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Attwari – June 27, 2024

The Attwari festival is celebrated as a public holiday on June 27 in a region of Nepal in Asia. The festival aims to foster love and unity among Tharu community members. The state of Sudur Sudur Paschim in Nepal observes it as a public holiday to celebrate the Tharu people. The Government of Nepal recognizes the Tharu people as an official nationality. They are indigenous to the Terai region of Nepal and northern India. During the holiday, Tharu males fast and pray for everyone’s longevity. The Attwari festival is held every year to encourage love and harmony.

History of Attwari

The Tharu people, Nepal’s fourth-largest ethnic group, are the originators of the Attwari festival. Nepal is a democratic landlocked country in South Asia. Since Nepal’s unification in the late 18th century, the Tharu people have endured inequity and persecution as their lands have been granted to members of the governing families. The Tharu people were pushed into labor contracts that benefited others since they were homeless.

In the late 1950s, the World Health Organization supported the Nepalese government in eradicating malaria in the forests of the central Terai. It caused the Tharu people to temporarily leave their lands and led to other tribes soon occupying them — leaving the indigenous people of Terai homeless and jobless.

Following the demise of Nepal’s Panchayat system in 1990, the Tharu ethnic organization Tharu Kalyankari Sabha joined the umbrella organization of ethnic groups — a forerunner of the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities. The Tharu ethnic group began to obtain political power and wealth. Soon after, a civil war broke out in the new government, which lasted for years.

In 2006, the Comprehensive Peace Accord was signed. And subsequently, Tharu organizations proposed an autonomous Tharu state within a federal Nepal, emphasizing the equality of opportunity and equal distribution of land and resources.

In September 2015, Nepal adopted a new constitution and established seven provinces. One is Sudur Paschim Pradesh — home to a majority of Tharu people. In 2018, Sudur Paschim Pradesh was adopted as the permanent name for the province. In 2021 Attwari was declared a public holiday in Sudur Paschim Pradesh province.

Attwari timeline

18th Century
Tharus Lose Lands

The rulers of Nepal take the Tharu lands.

Tharu People Gain Influence

The people of the Tharu community become more politically involved in the country.

The People Settle In A New Province

Sudur Paschim Pradesh province welcomes many Tharu people.

A New Public Holiday

Sudur Paschim Pradesh province declares Attwari as a public holiday designating June 27 as the official date.

Attwari FAQs

How many types of Tharu are there?

These varieties are Eastern Tharu, Central Tharu, Mid-central Tharu, and western Tharu.

What is the role of Badghar in the Tharu community?

The Badghar has to work for the welfare of the village.

Which is the main festival of Tharu?

Maaghi is the greatest festival in the Tharus. The festival is marked by taking bath at the nearest natural water sources like rivers and ponds and eating sweets prepared from sesame seeds (‘tiluwa laddu’), rice pudding with sesame seeds (‘teel khichri’), sticky rice (‘cheechar’), fish and meat.

How to Observe Attwari

  1. Watch the Attwari Festival on T.V. or online

    The next best thing to attending an event in person is watching it on T.V or online. If you can not find it online, then check world news stations. They could show recaps of the event.

  2. Celebrate online

    Celebrate on social media and help preserve the Tharu people's culture and traditions. Share holiday-related posts with your friends.

  3. Learn about the culture of the Tharu people

    The Tharu are a culture-rich indigenous people. Dedicate a bit of your time today to learning about them!

5 Interesting Facts About The Tharu

  1. Official nationality in Nepal

    Tharu is considered an official nationality in Nepal.

  2. Indigenous to the Terai forest

    The Tharu people are aboriginal to central Terai.

  3. Protested in 2009

    Tharu people protested in 2009 against the government's classification of them as Madhesi people.

  4. Males fast during the festival

    All male members of the Tharu community supposedly fast during the event.

  5. Public holiday

    Attwari is a public holiday in the Sudur Paschim Pradesh province of Nepal.

Why Attwari is Important

  1. It preserves culture

    The Attwari festival preserves the traditional culture of the Tharu community. By participating in celebrating the day, we contribute to maintaining history and culture.

  2. Unravel a part of history

    We learn about a part of history that was unknown to us. An opportunity to broaden our knowledge and teach others what we know.

  3. It’s a colorful event

    The Attwari event is cheerful and filled with colorful festivities that are a joy to watch. For people who get to attend, it is even more spectacular!

Attwari dates

2024June 27Thursday
2025June 27Friday
2026June 27Saturday
2027June 27Sunday
2028June 27Tuesday

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