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ThuOct 24

World Tripe Day – October 24, 2024

World Tripe Day is on October 24, and we’re going to help you to celebrate this day in the best way possible. Tripe is the lining of the stomach of animals like cattle, sheep, or pigs. What was once something that was eaten only by the lower class is now a sought-after delicacy enjoyed by everyone all over the world. World Tripe Day was created by the Tripe Marketing Board which is a whimsical initiative taken by a publication house in the U.K. to encourage people to eat Tripe. People celebrate this day by making delicious tripe recipes and enjoying them with their loved ones.

History of World Tripe Day

Tripe refers to the lining found in the guts of cows, sheep, and pigs. It might have originated from the word in old French ‘tripe’ which means ‘intestines’ or ‘guts’ or the insides of something. There are also theories suggesting that it might have come from the Spanish word ‘tripa’ which in turn might have come from the Arabic word ‘therb.’ In the Middle Ages, tripe was eaten only by the lower class and was not something that the elite would indulge in. Hence, the word was often used to describe something or someone as worthless or stupid.

This dish grew in popularity over time. Tripe was appreciated by individuals of all social classes in the Victorian era. In England, cleaned tripe was quite popular. The washed tripe was made up of tripe that has had the fat removed and cleaned. Tripe became popular in other European nations such as France, Italy, and Spain. With time, many varieties of tripe emerged. Animals such as antelopes and giraffes, in addition to cattle and pigs, had their stomach linings used.

Tripe quickly spread to other parts of the globe. Each culture has its unique tripe recipe. Andouille in France, Bumbar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dobrada in Portugal, Kare-Kare in the Philippines, Tripe Soup in Jordan, and Ojree in Pakistan are just a few examples. ‘Tacos de Tripa’ are tacos filled with crunchy fried tiny intestines, which are a Mexican delicacy. World Tripe Day was established to encourage people to cook with and eat tripe.

World Tripe Day timeline

600 A.D.
Tripe Originates

Tripe is consumed by people in France.

1500 A.D.
Tripe Becomes Commoner's food

Tripe is consumed by the poor only.

Tripe Becomes Popular

Tripe reaches all over the world with every country having its recipe of tripe.

World Tripe Day

World Tripe day is created by the Tripe Marketing Board to popularize tripe.

World Tripe Day FAQs

Which countries eat tripe?

Tripe is known as’menudo’ in Mexico. In India, it is referred to as ‘chakna.’ In the Philippines, it’s called ‘paklay,’ while in Poland, it’s called ‘flaczki.’ It is also used to make ‘pho,’ Vietnam’s national dish.

Are tripe and chitterlings the same thing?

Chitterlings are the small intestines of animals that are fried. Tripe is the lining on the stomach of animals like cattle and pigs.

Do Africans eat tripe?

South Africa has a tripe delicacy which is named ‘Mala Mogodo’ which is stewed tripe. It is served with fried onions and potatoes.

World Tripe Day Activities

  1. Enjoy tripe recipes

    What better way to celebrate World Tripe Day than to enjoy some delicious tripe. Choose your favorite tripe recipe or make something by watching videos on YouTube.

  2. Share it on social media

    Let everyone know you're celebrating this day. Take pictures and videos of yourself with your tripe recipes and share them on your social media page.

  3. Learn more about tripe

    Tripe is one of the oldest food items in this world. Read more about its history and how the consumption of tripe changed over the years throughout history.

5 Power Facts About Tripe That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. It is rich in minerals

    Tripe is rich in minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, and zinc.

  2. It is low in calories

    Tripe is a low-calorie, high-protein food and is ideal for people trying to lose weight.

  3. It has essential vitamin B

    Tripe has B-complex vitamins like niacin, folate, and cobalamin.

  4. It is taken from specific regions

    It is taken from the first three stomachs of the cow and never from the fourth.

  5. It was mentioned by Shakespeare

    “The Taming of the Shrew” written by Shakespeare has tripe mentioned in it.

Why We Love World Tripe Day

  1. It gives us a chance to enjoy tasty tripe

    This day gives us a chance to enjoy delicious tripe recipes with our friends and family. It brings families closer.

  2. It reminds us of healthier alternatives

    Tripe is low in fat and carbs which makes it an excellent choice for people trying to cut down weight. It is a reminder to make smart choices about our diet.

  3. It gives us a chance to watch something new

    There are over hundreds of tripe recipes available on the internet waiting to be tried! This day allows us to put our cooking skills to the test.

World Tripe Day dates

2024October 24Thursday
2025October 24Friday
2026October 24Saturday
2027October 24Sunday
2028October 24Tuesday

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