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Hawke's Bay Anniversary Day – October 25, 2024

It is traditional for Hawke’s Bay Anniversary Day to be celebrated on the Friday before Labor Day, and this year it will be celebrated on October 25. A new province, Hawke’s Bay, was established on November 1, 1858, when the territory that had previously been part of Auckland Province was separated from the capital, Wellington. In 1876, the province of Hawkes’ Bay was disbanded, and the territory around Hawkes’ Bay on the eastern coast of New Zealand’s North Island became known as Hawkes’ Bay District. Despite this, the inhabitants of the former province’s region observe Hawkes’ Bay Anniversary Day as a public holiday every year.

History of Hawke's Bay Anniversary Day

Hawke’s Bay was named by Captain Cook in honor of Edward Hawke, the First Lord of the Admiralty, who served as the Admiralty’s Secretary. It commemorates the establishment of Hawke’s Bay separation on November 1, 1858, following the division of the region from Auckland Province. The date of this regional public holiday (as well as an off-work day) has, however, been changed to the Friday before Labor Day. Since Labor Day is celebrated on the fourth Monday in October, Hawkes’ Bay Anniversary Day is always celebrated around the middle to late October.

The Royal Agricultural Show in Hastings, presented by the Hawkes’ Bay A & P Society, is the principal event commemorating Hawkes’ Bay Anniversary Day. The anniversary falls on the last day of the performance, which makes sense. There will be competitions for the best sheep, horses, alpacas, and other livestock at the show itself. It is possible to hold fairs, food stalls, games, and other activities.

This day is sometimes referred to as Show Day because it is the last day of the Royal Agricultural Show, which takes place on Friday. In New Zealand, there are special days to commemorate special occasions. Each area is required to observe a Provincial Anniversary Day to commemorate the founding days or landing days of the first colonists in each of the colonial provinces, according to the Holidays Act 1981. However, no specific dates have been set in stone. In addition to Southland, the Chatham Islands, South Canterbury, and Northland, the regions covered are organized by provincial districts (as they were when they were dissolved in 1876).

Hawke's Bay Anniversary Day timeline

Hawke’s Bay

Hawke’s Bay Province is established in November.

Press Coverage

“Illustrated London News” identifies it as "one of the great grazing zones in the colony; it contains abundant beautiful agricultural land, and a climate proverbially warm and healthful."

Abolishing the Provincial System

The abolishment of the original provincial system occurs.

A Hundred Years Later

The celebration of a hundred years since the establishment of Hawke’s Bay takes place.

Hawke's Bay Anniversary Day FAQs

How many people live in Hawke’s Bay?

Hawke’s Bay has a population of approximately 200,000 people.

What is the weather like in Hawke’s Bay?

In the summer, the climate in Hawke’s Bay is mildly Mediterranean. Because of extensive dry periods and droughts, summers in New Zealand can be brighter and warmer than the average for the country. While the winters are mild, there are periodic frosts and snowfalls.

What activities are available to visitors in Hawke's Bay?

Hawke’s Bay is known as the Food and Wine Country in New Zealand. The simple Hawke’s Bay Trails, the Art Deco architecture, festivals, a variety of luxury experiences, and experiencing some of the wonderful outdoors are just some of the other features of this region.

Hawke's Bay Anniversary Day Activities

  1. Attend the Royal Agricultural Show

    In Hastings, there is an agricultural show held called the Royal Agricultural Show. The best farm animals such as horses, sheep, and other livestock compete.

  2. Indulge in fun activities

    A good way to celebrate this day is to go to any of the fun activities that will be held. Fairs, food stalls, games, and other activities may also be organized.

  3. Learn about Hawke’s Bay

    If you cannot travel to Hawke’s Bay to attend the celebrations physically, you can use the day to learn more about it. You can share your knowledge with friends, family, and even online.

5 Interesting Facts About Hawke’s Bay

  1. The five major rivers

    In Hawke's Bay, there are five important rivers which are Wairoa River, Mohaka River, Tutaekuri River, Ngaruroro River, and Tukituki River.

  2. Guinness Book of Records

    The hill with the longest name in the world, according to the 2009 “Guinness Book of Records,” with 85 letters is situated in Hawke’s Bay.

  3. Great fruit produce

    It is in Hawke's Bay that New Zealand's apple, peach, and squash farming takes place in large amounts.

  4. Wine region

    It is the second-largest wine region in Auckland with 91 operating wineries as of 2018, and red wine and chardonnay being their most popular offerings.

  5. Architecture

    Located in the Hawke's Bay region, Napier and Hastings were rebuilt in Art Deco style following the terrible earthquake of 1931.

Why We Love Hawke's Bay Anniversary Day

  1. A piece of history

    It is a piece of history for the people of Hawke’s Bay. The celebrations that happen every year make sure that they do not forget their history.

  2. Distinct identity

    Although the provinces were abolished, there is a strong sense of identity attached to the provinces. Provincial holidays are one sign that individuals in the provinces have maintained a sense of different identity.

  3. Community building

    Many individuals are proud of their home regions as well as the communities that they have built. These are things that should be praised and appreciated.

Hawke's Bay Anniversary Day dates

2022October 21Friday
2023October 20Friday
2024October 25Friday
2025October 24Friday
2026October 23Friday

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