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Day of National Unity (Tajikistan) – June 27, 2025

Day of National Unity in Tajikistan is commemorated on June 27 every year and it is one of the main holidays celebrated in the country. On this day, in 1997, president Emomali Rakhmon signed a peace treaty to end the Civil War that erupted in 1992. This treaty is considered to be one of the most important historical documents in the country, because not only did it close the war, but it also allowed Tajikistan to develop more democratic politics.

History of Day of National Unity (Tajikistan)

In Tajikistan, a fight erupted in May 1992 between factions from various parts of the nation. People from Garm and Gorno-Badakhshan rioted against President Rahmon Nabiyev’s prior cabinet — which was largely influenced by the Khujand and Kulob areas. A five-year civil war erupted as a result of the struggle between the regions.

In the south of the country, Russian border guards supported the government — which mainly consisted of the former Soviet ruling elite. The opposition was led by the later called “United Tajik Opposition”— composed of liberal democratic reformers and Islamists. During the war, it’s estimated that 20,000 to 100,000 people were killed and a good percentage of the population had to relocate within the country. In September 1992, former leader Rahmon Nabiyev was forced to resign from the presidency by opposition protesters and in December 1992 a new government was elected by the parliament, and Emomali Rahmon was now the representative of Tajikistan.

However, the conflict continued for four more years, supported by groups in adjacent countries, like Afghanistan. The peak of the war was during 1992 and 1993, the first two years of conflict when Kulobi militias committed murders, mass killings, burnings of villages, and expulsed people from the regions of Pamiri and Garmi to Afghanistan. The civil war only ended with the peace treaty signed on June 27 1997 by President Emomali Rahrom. On this day, the people of Tajikistan celebrate the Day of National Unity, declared a work-free holiday in 1998.

Day of National Unity (Tajikistan) timeline

Conflict Starts

On May 2, a fight breaks out between the government and opposition supporters.

Nabiyev Is Forced To Resign

On September 7, the former president is held at gunpoint by protesters and forced to resign.

A New President Is elected

The parliament elects Emomali Rahmon as president on December 12.

Peace Treaty Is Signed

President Emomali Rahmon signs the peace treaty on June 27 that ends the civil war.

Day of National Unity (Tajikistan) FAQs

Which country is near to Tajikistan?

Tajikistan is located on the southern edge of the Central Asian group of nations, bordering Afghanistan to the south, China to the east, Kyrgyzstan to the north, and Uzbekistan to the west.

Is Tajikistan a lovely place to visit?

Tajikistan is a stunning Central Asian country. Even though it isn’t your first pick when planning a vacation abroad, it is an ideal location for nature enthusiasts! Tajikistan has almost half of its land at an altitude of over 3,000 meters above sea level, which is one of the most remarkable aspects of the country.

What is Tajikistan's most popular dish?

Tajikistan’s national dish is ‘qurutob,’ however, ‘plov’ is the most popular meal in the country — if not all of Central Asia. In a special Kazan cauldron, chunks of beef are fried in oil and served with rice, onions, and carrots.

How to Observe Day of National Unity (Tajikistan)

  1. Read about the Tajikistan Civil War

    The best way to celebrate the Day of National Unity is to read and learn more about the civil war. Since it’s the occasion that originated the holiday, it’s important to know as much about it as possible to celebrate.

  2. Remember a victim

    How about paying tribute to someone who was caught in the crossfire? Even if you don’t know their name or who they were, take a moment of your day to pay respects to a war casualty.

  3. Wear white

    White is the color that represents peace. Wearing white on the Day of National Unity is a way to symbolize your support for peace and unity.

5 Interesting Facts About Tajikistan

  1. It has two official languages

    The two official languages spoken in Tajikistan are Tajik and Russian.

  2. It Is mountainous

    Over 90% of the land is in the mountain range!

  3. It has many lakes

    It’s estimated that Tajikistan has around 1,450 lakes!

  4. It Is highly prone to earthquakes

    Tajikistan is a region that’s highly seismically active.

  5. It has great potential for hydroelectric power

    Because of its many lakes and rivers, a lot of hydroelectric power can be generated in Tajikistan!

Why Day of National Unity (Tajikistan) is Important

  1. The day promotes peace

    It’s important to always keep the peace in every aspect of our lives. We love this holiday because it keeps that idea alive in the heart of every person in Tajikistan!

  2. It reminds people of hope

    Through so much hardship, sometimes we forget about the great things in our lives and lose hope. Holidays like this help us remember that there’s always hope!

  3. Its a day to get together

    Tajikistanis can come together with family and friends to rejoice because it is a work-free holiday! They can all share their memories and take part in the festivities together.

Day of National Unity (Tajikistan) dates

2025June 27Friday
2026June 27Saturday
2027June 27Sunday
2028June 27Tuesday
2029June 27Wednesday

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