortunate accident

A New York dairy farmer unintentionally made the cream cheese we know and eat today.

A tasty experiment

The recipe for the New York cheesecake was created by Arnold Reuben after he was intrigued by a cheese pie served to him.

Making its Entrance

It was established that every year on July 30, National Cheesecake Day was going to be celebrated.

National Cheesecake Day FAQs

What is the best cheesecake on National Cheesecake Day?

There is a very diverse selection of cheesecakes, but the most popular one is the New York version. It consists of a base made from cream cheese and has a smooth and creamy texture.

How long will it take for my cheesecake to defrost?

The layers on the average cheesecake usually take around 2 to 3 hours to thaw, but depending on how big it is, this might take longer.

How long can you keep cheesecake in the fridge or freezer?

A cheesecake can be kept in the fridge or freezer for 4 days after it has already been defrosted. But always check the “best before using” label on the packaging or ask the bakery you are purchasing the cheesecake from.

National Cheesecake Day Activities

  1. Around the world through cheesecake

    Why get on a plane when you can travel the world through your mouth? Taste test regional variations of cheesecake by visiting your local Italian, Russian, German, Polish or French bakeries.

  2. Indulge in the most famous cheesecake on earth

    You can't celebrate National Cheesecake Day without celebrating one of America's proudest exports: New York-Style Cheesecake. Unlike other cheesecakes, New York-Style uses heavy cream, eggs and loads of rich, cream cheese. This cheesecake has a dense, smooth, velvety consistency. Chances are, when you think of cheesecake, you're thinking of New York-Style.

  3. Bake a homemade cheesecake

    Don't be fooled by that rich, complex taste—cheesecake is actually super easy to make. Treat your friends and family (and yourself, of course) to a homemade cheesecake that's fresh out of the oven. With an endless array of toppings, garnishes, spices and flavorings; your creation is sure to be one-of-a-kind.

5 Facts About Cheesecake That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Your style

    Whether you want your cheesecake baked or not, it is completely up to you!

  2. People really liked their stamps

    You used to be able to buy cheesecake-flavored postage stamps.

  3. Good for the body

    Cheesecake contains a good amount of vitamin A, riboflavin, protein, and phosphorus.

  4. It is not a cake

    Cheesecake is considered a torte.

  5. For the Bride and Groom

    In ancient Greece, cheesecake was a popular wedding “cake” and it was part of their tradition for the bride to make it and serve it to her husband as a nice gesture.

Why We Love National Cheesecake Day

  1. It's easy to transform a cheesecake into a masterpiece

    Despite it's creamy taste, cheesecake is rather dull-looking. Luckily, the freshness and flexibility of its ingredients can take a cheesecake from ordinary to extraordinary! All you have to do is add a topping. Pop a few blueberries, strawberries or cherries on top, add a dribble of chocolate sauce, and voila—you've turned your kitchen into a Michelin Star restaurant.

  2. Every country has its own version of cheesecake

    You could travel the world and eat nothing but cheesecake (although we don't necessarily recommend that.) Almost every country has its own spin on cheesecake, with slight variations in the types of cheese used and the way the dessert is baked.

  3. Cheesecake has a fascinating history

    Cheesecake was originally invented by the ancient Greeks. When Rome conquered Greece, the Romans loved the recipe so much that they coopted it and modified it by including crushed cheese and eggs. Then, they baked the cheesecake under a hot brick and served it warm.

National Cheesecake Day dates

2023July 30Sunday
2024July 30Tuesday
2025July 30Wednesday
2026July 30Thursday
2027July 30Friday

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