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Zambia Independence Day – October 24, 2024

Zambia Independence Day is celebrated on October 24 each year. If October 24 falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be considered a public holiday.

This holiday indicates independence from the United Kingdom on this day in 1964 and is the National Holiday of Zambia. It is a great holiday for all inhabitants of Zambia and the people who support them.

History of Zambia Independence Day

The path to independence was not easy for the Zambians. There were extraordinary obstacles and difficult situations that needed to be resolved before the country gained ‘independent’ status.

Because Zambia had no access to the sea, European settlers did not visit it until the end of the 19th century. In 1888, Cecil Rhodes, leader of the British South African Company, signed a treaty with the supreme leader of the vineyard and received mineral rights in the region. The suppression of tribal uprisings led to complete control of the region by the British. This land became known as North-Western Rhodesia.

After the end of World War II, the process of decolonization began in Africa. In 1953, Great Britain decided to form the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland — which consisted of Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia), Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), and Nyasaland (now Malawi). The people of Northern Rhodesia strongly opposed this decision and took a strong stand against the establishment of this federation. The federation led to the emergence of two nationalist parties, and general strikes began from 1960 to 1961. As a result of strong protests by the forces of Northern Rhodesia, the federation was finally dispersed in December 1963. In January 1964, the country held general elections, and President Kenneth Kaunda took office 10 months later, on October 24, 1964. The President renamed the country the Republic of Zambia.

The Republic of Zambia celebrates its Independence Day with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. It is an opportunity to honor Zambia’s convention of Solidarity and Peace, reflected in the slogan “One Zambia, One Nation,” and reaffirm its commitment to a democratic future that guarantees respect for individual freedoms and good governance.

Zambia Independence Day timeline

Northern Rhodesia

North-Western Rhodesia and North-Eastern Rhodesia are merged.

Economic Boom and Urbanization

It is related to the discovery of copper.

A Major Producer of Copper

Zambia is becoming a technically advanced nation.

The National Flag

It is adopted upon independence.

Zambia Independence Day FAQs

How long has Zambia been independent?

57 years.

Who fought for Zambia’s independence?

Kapwepwe and Kaunda, Zambian politicians.

Why did the British colonize Zambia?

The British government hoped to increase white settlements as part of a strategy to increase British influence between South Africa and Kenya.

How to Observe Zambia Independence Day

  1. Go to a parade

    Go to a parade to celebrate Zambia Independence Day. The celebrations are remarkable, and you can enjoy the day by looking at the military who are carrying the flag and demonstrating military equipment.

  2. Watch a movie about the war

    Almost all films on T.V. are dedicated to Independence Day, the plot of which revolves around hostilities. You can also find a movie on the Internet.

  3. Go to the museum

    You can find many exhibits related to the war, such as weapons, equipment, and uniforms there. It will also help you feel the spirit of wartime.

5 Facts About Zambia That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Victoria Falls is there

    It’s a waterfall that is double the height of Niagara Falls.

  2. Zambia was named after the river

    It was named after the fourth-biggest river in Africa.

  3. It is a landlocked country

    Zambia is surrounded by seven countries.

  4. Mosi-oa-Tunya

    It is the traditional name for Victoria Falls which means the ‘Smoke that Thunders’.

  5. It’s home to the Big Five

    All of Africa’s “Big Five” can be found in Zambia including lions, rhinos, and elephants.

Why Zambia Independence Day is Important

  1. It has a great history

    The road to independence was difficult. The people of Zambia have waged a bloody struggle to gain their freedom.

  2. Freedom is celebrated

    It celebrates the opportunity to make your own choice, to be responsible for it, and not to be anyone’s resource, not to serve anyone’s interests except those that you determine for yourself.

  3. It is a demonstration of respect

    In this way, we express our respect and support for the country and the people who fought despite everything. We value and accept their independence.

Zambia Independence Day dates

2024October 24Thursday
2025October 24Friday
2026October 24Saturday
2027October 24Sunday
2028October 24Tuesday

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