National Ice Cream Day – July 19, 2020

Sun Jul 19

Move over Ben & Jerry. We can actually thank President Reagan for designating the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day. (His 1984 proclamation actually lauded the dairy industry.) Reagan wanted to commemorate a treat enjoyed by over 90 percent of the nation’s population. In fact, Americans lead the world when it comes to eating this frozen delight. When Reagan officially signed the day into law, he also called on Americans to pay tribute with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.” Since then the holiday has sparked tasty traditions celebrated year after year. Among them? Standing in the frozen food aisle trying desperately to make a choice. Now that’s time well spent this July 19.

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National Ice Cream Day Activities

  1. Make your own

    Homemade ice cream is one of the simplest, yet most rewarding desserts to make. You can throw in chunks of your favorite candy bar, fresh fruit, or a swirl of your favorite cookie dough. The combinations are endless and so incredibly delicious that they'll make you rethink walking out your front door.

  2. Free offers

    Millions will scoop up ice cream deals during this beloved holiday. Head to your favorite ice cream shop or check online for the sweetest deals and discounts near you.

  3. Decorate your own bowl

    Commemorate this special day by immortalizing your love for ice cream into your new favorite bowl. Head to your local ceramics place and make it your own DIY project to create a bowl you can devour ice cream in for years and years to come.

Why We Love National Ice Cream Day

  1. Variety

    Vanilla bean. Rocky road. Mint chocolate chip. There are endless flavors on display behind the supermarket glass these days. We've seen couples in heated arguments over this important family decision.

  2. A year-round treat

    Ice cream is the perfect dessert for any season. Cool off in the summer with a scoop of your favorite flavor or enjoy it in the winter accompanied by a warm piece of pie. No matter the season, ice cream never disappoints.

  3. A pint seems just right

    While some ice creams still come in half-gallon cartons, we seem to crave the pint. Why? It's the perfect size to eat out of the container without leaving any behind.